7 Daily Habits Of Successful People

Tony Robbins knows a little about success and productivity. He is one of the most famous and widely respected success coaches in the world. Basically, what he doesn't know about success isn't worth knowing.

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Robbins promotes the importance of sticking to a powerful daily routine if you want to be successful. This is because, in Tony Robbins words, "success leaves clues".

What does this mean?

Well, put simply, it means that successful people don't make the rules up as they go. No, they do particular things in a standardized way again and again, following a formula until they reach their goal.

So, in the eyes of Tony Robbins, we can duplicate the success of others if we just duplicate their routine. Below I'm going to suggest 7 routines that will show you the importance of sticking to a powerful daily routine for success.

7 ​Daily Habits of Successful People - The Importance of Sticking to a Powerful Daily Routine for Success

Have an hour of power in the morning to energize you all day

Anthony Robbins advocates an hour of power in the morning. He is scathing list of people who claim "I don't have the time speech mark. 'You don't have the time to improve your life?'

You can hear him cry incredulously in his tapes and at his events. However, he does recognize that 15 minutes to thrive may be enough, and so maybe 30 minutes to fulfillment. In the morning routines of successful people the key is to wake up, to get out of bed and to do something. Do anything that makes you happy.

I would recommend a new exercise. It doesn't need to be going to the gym, but could be walking the dog or taking a stroll. If you get the first 60 minutes of the day right only good things will follow.

The most important elements of this hour of power are:

  • As soon as the alarm rings, jump out of your bed.
  • Then breathe steadily. After this, do some exercise.

Robbins then suggests repeating incantations (which are affirmations that you repeat). Finally, give thanks for all the good things you have in your life. Use this out of power to set you up for the day.

To Fail to Prepare is to Prepare to Fail

daily routine

Abraham Lincoln said "give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first for sharpening the axe”. This illustrates an important truth about work and success. In USA Today they cite a letter from a businessman who has failed time and again.

Gladys Edmunds, the correspondent for the regular column ‘Entrepreneurial Tight Rope’ says that if there is a formula for success it can be expressed in one word: preparedness. You must be willing to prepare for success both mentally and technically.

So, work on writing a formal business plan, mentally prepare through visualization, face your fears through writing them down and then resolving them. As well as this, don't underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with successful people. They will give you advice and are part of your planning.

Another big fundamental way in which you can prepare for success is by keeping yourself up-to-date with any knowledge that is relevant to your chosen field. So, spend time sharpening the axe.

Don't sleep too much

Look, you probably are not reading this post for a religious lesson. However, I'll give you one anyway.

The Bible says a lot on the subject of sleep. I'll share one verse with you. Proverbs chapter 20 verse 13 says "love not sleep, lest you come to poverty; open your eyes, and you will have plenty of bread”. Whilst you may not have faith you will surely see the wisdom of this lesson.

Most of the successful people in history have been hard workers. Take someone who is in the news every day, Donald Trump. Apparently, he sleeps four hours a day. Between seven and nine hours is normal and healthy for someone between 18 and 64.

Once you go over the sleep sweet spot, researchers have found higher mortality rates and a greater risk of diseases like depression. There are also countless other things associated with too much sleep such as an increased risk of diabetes, increased pain and decreased cognitive function.

So, if you want to be a success, get out of bed lazybones! The morning is a key time in the day.

Check out this morning routine rituals by successful people:

Have a healthy breakfast

We’ve all done it. Stumbled out of the house still adjusting our tie, clutching a Thermos of coffee. We get to the office and shove a couple of biscuits into our mouth in lieu of breakfast. Don't!

According to Forbes, an obvious authority in the behavior of successful people, there are five things that most successful people do before 8 AM. One of them is to have a nutritious breakfast. So, get up 15 minutes earlier.

Take the time to prepare yourself something healthy and filling (which also ties into the previous point about not sleeping too much). Your life will reap the benefits. Make recipes such as vanilla whole wheat waffles made with flaxseed, coconut milkand mango.

Or why not try a cherry protein shake filled with antioxidants and made with vanilla protein powder. These breakfasts will help you to feel and act like a winner.

Improve your mind

Success is a science. In order to be successful you undoubtedly need some form of intelligence. Most successful people have gained this from reading. Okay, I know it's 2016, and you may think you read often.

However, if it’s posted on your phone or texts from your mum you need to turn the page, pun intended.

According to research by the University of Texas Reading from a screen can actually slow you down between 20 and 30% so you will actually be gaining more information if you read a good old-fashioned book made from good old-fashioned paper.

Seek advice

'I am a rock, I am an island''. The immortal words of Simon and Garfunkel. For better or worse, this is not the case. Successful people ask advice and do it often.

One of the most fundamental truths in life is that the only constant thing is change. An extremely effective way to ensure change is effective and efficient is through both giving and receiving feedback.

The power feedback was something that was researched by psychologists Bandura and Cervone. They researched the power of feedback increasing the performance and results of cyclists.

The study included four groups who were given varying goals and levels of feedback. Of course one of these groups was a control group who received neither goals nor feedback.

Unsurprisingly, it was this group that performed the least effectively and improve the least, illustrating the power of feedback. So, seek advice and do it often.

Be healthy

Make good choices. Go to the gym. Make sure you also look after your psychological health. Success.com says that successful people make their health a priority. They use exercise to recharge the batteries.

They choose nutritious food. They don't drink too much or engage into many unhealthy behaviors. Another method for ensuring your spiritual and psychological health is to practice mindfulness.

The American Psychological Association has summarized the empirically supported benefits of mindfulness.

These include reduced rumination, stress reduction, boosts to working memory, and increased focus. For example, one study compared to those who experienced mindfulness meditators with a control group. They found that those who practice mindfulness has significantly better performance on all measures of attention and they also had increased cognitive flexibility.

Clearly, mindfulness is a practice that can increase success. Another method is to try a guided meditation.

Check out this guided meditation video by Jason Stephenson:​

In conclusion

The 7 life hacks suggested above will surely make you more efficient.

However, most importantly is that they will make you happier, more in touch with yourself, and more likely to reach your goal.

This daily routine for successful life is your first step towards success. Stick with it and you'll feel the results in the near future.

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