Daily Hygiene Routine for Men

Daily Hygiene Routine for Men: More than Just Deodorant

Not a lot of men follow a daily grooming regime that involves much more than soap, toothpaste and deodorant – and sometimes not even that. A lot of men seem to buy into the idea that in order to look and act like men, the more “rugged” they are, the better. The problem is that “rugged” usually translates to hairy and smelly for most men.
meeting your soulmate

Meeting your Soulmate : The Irrevocable Signs You’re with Them

Its funny to think that once you were perfect strangers, but now you cannot go a couple of minutes without her crossing your mind. What does it mean? Why are they so important to your life? Are they the one? These are the questions that cross your mind when you meet someone who changes your whole world for the better. But how can you know for sure? What if it is just a crush? Well you need to differentiate a Crush and True Love, and that’s why this article was written. These are a collection of moments that will let you know if you have found someone who could be the love of your life, and you will know for sure that you have met your SoulMate
online dating tips

Online Dating Tips You Need to Know in Today’s Digital Age

It’s no secret that more and more people now want to know the best online dating tips. After all, meeting someone online is a fun, easy and more importantly, convenient. Whether you prefer online dating or not is totally up to you. But, you will be surprised to know that a lot of people are doing it. Almost 22% of participants in Australia’s 2015 Relationship Study stated that they met their adorable partners online. Both the young and older crowd in the United States is also interested in knowing online dating tips. Interestingly 12% of Americans aged 55 to 64 are looking for love online and as many as 27% of young adults are using online dating apps and websites to find their partners. What’s more interesting to note here is that these numbers are double the numbers back in 2013.
quit smoking start vaping

Why You Should Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

E-cigarettes and vape kits have been around for a number of years now, and as they have developed in their capacity as an alternative to smoking, they have also become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and a lifestyle. But as it is with any new way to ingest nicotine, vaping has been shrouded in rumors and reports that undermine its effectiveness as a healthier smoking alternative. But how much of what we hear on the news and read about in blogs is actually true?
attract women

Attract Women: 4 Ways to Get Women Desperately Chasing After You

It’s no secret that ladies currently have set high standards for men and expect them to be perfect. While this is utterly unfortunate, it is the bare truth. You don’t have to fret because you have a way out. In this piece, I am going show you the attraction rules and take you through the whole process of prompting the girl you’ve always admired to pursue you desperately.
how to be rich

How to be Rich: Know How You Can Create the Wealth You Deserve

“How to be rich” is one thing we all think about. Why do rich keep getting richer? Were they born lucky or did they just win a lottery? Well, getting rich is not all because of luck or the family you are born into. It’s more about how financially disciplined you are and how you try to do things differently. Economists suggest that the rich would only keep getting richer and this wealth inequality gap is going to increase with time. This may not seem fair, but things can change if you dedicate a good portion of your time to become and more importantly, stay rich.
what is the friend zone

What Is The Friend Zone? How To Know and Escape the Phenomena

We’ve all experienced it, one way or another, but, what is the Friend zone? The short version is, ‘what you receive after failing to impress a girl you are fascinated by.’ It is often thought that guys like to put girls in the friend zone; however, many girls put themselves in a guy’s friend zone without knowing. In a relationship, matters can get very complex and result in a friend zone being created.
how to ask a girl on a date

Today’s Art of Dating – 5 Tips on How to Ask a Girl on a Date

The modern world has taught man ‘how to ask a girl on a date’ but failed to reward him with the perfect technique. Approaching a girl and asking her out on a date is an anxious event even for the most confident among us. Many men don't know how to handle well the possible fears of embarrassment and rejection. For example, a strong 'NO' may not sound well at all. Asking a girl out is neither a long speech of acceptance nor an endless science presentation. You just need 20 seconds to get it right. In the movie ‘We bought a Zoo’ while explaining to his son how he met his mother Matt Damon says "You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”
i want my ex back

I Want My Ex Back – The Advice that Really Works

You lost her and Now You Want Her Back Whether your breakup happened six days, three weeks or ten months ago, there’s always a chance that you might want to get back the girl who stole your heart. Well, winning back the girlfriend who got away might not be easiest task. You just ruined everything and this time, you don’t want to create any sort of a mess.