how to be rich

How to be Rich: Know How You Can Create the Wealth You Deserve

“How to be rich” is one thing we all think about. Why do rich keep getting richer? Were they born lucky or did they just win a lottery? Well, getting rich is not all because of luck or the family you are born into. It’s more about how financially disciplined you are and how you try to do things differently. Economists suggest that the rich would only keep getting richer and this wealth inequality gap is going to increase with time. This may not seem fair, but things can change if you dedicate a good portion of your time to become and more importantly, stay rich.
define success

Define Success: The First Step into Achieving Your Goal

What are your goals in life? How do you want others to remember you? These questions are what you must ask yourself in order to define success and set goals that you want to achieve. Do you want Financial Security, Fancy Cars, Travel the world, or simply a family home? When you know what your future goals are then a plan can be created in order to achieve them.
keys to success in life

3 Keys to Success in Life Approved by the Most Successful People

Do you desire to wake up daily with a positive state of mind aligned towards achieving your goals? Let’s explore how successful people are using three simple keys to success in life tricks to transform their lives forever. We all know that there is no secret to immortality, but there are critical elements great people use to become successful. Modern man has lost control over the influence of his surroundings, experiences, and reality. Our focus has been diluted by unnecessary actions and we have lost touch and forgotten our goals. For success to materialize, focus and objectivity must be parallel to each other.
success in life

How to Achieve Lasting Success in Life

We all want to lead successful lives, right? It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you stage of life you are in, we have an innate desire to be ‘successful’. Many of us don’t even know that means, other than a vague sense of positivity when we achieve it. In this post, we’re going to try and change that. You see, all of the best and brightest people who have ever walked the earth had one major thing in common: the knew what success looked like for them. Whether it was a mansion in Beverly Hills, a passion for your work, or a hunger to think big and put your plans into action, they all know what they want and where they are going.
how to gain confidence

How to Gain Confidence to Follow My Dream

Dreaming about dreams is easy. Actually following those dreams and bringing them into reality is tough. Especially if we are lacking the confidence to do so. I think the majority of people agree on these points. It took me a long time to realise no one was going to come and rescue my dreams from my mind. If anything was going to happen, I’d have to pluck them out myself and stand up to all of my fears.
how to be happy

How to be Happy with Your Life: The Joy of Simple Living

I think we can all agree that if someone walked up to us right now and asked us what we want out of life we will all say just one thing: I want to be happy. Even if we say something different, like I want a new car, or a new job, or I want my children to be safe, what we are really saying is “I want this emotion (desire, frustration, fear etc) to be released so I can return to being happy”. It’s odd how that works, but it’s true.
self growth

8 Steps to Massive Self Growth

Growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually is something we all like to do, whether we realize it or not. Life is always trying to expand and express itself and us, as an extension of that life, are no different. It is no coincidence that most people feel happiest when they are in a state of love or creative expression. On the flip side, life is darkest and has the least power when it has no room to expand. When we corner ourselves with our own rigid thoughts, emotions and belief systems, we leave no room for self growth. The world grows dim. We experience pain and emotional trauma because we have plugged the natural flow of life.
how to be a successful man

How to Be a Successful Man: The Ultimate 10-Step Guide

We all have our own ideas about what success means to us. To some, it means money. To others? Freedom and creative expression. We all agree, however, that certain types of men have just ‘got it’. You know who we are talking about. The men who flit in and out of our lives – friends, perhaps, or co-workers, maybe even just an influential celebrity – who just exude something powerful that we can’t quite explain.
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