95 Hobbies for Men In 2019

In a world of constant distraction and ever increasing hours at the office, a man’s hobby continues to be one of only a few outlets and areas of true solace and sense of control. Throughout history, great leaders and people of the world have separated themselves from their chosen profession, if only for a while, to undertake a hobby. With actors like Leonardo Di Caprio collecting action figures, Tom Hanks collecting vintage typewriters and Will Smith being an avid fencer, we can see the place of hobbies in even the most acclaimed men.

A man’s hobby is one of a few ingredients which can directly influence the success and direction of his life. This sounds a little exaggerated, but it’s true. The modern man needs certain things in his life to succeed; the drive to win and be better (obviously), the ability to understand people, loved ones for support and as motivation, a goal so big you fear telling small minds, and a hobby. The reason a hobby is an essential cog in the mechanisms which enable success, is that it allows disconnection from “real life”.

Being a successful modern man means constantly growing and striving to improve in everything you do, a trait which can generate a build-up of pressure, one which weighs on your shoulders, reducing your happiness and in the end working to ruin the work you do. Focussing on something else, like collecting vintage typewriters or playing a sport, allows you to escape from what stresses you out, if only for an hour a day or a few times a week. In the end hobbies increase a man’s happiness, reduces stress and facilitates success. Below are 95 hobbies over 12 sections to consider; Adventure Seekers, Arts, Collectors (like Leo and Hanks), Helping Others, History Buffs, Making Things, Musical, Nature Lovers, Physical Activity Sports, Sharpen The Mind, Social a finally Success and Making Money. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it is, only that you enjoy it and that it allows you to disconnect.

Adventure Seekers
Helping Others
History Buffs
Making Things
Nature Lovers
Physical Activity Sports
Sharpen The Mind
Success & Making Money

All-Time Popular Hobbies for Men

Physical Activity/Sports


Swimming is a great way to tone up, burn calories and improve blood circulation, whilst learning a skill which can be potentially life-saving. As nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming, it is a great way to exercise, build strength, endurance and maintain a great physique.



Cycling is a great way to get out of the house, see some sights, and get some much needed exercise. Cycling, whether it’s a casual ride through the country, doing tricks on a BMX, or down-hilling on a mountain bike, is great fun and a great way to one up and stay in shape.



Parkour –or free running– is like jogging for people who like to explore the urban scenery. As any experienced burglar will tell you, there are many ways to get around the many obstacles of the city, climbing, jumping and devising tactics to maneuver your way over walls, across buildings, and through passages. There are some brilliant online communities and resources for learning parkour, such as Learn More Parkour, which can help you develop your skills. Parkour is not only a great way to stay in sh