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Attract Women: 4 Ways to Get Women Desperately Chasing After You

It’s no secret that ladies currently have set high standards for men and expect them to be perfect. While this is utterly unfortunate, it is the bare truth. There's work to do if you want to attract women

You don’t have to fret because you have a way out. In this piece, I am going show you the attraction rules and take you through the whole process of prompting the girl you’ve always admired to pursue you desperately.

To get a woman interested in you, you must know how to attract women. A lady would repeatedly have sex with a man who has Confidence and is secure of himself socially​.

attract women

"A lady would repeatedly have sex with a man who has confidence and is secure of himself socially."

Attract Women in 4 Practical Steps

Create Attraction, Not Affection

attract women

Look, you’re never going to walk to the counter to pick up a conversation with that bartender or start engaging the lady on the next table if you have no idea how to.

Many men have subscribed to several misconceptions regarding the ingredients one needs to attract women for some good sex:

  • ​Pulling romantic gestures including giving gifts, leaving notes of affections and messages. Well, this is simply trying to be the media image of ‘a romantic guy’ and is never going get her horny for you.
  • Desperately demonstrating the capacity of a provider. Basically, a woman will not feel like she wants you in her bedroom just by bragging about your wealth.​
  • Frequently giving her compliments about her appearance.​
  • Finding as much time as possible with her in a bid to try making her your best friend.

Pulling such stunts once in awhile may get you a few blondes to bed but have in mind that any energy you put into getting a woman impressed with your effort may only work to flatter her. She’s going to think you’re sweet but she’s never going to want you to bang life out of her.

For many guys, their effort to attract women leads them into saying and doing things that they think will turn on them on and make them want to sleep with them. While this is often the case, it’s too predictable for women. When you make your conversation way too obvious, the lady will be turned off and instead, she will simply ignore you.

Reason? The moment she grants you the chance to chat her up the next time, you’ll pick the conversation right where you left from. What’s the bottom line? You will never create the same feelings as yours in a lady by simply demonstrating what you feel for her.

In essence, a lady doesn’t care what you feel about her until she feels the same way.

Be Eccentrically Unique in Your Style and Approach

attract women

Being eccentric gives the impression that you have high, and sometimes unmatched, confidence and self-esteem, two recipes that will always conspire to make her knees weak.

I’m not going to give you specific tips because I have no idea what your taste is, but for starters a sharp-looking and unique outfit will do you good in the first impression department.

The important thing is that you come up with your own unique sense of style that makes you feel comfortable and confident around women. If you’ve been doing the same collection of outfits for the longest time, this is the moment you want to embark on some closet-cleaning and go shopping for some cool trends.

You may also want to complement your looks with clever fashion details such as wearing a unique time piece, a ring or something clever that can be an icebreaker to talk about if the situation gets dull and awkward.

Sorround Yourself with Winners

attract women

That group of people you choose to be identified with can either be a deal maker or breaker with your aim to attract women.

While it may seem extreme, just never take advice from someone who is not successful in the dating world and has no clue what it means to attract women. Your friends, obviously, have opinions and suggestions they want to share with you when it’s time to hunt the ladies.

Be prudent to know those friends who are qualified to counsel you on the matter or else you’ll fail consistently. You need not excommunicate your current friends who are clueless of attracting women. Merely, recognize that going out with friends and associates who don’t appreciate the principles and are thus still attached to their outdated, ineffective ways, are going to be of no help.

Truthfully speaking, these kinds of guys will only keep women away from you. Bottom-line is; your clique counts in your success to attract women. Studies have shown that those who succeed in life, in whatever field, have the same positive attributes. The most noteworthy of these attributes is the ability to get along with women effortlessly.

Identify and forge relationships with those who will benefit you socially. A wide and strong social network is an essential and powerful tool for attracting women. This is entirely true for a myriad of reasons one being that women are often turned off by men who have few fiends as it is indicative of a lack of social skills in the guy.

The Benefits of Establishing a Confident and Powerful Image

attract women

Confidence is not only valuable when it comes to attracting women, but also in life. Your image is your spokesperson, saying who you are, where you’re heading in life, as well as what you stand for. See to it that you create, tweak and improve your image constantly as you live through each day.

You’d want to get the following into your mind:

  • ​Image has nothing to do with your looks
  • ​Image has nothing to do with your ego
  • Image has nothing to do with your choice of fashion

Guys, most of the time, get it wrong when it comes to presenting their image out there in the presence of women.

Basically, your image has everything to do with the following people who succeed with their image have this in mind:

  • ​Body language
  • ​Overall sense of style
  • ​Uniqueness
  • ​The people you associate with
  • ​Your ambition and projection in life
  • Persuasion and influence over others

So before you build an image that will make a woman want to have sex with you, there’s need to understand yourself in various aspects.

It’s only after understanding yourself that you will know the things that will work for you and those that won’t. The next thing is to become fully comfortable with your image in social situations.

The hot lady you see around in the bar you frequent, in most instances, tolerate, and may feel strongly attracted, to narcissistic, forceful people provided they are comfortable with their image and are big achievers. Contrary to the socially awkward, or one who invents false facts to appear better than what they really are completely repels women. In short, don’t be a poser.

You can always find personal comfort through non-judgmental acceptance. Let go of other people’s judgment, opinion and expectations about you. Simply accept who you are and eye the future which you’re working towards. With this, you will have all the women flocking your way.

In Conclusion

Building attraction with women is an art that most men don’t seem to have mastered. Men have repeatedly tried all the wrong things with the hope that they will attract and escalate a relationship towards sex with the woman they desire. While at it, they fail to exploit their other alpha traits and could easily get discouraged in the dating world. Conversely, the males who have a high mastery of the art always tend to sweep women off their feet.

Bottom line is; there are rules to play by if you have to get women attracted to master how to attract women.

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Terrence Kennedy

Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.

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