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Patrick Lenhoff is one of the few personal trainers who loves being stylish. When he’s outside the GYM, he loves sharing his knowledge about fitness and style with as many readers as possible. “A great looking beard is crucial. It makes me be more confident.”, says Patrick. Patrick Lenhoff is a contributor at Shaving Solution.

5 Tips for Growing a Healthy Majestic Beard

2017-08-08T03:56:45+00:00 By |Grooming|

If you pick up any magazine today, the male sex symbols from articles and commercials will most certainly have a bearded model. This facial feature gives an authoritative look of maturity, emancipation and drive which are the things that women look for in a man. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your style with a thick man’s man beard, read on for these 5 great tips on how to grow a healthy beard.

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