Today’s Art of Dating – 5 Tips on How to Ask a Girl on a Date

Today’s Art of Dating – 5 Tips on How to Ask a Girl on a Date

The modern world has taught man ‘how to ask a girl on a date’ but failed to reward him with the perfect technique.

Approaching a girl and asking her out on a date is an anxious event even for the most confident among us.

Many men don't know how to handle well the possible fears of embarrassment and rejection.

For example, a strong 'NO' may not sound well at all. Asking a girl out is neither a long speech of acceptance nor an endless science presentation. You just need 20 seconds to get it right.

In the movie ‘We bought a Zoo’ while explaining to his son how he met his mother Matt Damon says "You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

Just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

But before you make any slight move, explore these simple tricks on how to ask a girl on a date. The six science approved tips guarantee a 'YES' when you ask her out for a date.

How to Ask a Girl on a Date: 5 Dating Tips for Today's Dating World​

Explore your physical and inner self to learn your strengths and weakness...

It is vital to know your emotional state whether you are in a place mentally that can nurture a solid relationship.

how to ask a girl on a date

"Approaching a girl and asking her out on a date is an anxious event even for the most confident among us..."

If you are suffering from psychological issues, substance abuse, emotional disequilibrium, and low self-esteem, it is advisable not to draw a girl in.

It will be very unfair to her and will dip your chances significantly.

Bring yourself to normalcy. You need to get back to yourself. Women will quickly run away from men with mental baggage.

Take care of your physical and psychological issues before asking her out for a date.

How is your physical state?

​Do you have any conditions that deprive you the opportunity to date openly and liberally?

Studies have shown that women prefer guys they can dance, workout and go on walks with.

However, sex re-emerges as a huge problem if the expectations disappoint. To avoid humiliations, get into shape and look hale and hearty.

Your intention is to get healthier and not heavily built. So, do what you think is appropriate to get you the results you deserve.

Renowned fitness personality Richard Simmons once said, “You can’t buy it, you can’t rent it. You have to earn it.”

Approach with confidence and proper body language...

That moment when you are about to ask her out feels different and funny.

Before making any move, make sure you are ready psychologically and physically.

Check whether you have had any previous contact in a setting with friends or alone?

If yes, approach with confidence, open body language, and proper posture. If you encounter glitches at this moment, don’t forget the maxim “fake it ‘till you make it.

how to ask a girl on a date

Asking someone out somewhat looks a little bit awkward on both sides, so do not expect a perfect interaction.

If the conversation staggers, try and have some good humor as opposed to mumbling.

Use a friendly tone when asking a girl out on a date. Preferably the same tone you use with your friends and peers, but with a more flirty tone.​

The Don’ts while approaching her:​

  • Never stare at the ground while approaching her or talking to her.
  • Don’t cross arms and legs, speak with an unusual voice, hand comb your hair, or slump your shoulders.

If you show any of the above characteristics, she will definitely see the nervousness and lack of confidence in you and confidence is a vital ingredient to dating success.

Always keep your chin up, maintain a proper posture and glue your focus on her. Girls do not want to feel second placed.

If it turns out that she is showing a happier face, her curiosity is elevated and she is feeling haptic, these are great indicator she is delighted and appreciates your interest.

Remember, a woman’s smile, body movements, tone and eyes can expose her inner feelings.​

Take your time. Don’t rush.

Look, If you want to ask a girl out and she is in a crowded public place, workplace, school, beach, etc. don’t rush.

Look for her to recognize you with modest eye contact, a minor smile or a small turn in your direction.

Gauge her interest by allowing a few more minutes, and if she turns and smiles a few more times, then congratulations – you are getting closer.

If she smiles back a couple of times, be careful not to confuse kindness with attraction.

She could just be a friendly character. Just remain relaxed until you are sure of the right time to make a move. Anticipate your moment patiently and with accuracy.

Stephan Erdman a London based – Dating and Confidence Coach presents various tips that help men who want to attract great girls naturally.

In the video below, Erdman answers the tough question “How to ask a girl on a date - first time you talk to her! “How to ask a girl on a date - first time you talk to her!​

Focus on the conversation...

Understand that great humor takes you halfway home. If you can make a girl smile, you are almost there.

Be funny, keep it real and don't overdo humor as it will become annoying. Scientific studies have revealed that women prefer funny guys.

Get to know her better by asking a few questions about her career, likes, dislikes or anything that makes her comfortable.

Knowing what she likes and hates gives you a chance to gauge whether she is your type or not. If she is your taste, gently proceed and ask her out.

Keep it simple and don’t exaggerate and promise a trip to an Alien world on a science fiction supersonic cruise missile.​

Don't ask her to do something outside what she likes. If she loves nature, suggest going for a walk in serene leisure parks with the best views.

Doing this tells her you are a great listener and you want to delight her.​

Be calm about rejection...

Rejection is always part of the equation about how to ask a girl out on a date.

If she is not into your idea, don’t pester her to know why.

Just wear a cool smile and say something well-mannered and toned-down like “thank you for your time. I appreciate our interaction have a great time.”

The best way to endure rejection is by accepting it. Don’t take it personally as it happens to many men across the globe.

Fortunately, the rejection might not be about you. The best remedy is to calm down and deal with it lightheartedly.

This video best explains how to deal with rejections from both men and women in dating:

Final words...

In conclusion, not every attempt breeds the desired result. Some men try a few more times before finally going out together.

So, don’t give up asking a girl out on a date. It is not a science to master, but a game you have to prepare to play and win.

The above tips have yielded positive outcomes for many men asking women out.

Make sure to incorporate a few natural principles to improve your dating ability and the results will amuse.

Remember very many women want you to ask them out on a date. You might be surprised one of your dreams is anticipating that moment.​


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