A Gentleman’s Guide on How to Start Over in a Relationship

Guys, we all wish after a break up we can immediately hangout with the boys and party, but it is usually not that easy. We all miss our Ex and we constantly think about giving her a second chance and thinking of how to start over in a relationship with her again.

Taking an Ex back and giving them a second chance is one of the more brave and nervous moments any man can have in his love life. You have been hurt before, but the feeling they give you is something you don’t want to lose. You are torn between whether to give her another chance, or turn and walk away.

Giving up on a relationship is never going to be easy. That is especially true if you have been together for a long period of time and created many wonderful memories.

how to start over a relationship

"Taking an Ex back and giving them a second chance is one of the more brave and nervous moments any man can have in his love life. .."

Understand that these 5 steps are needed before even contemplating starting the new relationship with an Ex.

If you are happy by the answers you get from this article (and her) then there is good reason to give her another shot. Sometimes it’s the second time around that shows the true possibility of a relationship.

You would not want to miss on something that wonderful without knowing for sure. This article will give you the tools you need and questions you need to ask in order to have a successful second chance with your Ex.

5 Tips on How to Start Over in a Relationship

Make it Clear What Went Wrong Last time

Having her realize and accept what went wrong previously in your relationship will be the first step in starting fresh.

How to Start Over in a Relationship

The two of you must agree to what didn’t work and put it in the past, because if you do not forgive and move forward then the new relationship is ultimately going to, again, fail. One of the main reasons why a relationship dissolves is due to the lack of communication between a couple.

The two people are not acting as one unit, but instead are being two individuals in a relationship. If that is the reason then you both must come to a solution where the line of communication is free and open.

This discussion must be productive and cooperative. If there is any disagreements about what went wrong previously then you can bet the new relationship will start off with a lot of issues.

You are both trying to figure out how to Start Over in a relationship and begin something new. You are both at the point where you want to try again, and that shows there is something there that is worth fighting for.

Put your egos aside and come to a cohesive conclusion of exactly what happened and ensure to start with a clean slate in your relationship.

Here's a video from Dr. Neil T. Anderson regarding the matter:

Nothing makes it easier for you to start arguing than thoughts about past errors, pains, statements and accusations.

Lads, this stage of the new relationship is the most important. Whatever happened previously must be forgiven, but not necessarily forgotten (we will get to that later). You must enter the relationship with forgiveness and the willingness to restart.

how to start over in a relationship

Sam Owen is a well-known life coach, and suggests that holding onto negative memories will only create a hurtful relationship. This is why wiping the slate clean is so important for starting over.

You are entering a new commitment, and there have been no mistakes made so treat it as such and start from the beginning.

Here's a great video on how to let go of the past:

Do not give any second chances and learn from your mistakes.

Look, this article was written for creating a positive end result, but that also means you should not deal with any repeat screw-ups from her! Guys, this is your Guide to Starting the Newly Patched Relationship Right, and that means not taking the same crap from the previous relationship anymore!

how to start over in a relationship

This step is vital in starting your new relationship to ensure no repeats from the previous. You and your partner have already discussed ‘what went wrong’ in your first attempt, so those mistakes should be unacceptable in your second go around.

This especially holds true for cheating! Taking someone back after an infidelity is something that takes great bravery and a trust in the person that you will probably never find in anyone else. If this is the case, assure that person they have no second chances this time around.

If the cause of the break-up was not cheating then the new relationship should be focused on improving and solving the issues that arose from before.

She must realize this, and if they are as serious as you are in starting a new relationship then she will improve on all the issues she had before. If they cannot change from your old relationship then maybe they are not ready for a true commitment to you. 

If they are generally a good person then it may be worth it.

There is a ‘why’ you are giving them another chance, and you must embrace that reason

how to start over in a relationship

They give you a certain feeling you haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Everyone makes mistakes in their lifetime, and for you to look past theirs and give them a chance to change shows your maturity and love for them.

This How-To Guide to Starting a Newly Patched Relationship is here to help you and make sure that you are going to make the right choice for YOU with the hopes of not being hurt again.

It doesn’t matter if you are young people in love or a little older with a family because either way you have found something in your partner that you desire in a companion. This is so important to restarting a relationship, because if you do not have the strongest feelings for your partner then you may want to think whether that relationship is something you want to pursue further.

Discuss the relationships direction

Are the two of you even on the same page? This is a question that needs to be addressed if you both want to figure out how to Start Over in a Relationship. Where do the two of you see this new relationship going?

how to start over in a relationship

Hopefully, you are in-sync, but if not you may just be a temporary fix for her. You have to realize this before even considering giving them a second chance, because you may not want to waste your time with her.

Sit her down, and have an in-depth discussion about it. Do you both have the same goals? As in do you both want to move in, have a family, or live in a certain city?

Whatever your goals might entail you have to ensure that hers line up with where you want to be.

All these questions are valid and important in restarting a relationship. Falling back in love, and putting all the time in fixing this commitment won't be worth it if your ideas of a future are going in different directions.

You both must be open and honest with each other.


So there you have it Gentlemen. Think about if leaving your girl is really worth losing the potential of ‘what could have been’ with her. Do not rush into anything because you should really consider if the trust could be re-established. You need to be open and honest with her, and make sure she is giving you the same respect. If that happens then you have a chance of starting over in a relationship

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