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Niche Zero offers incredible consistency in coffee quality and freshness. 
Is there anything better than the taste of freshly ground coffee in the morning? Caffeine lovers know how important it is to jump start the day with a perfect cup of coffee.

Niche Zero guarantees you will enjoy amazing flavor every time as it features premium conical burrs that do not trap coffee in grind chambers. Additionally, they provide incredible dose consistency.

You must call yourself a barista after using the Niche Zero because you can produce the right quantity of fresh grind you need for instant use by weighing out your beans.

The grinder is quiet at 72dB, which you will appreciate if you only just got out of the bed. You can control the settings for the desired cup of coffee. The safety interlocking lid and locking system has an easy removal and transfer of beans, which is convenient for any occasion.

Another benefit of the Niche Zero is the stylish design, with an infinite grind dial and real wooden features, it’s as visual as it is functional.

Niche values

Niche Zero has the Best Coffee Grinder Features:

Large conical stainless steel burrs for the best grind quality, meaning you get the best tasting coffee possible.

Unique all metal body for longevity and style.

Replaceable premium wooden parts.

Elegant design, like no other.

Small footprint meaning it doesn’t take up your work space.

No retained grind = no stale grind tainting the taste of your coffee.

1g/s fine espresso grind speed.

Cord storage to keep your work space uncluttered.

Simple controls so anyone in the family can use it.

Unique grind cup, saving mess and simplifying your work flow.

No hopper meaning no beans going stale or getting wasted.

Interlock safety lid to stop any unwanted accidents, putting you at peace of mind.

Infinitely adjustable grind settings so you can find the setting that’s perfect for you.

Easy access to burrs for cleaning, grinder can be fully cleaned in a matter of minutes.

What makes the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder so different from other Grinders?

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Reviews in the UK

Mr Paul Cowdrey, UK – 26/3/19
I have been using mine for a couple of months now and couldn’t be more pleased. Adjustment is quick and accurate workflow is much easier with no point in weighing the ground coffee just the beans going in. Unexpected bonuses are the lack of mess and not waking the house in the mornings. This is a very well thought out product ideal for the home and much better than the grinders I’ve had before. Makes lovely coffee!

Andy Mullaney, UK – 15/3/19
March delivery arrived today, unboxing it was a delight. Simple to set-up and very quiet, works exactly as all the reviews says, totally happy with this, it looks amazing too

Graham Stenson, UK – 14/3/19
February backer here and mine arrived this morning! Awesome experience from out of the box. Quiet and very easy to use. Thank you.

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