8 Stunning Body Washes For Men

8 Stunning Body Washes For Men

Personal hygiene is something that everyone pays close attention to on a daily basis. In today’s society men have a plethora of options to choose from when choosing their body washes.

But not all body washes are created equal. In fact, when shopping online or in-store, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. Here’s what you should know about the best men’s body wash.

How to Choose a Body Wash

Most men may have one favorite that they use all the time as their go to selection. Most men also have a variety of selections that they use as alternatives depending on specific situations.

There are a few factors that go into play when you are choosing a body wash best for you:

  • Scent: The most important factor is the scent. As you will notice in this list, each body wash product has a unique scent that is very pleasurable to men personally.
  • Moisturizing/Dry Skin: Many body washes can worsen symptoms of dry skin. This is because certain chemical ingredients often found in body washes will have chemicals that strip away the natural oils on the skin’s surface. These oils help balance moisture, and when they’re stripped away we get that dry, itchy feeling. If you suffer from dry skin already, you don’t want to exacerbate this. Grab a body wash that is moisturizing, preferably with natural oils like jojoba or aloe vera.
  • Chemicals: Many mainstream products will contain chemicals that may irritate skin or cause deeper issues. If this is a concern for you, that avoid body washes that contain parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate—two of the most common irritants.
  • Purpose: Another factor includes the purpose(s) that they serve. Some body washes are specifically geared towards cleansing your skin and others can also work as dual body washes plus hair shampoo products as well.​ In more specific cases, men who swim frequently will want more heavy-duty body wash that can get rid of chlorine on their skin.
best mens body wash

In this list we are going to cover a wide array of body wash products that men can add to their grooming repertoire today.​ Use the different factors above to decide which body wash may fit you best.

Of course, you’re not going to be able to smell the body wash over the internet, but you should be familiar with the scents listed on the bottle. You can also look at the labels to see what type of body wash is it, and more specifically what ingredients it contains.

Best Men's Body Wash on the Market​

Old Spice Fresher Collection Fiji Scent Men’s Body Wash for Men who love the Outdoors

Old Spice Fresher Collection Fiji Scent Men’s Body Wash

Old Spice is a well known brand that has garnered a ton of positive reviews from men over the years.

This body wash in specific has a Fiji Scent that is a resemblance of fresh water and nature’s aroma. The tropical island aroma is absolutely mesmerizing and others around you will notice.

This body wash is suitable for all skin types (rough, sensitive, dry, or normal). Many men say that after they walk out of the shower that the entire bathroom smells like palm trees.

This essentially means that their body scent smells like palm trees, which is amazing!

Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Aqua Impact for the Minimalist Men 

Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Aqua Impact

Dove is also another well known and reputable brand amongst men’s body wash products.

This highly affordable body wash comes at a nice quantity size of 18 ounces. That is a lot to have on hand and even when you use it on a daily basis, you will never feel as if it runs out too quickly.

Dermatologists have highly recommended this body wash for men to use for a variety of reasons. After consistent applications, men have been able to see noticeable healthier skin and stronger skin as well.

With ocean minerals infused into the lather, there is no wonder why men choose this as their main body wash of choice.

Nivea for Men Body Wash, Active 3 for the Simple Straight to the Point Man

Nivea for Men Body Wash, Active 3

Nivea Men is a brand that has always stated on the innovative side of men’s personal hygiene products.

This body wash option in specific is a pure example of the latter statement. This Active3 body was created specifically for men to use on a daily basis.

Many men over the years have stated great results including hydrated skin (when normally their skin was extremely dry). The lather serves its purposes greatly by cleansing the skin and rinsing off quickly.

There is nothing more annoying than a lathering soap that leaves residue even after a long shower.

Nivea Men Platinum Protect 3-in-1 Deodorizing Body Wash Shower Gel for the Contemporary Man

Nivea Men Platinum Protect 3-in-1

Another product by the Nivea Men brand is this Platinum Protect 3-in-1 body wash. As we stated earlier, there are some body washes that serve multiple purposes and this is one of them.

Not only does this body wash remove body odor quickly with its Smart Deo Technology substances infused in the soap, but it also serves as a shampoo and deodorizer as well.

This body wash does a top-notch job in getting rid of body odor in addition to hydrating the skin immensely.

Add on the aroma of the Ocean Burst scent and you can just imagine how every shower will feel before and after application.

Dove Men+Care Body Wash with Pump, Extra Fresh for the Extra Active Man

Dove Men+Care Body Wash with Pump, Extra Fresh

One thing that Dove has been able to do on a consistent basis is developing great men’s grooming products at a large quantity.

This extra fresh body wash comes in a large 23.5 ounce container with a convenient pump dispenser. Typically men who are very active (such as jobs that require hours of general/manual labor and/or sports activities) use a lot of body lather on a daily basis.

Active men experience perspiration at a higher rate than others. With this in mind, it is very important for them to have a body wash that eliminates body odor immediately and continues its job even after being rinsed off.

Suave Professionals Men 3-in-1 for the Professional/Businessman

Suave Professionals Men 3-in-1

For starters, this condition/shampoo/body wash comes in a quantity of 28 ounces!

This amount of lather allows for a man to be very generous during every shower without thinking he is using too much at once. When you think of the word “suave” it is usually attached to someone who is smooth, confident, and clean.

The Suave brand has actually been able to encompass all of those characteristics into their products for men for years. This 3-in-1 grooming product for men is absolutely amazing!

AXE Body Wash Excite for the Modern Contemporary Man

AXE Body Wash Excite

AXE is a fairly new brand to the realm of men products, however, it has gained a mass amount of positive reviews.

The positive reviews have been so great, that in 2014 AXE was named the number 1 male body wash brand in the world!

With their modern style in regards to bottle/container design and products, men of the younger and middle aged generations have began to fall in love with the brand.

This body wash in specific has a blend aroma of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel fragrances. AXE is half sarcastically promoted as an attraction women will love.

Well that success has actually been proven true, so men who are looking to impress women, this is for you.

Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Cedarwood for the Traditional Man

Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Cedarwood

One of the most unique body wash products on this list also provides what could be considered the most “manly” of scents.

This Every Man jack Body Wash literally lives up to its name as its simple design bottle and cedarwood scent is amazing.

With the great aromas of nature blended into a body wash, every shower will smell and feel like the great outdoors.


As you can see this list has a variety of body wash options that men can choose from. There are a variety of men who have different personality types and personal preferences as well.

When it comes to maintaining body odor, men care to make sure that they smell great and appealing to their own liking and others around them. This list of body lathers includes unique scents that men can choose from whether it means one favorite or a variety.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spreading your options out accordingly on a daily basis. Sometimes you as a man may actually have to choose a setting appropriate fragrance to wear depending on a specific situation.

At the end of the day, you can never go wrong with hydrated skin and no body odor lingering in the air.

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