Cyber Sex – A Tantric Approach to Digital Intimacy

Cyber Sex – A Tantric Approach to Digital Intimacy

In Buddhist Tantra, sex is sacred, it liberates the spirit and helps to achieve enlightenment.

Sex is much deeper than receiving ordinary pleasure, it is an ecstatic and sensual celebration of differences.

Sex is the main tool, which contributes to obtaining a connection at a spiritual level. It reveals the eternal truth, it is one of the ways of redemption.

Sex promotes the holistic harmonization of psychological and biological female and male elements. As a result, the duality of the spiritual and the physical disappears.​

cyber sex

Sex promotes the holistic harmonization of psychological and biological female and male elements...

If you want your relationship to become more meaningful, if you need to bring out your consciousness, then one of the ways is Tantric Cyber sex.​

A Tantric Approach to Cyber Sex

What Is Tantric Cyber Sex?

Sex is significant for feeling connected to the partner, but what to do when the distance separates you?

In this case, you should maintain more intimacy in a relationship. That is why practicing cyber sex is an option.

It is implemented through using video and text chats.

Cyber sex helps you to go into subtle areas of breath, softer presence, and sensual touches.

Once you’ve chosen cyber sex, the only approach to it is self-devotion.

If you delve into Tantra, realize your attitude towards the partner, then it’ll lead you where you want to go.

A narcissistic approach, which may be adopted in some communities, isn’t applicable here.

You’ll feel a spiritual delight and find the next level of excitement only through making the other half happy.​

This kind of sex is fulfilled by those, who follow certain principles, stick to certain tips and avoid emotional pitfalls.​

Tips for Getting Ready for Tantric Cyber Sex

Following major principles of Tantric sex will ensure an energy exchange and awakening consciousness through an orgasm (if you practice Black Tantra in sex) or without ejaculation (if you prefer White Tantra).

However, you should do something in order to be prepared for the session of cyber sex. There are some hints:

cyber sex

1. Mental Preparation​

Clear your head, eliminate unnecessary thoughts and concentrate. For this, open the 6th Chakra or “Aagya Chakra.”

It is located between the eyebrows and is known as “the third eye.”

Sit in the lotus pose, keep the spine straight, close eyes and take three deep inhales. Then imagine the eye in the center of the forehead and draw your eyes to it.

You’ll feel the strain, but then you’ll feel a sensation around the third eye. You’ll observe your thoughts.

Then move your eyes to their normal position, inhale for three times and open eyes slowly. Your meditation is over.​

2. Physical Preparation​

Each Tantric ritual contains ritual bathing. Its symbolism is that you prepare the temple – your body for the feast.

Also, moisten the skin with lotion and do yourself a massage.

3. Room Preparation​

Create an intimate ambiance. Tantra encourages lust, so for getting excited and to tune into the right wave, invite intimacy.

Do everything which turns you on: enjoy pleasant scents or roll around in your clean sheets, which will caress the body.

Also, you may turn on the music, but the rhythm should be slow.​

What Are the Principles of Tantric Cyber Sex?

Tantra is a path of maximally arousing the senses, creating a true voluptuousness through sweet words, eroticism, sexuality, imagination, trance, exaltation and hallucination.

First, check this video out:​

Tantric cyber sex has many aspects, and when you uncover them, you’ll get the awareness of who you are, what you should do and how to build up a new reality.

So, there are some principles for you to know once you’ve prepared for the session:

1. Consciousness

Awaken your consciousness and put aside your habits. The people became the slaves of their lifestyle.

Sex has become only orgasm-oriented and spirituality and sensuality have gone by the wayside.

Don’t be obsessed with the final goal, focus on the journey.

Feel the partner, realize delight you share together, always keep the channel, which unites your sexuality and spirituality, open.

For this, be present with your spouse during the sexual intercourse, let your feelings go much deeper.​

2. Expose Vulnerability

Cyber sex offers a full openness. Do not hide your emotions and weaknesses. Open to each other and let the dark corners of the soul be seen.

Vulnerability creates a balance and the boundaries between the female and the male become blurred.

Only full trust and a desire to know each other remain.

3. A Special Ritual

A repetition of some actions will build up a true intimacy between you.

Even if you can’t touch each other physically, it doesn’t mean that the bond can’t be built.

You may repeat a mantra or just each other’s names, sing a song or just enjoy the silence.

Besides, you may focus on things around you: feel the wind rush past your body, smell the scents, which surround you.

4. Breathing

Breathing is a paramount part of a sexual intercourse, it may prolong the process. Tantra is a breath, where the spirit and matter meet.

During the session, try breathing techniques in tandem with the spouse, it’ll build intimacy between you two:

  • Bliss breath. Start with this part of a Tantra breath work, it’ll calm you. Just breathe through your nose, take deep, long inhales and exhales. Squeeze your throat a little.
  • Arousal breath. This one is called to arouse you. The idea is to inhale and exhale rapidly. The belly should move in rhythm – when you inhale, fill your belly like a balloon, and when you exhale, imagine that you are emptying this balloon.
  • Controlled breath. During sex your breathing becomes inconsistent, so the source of energy is cut off and you lose control. This leads to ejaculation. So, by practicing this breathing technique, you’ll be able to stave off ejaculation. You should take a deep breath and make a pause. Then inhale slowly to the count of five.
  • Sound breath. Inhale standing up with fists above the head, exhale with a loud breath, pumping the arms down to the sides.
  • Shared breath. It’s important as it helps you to focus on things, which are happening between you. Inhale as your partner exhales and vice versa. Don’t forget to establish an eye contact, it’ll enhance the bond.​

5. Eye Contact

Always look into the eyes of your partner, it’ll maintain a spiritual connection. You’ll be able to go beyond physical pleasure and dive into something special.

When you look into each other’s eyes, you are present and see what emotions the spouse is experiencing in the soul.

6. Take It Slow

Foreplay is important in Tantric sex, so let it last as long as possible, you’ll accumulate more energy.

When you slow down, you fuel a slow-burning sensual fire and lovemaking will last for several hours and waves of bliss will overwhelm you.

The Yoni (vagina) and Lingham (penis) are very sensitive organs, so during the slow lovemaking, they’ll feel subtle sensations.

They’ll deepen your feelings and you’ll reach the ecstasy of sexual union. You will rise to the supernatural level and mingle with the divine.​

7. Be Tactile

You can’t touch each other physically, but you can touch yourself and give explicit descriptions to the partner.

Explore some erogenous zones, use your hands to move energy from different areas, for instance, from the genitals up to the chest.

Share feedback verbally or in writing. Masturbate during the process, and you’ll establish a connection with the inner self and your satisfaction and pleasure become heightened.

In Conclusion...

Tantric cyber sex is always a unique experience, it is about rising in love together. Practicing it, you merge spiritually with the partner, achieve a spiritual balance, harmony, and understand yourself and the world better.

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