How To Build Self Confidence: 7 Tricks To Make Women Want You

Why do men always want women, yet you can make a woman want you? Michel de Montaigne said, “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.” Self-confident men are always adorable to women.

They portray a unique character that all women fancy. Women find them charming, lovable, and delightful. A woman will always want a self-confident man. It is important to be self-confident, and it is even advised to boost your self-confidence often.

how to build self confidence

But why is self confidence important?

- You become more attractive and admirable: Self-confidence makes you more attractive and admirable in many ways. You’ll be a giver and less needy. You become stable and can take care of difficult times. Women find your company comfortable and enjoy drama free and less argument experience.

- Your emotional stability grows: As you boost your love toward yourself, you reduce trying so hard to .get the attention of others. When you love yourself more, you worry less about what people think of you.

- You’ll be better off: You are your worst enemy. You are the only person who can sabotage your life. With self-confidence, you feel more active and deserving good things in life. You become more motivated to go after the things you want.​

- Your life becomes lighter: When you love yourself, you won’t let yourself down or waste your energy where it is not intended. You will see things begin to change and become simpler.​

- You’ll be happier: Yes! Self-confident people are often more satisfied than less confident people. They know how to overcome their challenges and appreciate the value of self-confidence.

7 Practical Tips on How to Build Self Confidence

How to Build Self Confidence

how to build self confidence

How to build self-confidence is not a tough task. Moreover, there is no magic in being self-confident, but you experience growth and success in life. With high self-esteem, your life changes for the better; you can always win your dream girl easily.

​Below we explore 7 powerful tips on how to build self-confidence you can rely on even during the worst times in life. By practicing regularly, you will be able to attract and win the woman you want.

1. Mute your inner critic​

The very first step to increasing self-esteem is by shutting down your inner critic. Our inner critic can influence our outcome significantly. It can lead us to success or failure. Anytime your inner voice shouts things like:

  • You are ever speechless; she can’t listen to you
  • ​You do not dress well; she won’t admire you
  • You're unattractive unlike your friend

You should not accept such thoughts. Rather refocus your mind to something else. Think of things that bring happiness and add value to your life. Having positive thoughts and avoiding listening to your inner critic brings fulfillment and motivation.

2. Embrace healthier motivational behaviors​

Healthier motivational habits will weaken your inner critic, motivate yourself to pursue your dream, and stimulate self-confidence growth in you. A woman will be attracted o your if your behaviors impress her.

So, how do you use healthier motivational behaviors?

- Always run by again the benefits you’ll get: Science tells us that a great way to motivate yourself daily is by noting down and always reading the benefits you’ll get from working towards your goal.

You have all the reasons why you are attracted to a particular girl. Let your reasons e your motivation and always keep them at your fingertips.

For example, you may want to make more money to travel with your desired woman. Make that wish to travel together as your motivation.

- Refocus more on what you love doing: When you do what you love, you don’t need anything to spike your motivation, it rises automatically. Thus, if your motivation declines, you should check whether whatever you are doing interests you? If it does not, then refocus and start working on that important thing.

Refocusing on what you want will motivate yourself to go after it with stable confidence.

3. Take a self-appreciation break

Just take a 2-minute self-appreciation break every day. Within a month you will notice a huge difference by practicing this fun and simple habit. Research indicates that self-appreciation breaks help to boost self-confidence.

If you may, this is an easy way to self-appreciate:

Take a deep breath and ask yourself: What are the things I appreciate about me? Each day you will realize you enjoy different things and each has an impact beyond you. On a personal level, I have learned that through this technique:

  • My writings have an impact on people’s lives​
  • I can put smiles on people’s faces and help them drown their worries etc.

These things don’t need to be complex. They are the small things that we do every day that will eventually turn a sad day into a brighter day.

4. Always do the right things​

When you always do the right things you improve and strengthen your self-confidence. If approaching the woman you want at a particular time isn’t right, then don’t bother to waste your time and energy.

Whatever is right to you might be wrong to someone else, thus, keeping a focus on the right things and doing them to your level best makes a huge difference in boosting your self-confidence.

Women love men who know what they are doing at any given time. By doing what is right often, you will find yourself having a great day with the tone set early in the morning. You will not experience exhaustion or boredom, but remain energetic throughout the day.

5. Do away with perfectionism

Perfectionism thoughts can form habits that are so destructive in our daily lives. They paralyze our ability to take actions and make us feel we are unable to live up to some standards and expectations.

Perfectionism thoughts will get you feeling worthless before the woman you want and bring in procrastination hence hinder the results you’ll get.

This will, in turn, make your self-confidence plummet, or whatever actions you take you’ll feel unsatisfied. As your opinion about yourself becomes more negative, your motivation to take proper actions falls.

To avoid perfectionism, always go for good enough and distant your thoughts from the myths of perfectionism.

Check out this video:​

6. Handle your failures and mistakes positively

If you stumble and fall along the path of success, you should treat your failures and the mistakes you made in a positive way.

As we try to accomplish our goals and fail along the way, that should act as a motivation to pursue our goals next time with great care and positivity. We may hear stories of successful people, but one thing they don’t tell us is the failures they went through.

Check out this video:​

Remember when you stumble or fail, be your best friend and find the upside of your failure. Focus more on optimism and opportunities.

No man has ever won the woman he wanted by the very first attempt. You need to try and try again until you get the woman of your choice.

7. Try something new

When you try something new and get out of your comfort zone, your self-confidence goes up.

A new challenge presents new opportunities and extra challenges that you must overcome. You may not have achieved something great or small, but at least you tried something new instead of just doing nothing.

Additionally, it is important to appreciate yourself no matter what the outcome may be. Always go outside your comfort zone, and you should never expect things to come the easy way. You can try new things and work on improving your previous failures and success will be inevitable.


To wrap it up, below are a few additional tips to help you build your self-confidence:

  • Never forget the whys of high self-confidence
  • Be kinder towards others
  • Avoid falling into the comparison trap
  • Spend most of your time with people who support you and less time with destructive friends
  • Write down three things in the evening that you can appreciate about yourself

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