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How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction: A Better Understanding of ED

Impotence, just about every man’s worst nightmare affects around 1 in every 10 men in the United States with chances of contracting this disorder rising sharply in men over the age of 40. Yet while the inevitable aging process may be a major cause for the onset of erectile dysfunction, it is by no means the only one, which can make wondering how to cure erectile dysfunction a wholly frustrating task.

Some men may suffer from impotence early on in their lives for a great number of reasons including depression, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure as well as the onset and treatment of terminal illnesses such as diabetes, prostate cancer and heart disease. Though as common as erectile dysfunction is (and it is fairly common), many men still feel sharp pangs of embarrassment surrounding this affliction, which hampers their ability to live with the condition, to be open about it and to seek proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you have been living with impotence and are at your wit's end, know that there is plenty of support and information out there that can help you better the affliction; and if not, can give you the necessary emotional tools and support for coping with it.

how to cure erectile dysfunction

"Though as common as erectile dysfunction is many men still feel sharp pangs of embarrassment surrounding this affliction..."

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction: Understanding ED Better

Erectile Dysfunction and your Mindset

For many men, the onset of impotence comes with a variety of unpleasant emotions like shame, embarrassment, frustration and the feeling like you are not quite a fully functional man. These resulting emotions are sure to have a serious affect on your mental health, and quite frankly that is something that cannot be helped.

Men have a tendency to associate their sexual virility with masculinity, power and pride in what it means to be a man; but when impotence strikes, your self-image in this regard can be severely undermined; not by the people around you, but by yourself. Perhaps one of the best ways to combat these nasty feelings is to be open about them with yourself, your loved ones, your partner, your close friends and your doctor or psychologist.

Getting the topic of erectile dysfunction out into the open will allow you to communicate your feelings and afflictions honestly with those around you. It will help them understand exactly what you’re going through and will take a lot of the pressure and shame off of you in allowing the issue to be discussed.

While it may not be easy to simply get the cat out of the bag, if there was ever a time where manning up could be beneficial, it is now: So swallow your ego and speak to those closest to you for support, advice, and understanding.

Allowing your mindset to be taken control of by impotence will lead you down a dark path of anxiety and depression; and if you have done any research into combating the condition, you’ll know that depression and anxiety will only add to the problem.

How ED Affects Your Relationships

Perhaps one of the largest areas of concern when it comes to erectile dysfunction, is the effect that the condition may have on your relationship. This, of course, isn't always the case, and it depends largely on how each member of a relationship approaches the issue.

Many men assume that the danger lies in their partner’s needs and dissatisfaction, fearing that impotence might force their partner to find sex elsewhere. This assumption is a dangerous one, resulting in jealousy and bitterness, which, in a lot of cases will result in ending the relationship. But to be fair, that is not where the real danger lies:

Especially where a lack of communication is concerned, women with partners who suffer from erectile dysfunction may feel that it is their fault, that the fire has died, and that they are now stuck in a passionless relationship for reasons unknown to them. For this reason, it is essential to communicate what you are going through with your partner, to set her mind at ease, and so that the two of you can work together, openly and honestly, to explore possible solutions.

Another reason why impotence can put strain on your relationship is that for a lot of men (being the shallow, sex driven creatures that we are), intimacy in a relationship is directly tied to their sex-life. Impotent or not, this is a mistake made by men in relationships all over the world.

There are many ways to share intimate moments with your significant other without having to engage in sexual activity. Explore them:

Go for picnics, long walks, spend time cuddling and making out. Be romantic regardless of whether or not sex will come into the picture, and your relationship will likely survive. Couples struggling with the pressures of impotence should consider sex therapy or couples counselling.

These are also excellent ways to explore solutions and relief from the affliction.

Impotence, Your Social Life and Work

Erectile dysfunction, while only having a direct effect on your sex and love lives, can get in the way of men’s lives far away from the bedroom:

Your work may suffer as a result of resulting fatigue (when testosterone levels are to blame), and also from a lowered moral. The stress and anxiety that impotence can bring to your life will likely affect other areas of your day to day.

A lot of men might feel the need to outwardly compensate for the way that erectile dysfunction leaves them feeling, often resulting in behavior which is overly dominating, aggressive and all too alpha, while inside they are feeling the sting of the insecurity brought by E-D. This often has a negative effect on their social lives as well. Besides that, when impotence is suffered by younger men, the thought of going out on the town may actually cause severe anxiety, since the sufferer fears meeting girls and dreads the possibility of finding themselves in an intimate situation with them.

Work is also often a cause for impotence in men, especially those who tend to put their careers first above all other aspects of their lives. Men who work using their mind all the time may find it difficult to perform in the bedroom since there is no space in their thoughts to explore intimacy in their relationship.

Being open and honest about what you are going through with those who are close to you will help lessen the burden and social anx caused by impotence, and will help them understand what you are going through.

Men should also make an effort to separate their personal and career lives, leaving work at the office and making your private time available for your home, friends, relationships and play that is not interfered with by your career. If you have been suffering in silence from impotence for far too long, maybe it is time to come out with it and get support from those closest to you.

Being open about it will make it easier and less embarrassing to get the affliction treated, and will also allow you to handle the psychological deficits of impotence in a more productive way.

Remember that you are not alone, your case is not unheard of, and there is always something you can do about it.

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