Do Pheromones Work for Men?

You’ve probably heard of pheromones. What are they? Do pheromones work? At the most basic level, a pheromone is a chemical that your body excretes. If you are around another member of your same species, that pheromone can actually have a psychological effect on the other person. Science, Attract, New.

​When you take a look at the pheromones among human beings, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that the relationship between a pheromone and a behavior or response are not as clear-cut as they would be in other animals.

For example, an insect might secrete a pheromone that alerts other insects as to where a food source is.

Human beings don’t do anything so cause and effect related. Human beings rely on physical, visual, verbal and other forms of communication.

Do Pheromones Work? Pheromones Seducing A Women

However, we do, in fact, use pheromones to communicate messages to one another. There is a great deal of evidence to show that, beneath all of our pretensions of social niceties, wit, charm and other factors that go into making two people like one another, there’s a complex chemical process going on that’s triggering us to feel an attraction to another person.

This isn’t the smell you’re getting off of their perfume or their cologne or their wine or anything else that you can obviously smell

.To make it even more complex, these pheromones work differently in different situations and at a different times. Let’s look at how and why they work, as well as some of the pheromones that have gotten a lot of attention.

Do Pheromones Work for Men​

What's Going On?

In order to establish that pheromones are legitimate, one first has to establish that people can react to smells that they don’t necessarily notice consciously. For example, everybody has a body odor. In some cases, that body odor might be actually releasing what are called peptides, which are picked up by women and which make men seem more attractive.

Already, we can see that we do react to information our nose picks up without realizing it or, at least, realizing why. In fact, this particular behavior seems related to choosing a good partner were a healthy immune system is concerned. Even when somebody just smells good, there may be a much deeper reason why you find their smell attractive than what you’re thinking.

While this may seem somewhat amazing, keep in mind that it’s not really exotic at all. In fact, according to The Neurobiology of Olfaction, most animals use chemical signals as a means of communication. Pheromones, to put it directly, are not mystical or magical in any way, they’re simply the norm.​

These pheromones can have potentially powerful influences on the way people react to one another, which is why most people have an interest in them.

By now, however, we’ve established that human beings do, in fact, react to chemicals detected by their noses that are released by other human beings to transmit social messages.

We’ve also established that this is not unusual for the animal kingdom.​

Where humans are concerned, what is unusual is that, as always, humans work on ways to actually use this information for a specific purpose.​

Check out this video:​

The Je Ne Sais Quoi

So, we know that pheromones are there and we know that people can pick up on them and, in fact, that they may have an influence how people react to us.

The pheromones are generally secreted from specific areas of the body. These include the eyelids, the outer part of the ear, the mouth and nose, the nipples – on both men and women – and the genitals. The underarms are also areas where theseare found.

While knowing about how pheromones work and using some of the products designed to increase certain levels of them may have some benefits in your social life, that’s not really what they’re there for. According to some studies, pheromones actually may play an important part in evolution on the whole.

When you consider the aforementioned information about pheromones having some ability to communicate immune system compatibility, it’s easy to see how this could be the case.​

Of course, most people who use pheromone products aren’t using them to help the cause of evolution. What they are using them for is to improve their luck romantically.

Can pheromones help with that? There is evidence that, in fact, they may provide a bit of assistance in that department, which many people will no doubt be glad to find out.

Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones clearly exist. In fact, they were established all the way back in 1959, so there’s really no wonder here as to whether or not pheromones are real or some sort of hype.

They are chemicals that your body secretes and, in fact, different levels of chemicals in them can influence the behavior of some people toward you.

The thing to keep in mind with pheromones is what they are not. Pheromones are not dis-inhibitors. If somebody is normally going to be shy around you, they’re still going to be shy if you have a specific blend of pheromones on you.

As was said, human beings are not insects; we don’t simply react to chemical signals with a specific response.​

It’s also important to make certain that the source of any pheromones you buy is actually reputable. Given that people can’t smell these, it’s obvious that somebody who wanted to be dishonest about their products could easily do so, and no one would be the wiser.

A selection of good pheromone products is given toward the end of the article, so you can get an idea of what kind of products you may want to take a look at.​

​Do pheromones work in human beings? Some men who have used the products swear by them and truly believe that they have gotten excellent results out of using them.

