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Amanda Thompson is an editor of The Hairstyle Daily. She is insanely passionate about beauty and health and explores the effects of positive thinking. Amanda loves helping, creating and learning and calls to enrich the others through motivation and implementation.

Undercut Hairstyle and Beard Style: A Mutual Coexistence

2017-08-21T00:04:58+00:00 By |Style|

The popularity of the Undercut Hairstyle is on the rise nowadays. Coupled with a rocking beard it emphasizes brute masculinity, and oozing sexual appeal. Why Does Undercut Hairstyle And Beard Go Well Together? The reason why women today adore the Undercut and Beard combination is that it brings out the best features of a man’s face. A well groomed beard matched with a long and precise top creates clean facial balance, making a guy look neat, more dignified and Sexually appealing to women

Cyber Sex – A Tantric Approach to Digital Intimacy

2017-08-20T23:19:21+00:00 By |Sex|

In Buddhist Tantra, sex is sacred, it liberates the spirit and helps to achieve enlightenment. Sex is much deeper than receiving ordinary pleasure, it is an ecstatic and sensual celebration of differences. Sex is the main tool, which contributes to obtaining a connection at a spiritual level. It reveals the eternal truth, it is one of the ways of redemption.

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