The Best Skinny Jeans For Men in 2018

In today’s society, the fashion world has accepted men wearing skinny jeans that are fitting, yet comfortable to wear.

For those who love to stay in tip top physical shape just for personal preference, all the hard work in the gym that you have been doing will surely pay off and show!

In this article not only will you read in-depth details about the best skinny jeans of the year, but you will also visualize yourself in how they will look on you this year.

What Options Do You Have?

When you are in the market for skinny jeans to wear this summer, there are a variety of factors you have to take into consideration.

* What is your personal style preference? What color(s) would you like to wear?

* What size(s) are comfortable for your liking?

All of these factors play an intricate role in regards to choosing the perfect bottoms for you to strut around in.

"There are a variety of different styles such as regular skinny jeans, slim fitting jeans, and extra skinny jeans that men can choose from..."

best skinny jeans for men

Over the past 5 years, consumers and fashion enthusiasts have watched this trend become a normal part of men’s everyday wear. There are a variety of different styles such as regular skinny jeans, slim fitting jeans, and extra skinny jeans that men can choose from.

You do not have to feel limited by picking just one style/design. This list is comprised of 7 Amazing Skinny Jeans that are sure to find a home in your closet and everyday clothing attire.

7 Amazing Skinny Jeans

519 Extreme Skinny Jeans (Levi)

        519 Extreme Skinny Jeans (Levi)

Levi is known for producing some of the most stylish, affordable, and comfortable skinny jeans in the world of fashion.

The 519 Extreme Skinny Jeans are popular amongst men who love to have form-fitting jeans, without feeling uncomfortable and too tight. Created with high quality cotton and a hint of elastane materials, it allows for long lasting wear.

The features of being able to have a bit of midweight stretch room is very comfortable to become accustomed to. These jeans are available in a variety of sizes, which are both easily fitting to your waist size and overall leg length.

Price: $79.50Color option(s):


Size Range: Waist (28-38). Length (30-34)

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510 Skinny Fit Jeans (Levi)

          510 Skinny Fit Jeans (Levi)

When I am shopping for new jeans and see the name of a specific option as “Skinny Fit Jeans” I initially assume that they mean “fitting and comfortable.”

One thing that I absolutely love about trying to find the perfect fitting skinny jeans is having enough room to feel as if I can actually breathe and walk in them comfortably.

These 510 Skinny Fit Jeans live up to their name perfectly. Whether I am wearing them on a casual day or during a day that I know I will be walking/traveling a lot, I never feel awkward at all.

It feels amazing to wear them without feeling that they are too tight or too loose. The waist and length size are proportioned accordingly to not being too wide around my hips and too long (or short) for my legs.

Price: $69.50 (On sale for $50.00)

Color option(s): Rigid Dragon/Funny Name/Tolerico/Lake Anza/Black/Chaparral/Blue Canyon/White Bull Denim/Rigid Grey/Nightshine/Jet/Lupine/Biology

Size range: Waist (28-38). Length (30-34

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‘Slimmy’ Slim Fit Jeans (Atlantic View) (7 For All Mankind)

                   ‘Slimmy’ Slim Fit Jeans (Atlantic View) (7 For All Mankind)

The very first thing that caught my attention when coming across them was their name. “Slimmy” Slim Fit Jeans seems to insinuate a contemporary, yet eccentric style in my opinion.

While the repetitive word of slim may put off some people, they are actually exactly what they are represented as. Being able to find what Atlantic View considers “Your True Fit” made shopping much more easily than I expected.

The length tapers off seamlessly between my knee and top/bottom leg areas. What this means is feeling comfy with enough room to breathe without having the jeans feel baggy. One thing that was a slight con to these jeans is that they are only available in one color “Atlantic View.”

Don’t get me wrong, I really do think that the color is aesthetically pleasing to me, I just wish that there were more color options available that I could purchase them in.

Price: $179.00

Color option(s): Atlantic View

Size range: 28-40

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‘Blake’ Slim Fit Jeans (Ares) (Hudson Jeans)

                   ‘Blake’ Slim Fit Jeans (Ares) (Hudson Jeans)

When you are searching for some new skinny jeans to add to your collection, there is nothing wrong with switching up the styles a little bit. These ‘Blake’ Slim Fit Jeans (Ares) are completely different (style wise) than other jeans that I have in my closet and on this list.

Like a variety of skinny jeans, being able to find the perfect fit of waist room to leg length, and room in between can be pretty hard to find. These jeans are extremely relaxing to wear during normal days or even at an event with a business casual dress code.

There are five spacious pockets on the jeans, which makes it great for being able to keep necessities such as my wallet, cell phone, and other small items separated without being too jam-packed in one specific pocket.

One major (yet small detail) that I think is beneficial is the button closure on top of the zip fly. I have never had a problem with the zipper becoming undone unintentionally. However, it is never a bad thing to have that extra comfort of “insurance” in the worse case scenario.

Price: $130.00-$165.00

Color option(s): Raw Umber/Ares/Tarnished

Size range: 28-40

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2x4 Jeans (Volcom)

                        2x4 Jeans (Volcom)

Volcom is a brand that you may not see too often in the skinny jean market and is highly underrated in my opinion. These “2x4 Jeans” are what I would consider my everyday skinny jeans to wear.

The stitching of these jeans are absolutely incredible design wise and for comfort purposes. I have never worried about the possibility of the jeans ripping while bending down to tie my shoes. In addition to being comfortable and stylish to wear, they have unique color options.

While they may seem “generic” or even “too-extra” in regards to their names, each color is actually different in regards to shades from what you may normally see on the market.

With a wide array of options to choose, it is pretty easy to purchase multiple pairs of jeans without feeling as if they will become boring in my wardrobe collection.

Price: $70.00 (On Sale: $42.00)

Color option(s): Rock/Black on Black/Coastal Blue/Stretch Dry/Cool Blue

Size range: Waist (28-40). Length (30-34)

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Skinny Active Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

               Skinny Active Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

American Eagle Outfitters is a brand that we all know and love as dependable for their products, including skinny jeans.

The Skinny Active Flex Jeans are pretty minimalistic in regards to style and design. I have found these jeans to be pretty suitable as my go-to jeans for business casual attire.

While they sit low on the waist, accompanying the jeans with a belt (whether simple or intricate in design) will help you if you think they fit “too low” to your liking. The 14” leg opening is fitting for having just enough room to slip into while still being form fitting.

Price: $49.95

Color option(s): True Black/Grey

Size range: Waist (26-44). Length (28-36)

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Skinny Extreme Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

                        Skinny Extreme Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

Another great option of skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters if you are looking for a bit more form fitting jeans are the Skinny Extreme Flex Jeans.

What makes these jeans stand out (despite having only one color option) is how versatile they have become for my wardrobe overall.

Initially I thought that I would be limited to wearing a specific amount of color combinations with button down shirts/sweaters and shoes, nonetheless I was wrong.

Price: $54.95 (On Sale: $44.99)

Color option(s): Dark Vintage Wash

Size range: Waist (26-44). Length (28-36)

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Skinny Core Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

                         Skinny Core Flex Jean (American Eagle Outfitters)

What makes American Eagle Outfitters my go to brand for skinny jeans is the variety of options that they have to offer.

The Skinny Core Flex Jeans offer the same comfort as the other options on this list. However, the design is more contemporary and rustic than the others, which makes it unique compared to the other two options provided.

Price: $39.95 (On Sale: $29.99)

Color option(s): Light Wash/Light Destroy Wash

Size range: Waist (26-44). Length (28-36)

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