This is, of course, anecdotal, but there are plenty of men who believe that they have more than got their money’s worth out of pheromone products and that they give them something of an edge and, in fact, that they have had encounters with women that would’ve otherwise never happened.

There has been some back and forth about whether or not there is a special area in the nose that is responsible for picking up pheromones. This was discussed in the aforementioned Scientific American article.

What’s interesting is that, while closer examination has shown that the organ thought to be responsible for detecting hormones is not always present in human beings, other mammals show the ability to pick up pheromones with regular nasal tissue, which indicates that the specialized organ might not even be necessary in human beings.​

Scientists are also looking at the unique blend of odors that everybody gives off, which differ significantly between one human being and the next. Pheromones may provide a part of this overall sense, with components of it perhaps adding to the overall appeal of an individual.

At present, this is being approached with a very open mind on the part of most scientists. Pheromones seem to have some real effect on human beings and, because of that, there’s a great deal of curiosity about them and research continues into them.

For the moment, there are several products that people believe give them very good results and that might offer real benefits.​

Products that Might Give you Good Results

If you’re interested in trying pheromones as a way to increase your overall sexiness, there’s a lot of evidence to say that you’re not on a fool’s errand by any means.

There are some products out there that are highly recommended by a lot of different people and they have some differences between them that may make them more appealing to some men or women than others.

The thing to remember is that pheromones are a human thing, not just a male thing. Women give off pheromones, as well, and if women want to increase their attractiveness, there are products that can help.​

Alpha Dream

Take a look at Alpha Dream’s site and you’ll see that this company is all about making pheromone products that make you sexy. Their products boast Harvard University testing and they get great reviews from many people all over the web.

This manufacturer makes several different formulations, which contain different mixes that are designed to have a different effect. For example, their L II K line is designed to give off a very alpha male sort of impression to anybody who picks it up. If you’re having confidence problems, this might be the type of pheromone that you want to look for.

Certo on the other hand, is designed to make you come off as more of a hero type person. What’s the difference? It comes down to whether or not you want to be the dominant, in charge type of guy or you want to be the trustworthy, strong and safer sort of guy; the one who would make the more suitable long-term partner, in other words.

​Alpha Dream, despite the emphasis on very sexy sort of pheromones, also has pheromones that are designed for uses other than attracting the opposite sex. For example, the amusingly named Corporative is designed to give off the sort of trustworthy, capable sort of feel that one would want in a corporate setting.

With this manufacturer’s products, there really isn’t a limitation to pheromones that are designed to help you do better socially or sexually. Some of their formulations are really designed for practical situations.

One of the things to keep in mind is that these pheromone mixtures don’t necessarily have a scent to them. The good thing about this is that you can still use whatever cologne or perfume you prefer.

Remember what was said about an overall body odor that people find attractive. The pheromones, of course, become a part of that, but you still have your own distinctive smell, increasing the effect.​

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Hax Pheroceuticals

Hax Pheroceuticals is another company you may want to take a look at as a provider for pheromone products. Their products include sprays, oils and others that you can use to give off just the right chemical message at just the right time.

The company also runs an extensive and very busy forum, where you can go to get more information about their products or other company’s products.

Hax Pheroceuticals give you the exact combination of pheromones included in their mixtures, which you can look up to get more information on and see if it’s exactly what you want.

They also give their products names that give you some indication of the image that they are designed to project through chemical signals.

For example, anyone wearing Black Ops is not likely someone who’s out there trying to put off the image of the stable, nice guy that you want to settle down and marry.​

Their​ site is also a very good one to look at just to get an idea of what different types of pheromones might do for you. They include the effects on the person wearing their pheromones, which is important.

After all, if you want a pheromone that makes you project confidence, what’s better than putting on a pheromone that makes you feel confident?

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Using Pheromones

Make sure you get your pheromones from a quality supplier so you know you’re getting the real deal. In addition to that, keep in mind the last point in the section above.

These pheromones may affect you, as well, so keep that in mind when you buy them. You may not actually need to project to someone that you are confident, brave, mysterious and so forth.

You just may need to believe in yourself and the pheromones may actually help you with that, if you look for the right blends.

When you do find your right pheromone, remember to combine it with a good scent, because it’s the entire package that people notice.

When you smell good enough that people want to get close to you, that’s when they will be able to pick up on the pheromones, even though they might not know it consciously.

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