Guys’ Grooming: 5 of the Best Body Lotions for Men Today

Guys’ Grooming: 5 of the Best Body Lotions for Men Today

On average men are typically known for having rough and somewhat dry skin. Not that the latter statement is a bad thing, but it is just the nature of the best that you can all take with a hint of sarcasm on the side. Nonetheless, if this is true and you as a man experience fairly rough and/or dry skin on a daily basis, we have the answer for you.

Men, when you are in the market for body lotions, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Your skin type (sensitive, medium, rough) will play a major role into the body lotions that will be best for you. If you are also looking for body lotions to assist in getting rid of things such as acne, scars, pimples, whiteheads, etc., then it is important that you pay close attention to specific options.

There are body lotions available (which you will see in this list of body lotions) that specifically assist you in those areas. The end result that you look for is to have a replenished, healthy, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Body lotion for men

In this article we have compiled 5 of the best body lotions on the market today that is fitting for every skin type and preference. Many of the options have dual purposes, which will be beneficial to you (depending upon your specific needs) to where you do not need to purchase multiple products from different brands to achieve the same results.​

The Best Body Lotions for Men​

Body lotion for men with scars and/or health skin issues

Organic African Black Soap

Organic African Black Soap

Developers of body lotions have become very aware to the desires and needs of their consumers. This specific body lotion is the #1 Organic African Black Soap in its respective field. What makes this body lotion a fan favorite amongst men is the multi-purpose attributes that it encompasses in one product.

​To start off, this body lotion is from Africa, which makes it a unique skin care product that boasts amazing elements. The ingredients are 100% organic including shea butter, cocoa pod/butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil. With these ingredients combined (which also includes vitamins A and E), they all work together seamlessly to help strengthen and repair your damaged skin.

Another major benefit to this body lotion is the capabilities of clearing up unwanted/unforeseen scars (including rashes from poison ivy/oak and other skin inflicting scenarios). It is understandable that if you work in a profession that requires a lot of hands on physical work (i.e. construction, farming, and/or sports) there are moments that you may take a few physically abrasions. Scars can be an unflattering mark(s) on your body that if you want them to be cleared, then you should know that it is possible.

Scars from skin conditions such as regular/seasonal acne, pimples, eczema and/or Psoriasis are things that no one expects nor asks for. With this in mind, Bath Pearls & Flakes have taken into consideration the excellent nurturing process of maintaining clear and vibrant skin.​

Body lotions suitable for the advent traveling man

Tidy Space Products Travel Size Bottles Four 2 oz

Tidy Space Products Travel Size Bottles Four 2 oz

It is highly normal that men travel frequently on a daily basis in today’s society. Whether it is for personal reasons and/or business purposes, traveling on a consistent basis definitely has its pros and cons. With this variety pack skin care product including body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner, it is pretty understandable why men who travel a lot have left positive reviews about it.

​To focus more towards the body lotion itself (since that is what we want you to focus on) this product provides a variety of basic fundamental needs. The body lotion is compact in size, which allows you to travel with it and not experience any problems with TSA security. One thing that men begin to notice after a consistent track record of traveling is having to either use all of their lotion in one trip or end up throwing it away at the airport (or before boarding their flights).

One of the biggest problems that men endure when traveling is to comply with the specific rules with airports. Their favorite body lotions may be packed into a bottle that is considered “too large” for airport travel. With this in mind, Tidy Space Products have figured out a way to give men the body lotion that nourishes their skin, hydrates their skin, and at the end of the day saves men money from buying different products every single trip.​

Complete foot care lotions for relaxed men to keep at home

Body & Sole Foot Care Kit For Healthy Feet

Body & Sole Foot Care Kit For Healthy Feet

One of the most beneficial investments that a man can make when it comes to his personal skin care products, is being able to purchase everything in one.

RM Lifestyle Body & Sole understands that men like to keep things as simple as possible. Making decisions on multiple body care products can seem way more complicated than it needs to be. Keeping this in mind, this complete body lotion kit is something that every man can keep in their homes and depend upon.

