Be The Best You: The Best Self Help Books for Men

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When it comes to self-help books the modern man shies away from his unavoidable responsibility to deal with either his issues or accept that there are any in the first place. This mentality of denial and stubbornness is fuelled and accentuated by the stereotypes that surround self-help books. We as men, see them as admittance to weakness or a sign of desperation.

Shaving Tips for Treating Nicks and Cuts

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When you’re dragging a blade across your face, some damage is inevitable. You might not cut yourself every time you shave, but if you are shaving every day, you might cut yourself a few times during a month. The traditional solution for men around the globe: a small piece of toilet paper. Sure, this is a great quick-fix, but the plan crumbles when you shake hands with the new client and wonder why they look at you funny, only to realize it’s the piece of toilet paper still stuck on your chin!

Why You Should Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

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E-cigarettes and vape kits have been around for a number of years now, and as they have developed in their capacity as an alternative to smoking, they have also become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and a lifestyle. But as it is with any new way to ingest nicotine, vaping has been shrouded in rumors and reports that undermine its effectiveness as a healthier smoking alternative. But how much of what we hear on the news and read about in blogs is actually true?

Personal Goal Setting: Treat Yourself to Better Life

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Do you make resolutions at the beginning of every year? Well, we all love to set goal and objectives for the upcoming year and if done right, goal setting can help you take your personal success to the next level. However, the key here is once you start with goal setting, you have to work harder to make your dreams come true.

What’s My Purpose? Add More Meaning to Your Life

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Finding answers to “what’s my purpose in life” is the secret recipe to success. But often we don’t know what our purpose is when in fact it is hidden somewhere within us. Let the Self-Experimentation and Self Exploration Begin Finding your purpose in life is no easy task. What’s worse is that it can quickly become the most challenging task you don’t want to experience on any day. You’ll be able to find answers to “what’s my purpose” and uncover your real purpose in life with some careful self-experimentation.

Single and Lonely: Does Being Single Really Mean Being Lonely?

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Robin Williams once said : “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.” While quotes from dead celebrities tend to circulate through the web without much notice being taken, this one really stuck out for me. And it is important because being single and lonely is a coupling that, for many people, seem to go hand in hand.

How to Take Control of Your Life: 7 Simple Ways to Empower Your Finances and Future

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Attention has now turned to the year ahead and many of us are making resolutions to become better people over the next few months. Interestingly money related goals make up almost 42.1% of total New Year resolutions and making better financial decisions is one of the top ten New Year resolutions for 2017. While most people want to do something about their relationships or health, money experts suggest that by making a few small changes in your financial habits, you can make your bank balance healthier. At the start of every New Year, many people set goals and even you would have thought about how to take control of your life.

How to Get Out of Debt No Matter How Much You Owe

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Debt is something we are all familiar with. Don’t you agree? What’s more disturbing is that Australian households have become quite used to accumulating debt over the years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013 report, the total household debt was standing at $1.38 million which is record high. The average US household story is also no different. Recent surveys suggest that an average US family carries more than $5,000 in the form of credit card debts and it’s not just people with bad financial habits who get into trouble.

Why I’m Broke – 7 Financial Habits You Need to Change Today

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How many times do you hear people say “I just got paid yesterday, then why I’m broke?” Well, you can stop being broke (too soon), and all it takes is a few simple financial measures to get better. Yes, you can train yourself to spend money only when it is needed and this financial makeover is not impossible. If you have a good look around your home, you would realize just how much crap and unwanted stuff you have managed to accumulate. Yes, we’re surrounded by an enormous bunch of clothes we never wear, shoes that never get a chance to escape the closet and there are DVDs, crockery, appliances, and what not.

Unspoken Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is far more of a common problem than one would assume. An estimated 20 million men in the US will suffer from it at some point in their lives; some briefly, while others may have to put up with it (no pun intended) for an extended time. With such a high number of sufferers, it is no surprise that extensive research has gone into finding out what the causes of erectile dysfunction are, the effects it can have on the lives of its sufferers, and what can be done to treat it.