Let’s start off with the understanding this kit specifically for men with rough foot skin. On a daily basis, men who work extensive amounts of hours and/or participate in activities such as sports and gym workouts tend to have rough skin on their feet. Understanding this as a foot care cream is vital for ensuring that the skin does not stay dry, rough, and possibly become unhealthy. The foot scrub bar is pre-installed with a soft and comfortable loofah. It compliments the kit immensely as it can be used with the Sole Food product that you can use to revive and brighten your foot skin every single day.

On average men are known to friendly joke around that having rough looking feet displays masculinity to a specific degree. However, that does not mean that you can’t keep them looking as smooth and healthy as you so desire while still being a hard working man.

The ingredients in this foot care are all 100% natural and cruelty free. As a sustainable product, you can feel good that no animals are being harmed in the process of maintaining your own skin.​

For the men who puts great emphasis on their hands


Organic Hand & Body Cream by Maryruth

A lot of men understand that there are situations that they could possibly be judged based upon their hands. For example, businessmen in specific know that a firm handshake is a great first impression to make. Keeping this in the back of your mind, you as a man consciously (or unconsciously) judge other men and/or yourself based on their skin care and maintenance.

​This organic hand & body cream is an amazing and unique option on this list that men can choose from. This unscented lotion is beneficial for men who don’t really care too much about the aroma of a body lotion as long as it serves its purpose accordingly.

The ingredient blend of plant and organic ingredients compliment skin types (whether rough, dry, damaged, or normal) greatly. MaryRuth Organics has made it their goal and mission to make sure that they provide the best body lotion products possible. This lotion includes no TEAs. MEAs. DEAs. Artificial colors, GMOs, Parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate products.

Keeping the latter information in mind, men can (and have) consistently depended on this lotion without hesitation. All of the natural ingredients and oils have been proven to benefit the skin in one form or another. Men who have used this rave that using this body lotion on a daily basis has resulted in softer skin on their hands and other areas where they apply the lotion.​

Men who specifically participate in sports on a regular basis lotion

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Rixx Lotion 2 pack

Rixx Lotion 2 pack

Skin care maintenance for the most part can be looked at as a similar thing for every man. However, there are differences that men who regularly participate in sports and men who do not have to use for maintaining their skin.

This Rizz Lotion comes in a pack of two bottles with pumps (which can be convenient based upon your preference). This lotion is jam packed with amazing ingredients favorable for sustaining soft, vibrant, healthy skin such as Aloe Vera, vitamins A, E, and B, anti-oxidants, and essential oils.

With the combination of ingredients listed above, men who use this lotion on a daily basis have consistently reported noticing results immediately. Playing sports on a regular basis definitely puts a lot of pressure on your body and most importantly your skin. As you perspire and release a lot of water from your body, it is important to keep your skin hydrated as athletes have noticed performance problems from not taking care of their skin appropriately.

Overall, we hope that you have a clear understanding of the body lotions for men that we have shared with you. Each body lotion is very affordable and has received a multitude of positive product reviews from other customers (men) as well. Men love to nurture their skin on a daily basis as it is beneficial to them aesthetically, personally, and for the sheer sake of hygiene preferences.

Taking care of your skin is an important factor in your day-to-day life. You can look at your skincare regimen from a variety of factors. These factors include health wise, aesthetically pleasing preferences, and physical maintenance of your skin. Situations such as unflattering scars, pimples, and dry skin are things men like to tend to when needed. Body lotions have a multitude of purposes as stated before, enhances the exfoliation properties/process in addition to making your skin brighter and more vibrant than ever before.​


At the end of the day, body lotions products are a daily item that men use on a daily basis.

You deserve to understand the options that are on the market today and what is best suitable for your skin type/skin care desires.

What makes these body lotions special in their own respective rights is that you can purchase any of them for yourself and/or as a gift for you buddy.

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