How To Fuck A Woman Properly

Every man wants to be good in bed.

If you’re good in bed, not only do you have the satisfaction of knowing that you canalways give a woman a good time between the sheets, but you’re also increasing your chances of getting laid more often –not just with one woman- but with many.

Why is this?

​Because women talk. When a man is good in bed, women will tell their friends, and you will get a reputation. This will not only boost your confidence, but increase your attractiveness to other women.

But what are the secrets?

how to fuck a woman properly

Being good in bed is pretty simple, there are no magical tricks that will satisfy every woman, but with a little confidence and attentiveness, you can give a girl a good time, and guarantee a repeat performance.

There are some great tips and tricks on Adam Armstrong’s website, which is available here, but for a basic overview on how to fuck a woman properly keep reading!

How to Fuck a Woman Properly​

Listen to her breathing

If you want to fuck a woman right, this is perhaps the most important thing to pay attention, and often the most neglected. Keep it simple, if her breathing is heavy and fast, she’s probably having a good time.

If it’s slow and shallow, try something else. Use breathing as your compass during sex, and let it guide you in the right direction.


There is one exception to this rule. Some women tend to hold their breath to let an orgasm build up (to make it more intense). If suddenly she stops breathing entirely (assuming you’re not choking her or she has died for some reason), keep doing whatever you’re doing.

Other signs of arousal include reddening of the cheeks, quivering, wide eyes, vaginal wetness, hard nipples, lip biting, loose jaw, and –of course- moaning.​

If you’re about to have sex with somebody, the least you can do is make sure you’re appealing to look at, touch, and smell. That means keeping your clothes and body clean, smelling nice, brushing your teeth, and maybe shaving in a few key areas. One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is bad breath or body odour.​

Remember, dirty sex doesn’t have to be unsanitary!​

Having a big dick doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good in bed

One of the most common misconceptions among men is that having a big dick makes you good in bed. Not everyone who has a big dick is good in bed. Not every woman likes big dicks. Often, having a humungous penis can be painful, uncomfortable -and sometimes- just doesn’t fit.

Good sex doesn’t come from your dick. It’s in your hips, arms, abdomen and your eyes. It’s in your tongue and fingers. It’s in the way to talk and the way you carry yourself.

Being good in bed involves your whole body and your mind, not just your cock.

​Watch this video on: How To Be Good In Bed With Former Pornstar Randi Wright

Remember that not all women like the same things

Often the guys who think they know how to please every woman on the planet are the worst in bed. This is because they rush in with some ‘technique’ that worked on their ex-girlfriend.

All women are different, and they all like different things. Some girls like rough sex, others prefer it a bit softer. Some like to dominated, and others like to take control. Most girls may switch between what they want depending on how they’re feeling.

Leave your inhibitions at the door

The bedroom is no place for shyness. You will never be more unashamedly open than when you’re naked with a woman, so don’t be afraid to be completely open about what you’re into and what you want.

Confidence is sexy, and if your woman likes a man who takes control, this will be a dream come true. Don’t act like you don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Open your mind to new sexual experiences. Kinks and fetishes are very common, so don’t be too quick to set hard limits on what you’ll try (you might find you enjoy it more than you realised).​

Set the tone

Setting the tone is understanding what kind of sex you’re going to be having. If you do this right, you will have the exact kind of sex she wants, but it will look as though you set it up.

how to fuck a woman properly

Sounds easy?

You’re right, it’s not. Unless your woman explicitly tells you what she wants, sometimes it can be hard to tell what kind of sex she’s into. You could just ask her, which –if your woman is totally open- is fine, but often women can be a little shy about discussing their sexual preferences and kinks.

So how does it work?

The trick to finding out comes during foreplay. Find out how she reacts to being dominated by lightly cuffing her wrists, pinning her down or gripping her hair. If she seems to like it, try something a little rougher; a bite or a scratch or a light spank.

If she doesn’t respond well, try being more submissive, let her get on top of you, and see how she responds. If she pins you down, let her take control.

Most women prefer the man to take control, but don’t assume this means all of them do.​

Explore her body

Thoroughly explore your woman’s body during foreplay, find out which parts of her body are sensitive, touch her neck, run your fingers through her hair, massage her inner thigh. Grip her arms, and see how rough she likes it.

Pick her up, pin her down. Kiss, bite scratch and spank. Find out what she responds well to. Don’t go straight for the arse, pussy or boobs, work your way towards them.

Grabbing a girl and trying to shove your fingers inside her reeks of inexperience, and will probably put her off you.

Check out this video:​

Tease to please

Learn to love foreplay. Most women say that foreplay is their favourite part of sex, so –unless you’re having a quickie- make it last.

Teasing is a big part of foreplay, let the anticipation build by keeping your woman stimulated without going straight for the ‘key areas’. This will pay off later. Watch this video to learn how to get better at foreplay.

Pay attention to the nipples properly

Nipple-play can vary massively from woman to woman. Some women love it, others don’t care for it, and a lucky 3% can even have orgasms from it!

It’s important to start by lightly licking the nipples, and listening for her breathing response. If the response is positive, try lightly sucking or grazing your teeth against them.

Always remember that women’s pleasure and pain thresholds vary significantly, and whilst some women love having their nipples bitten and sucked, others may find it painful or dull. Be sure to listen to her breathing.​

Give head properly

Every guy thinks they give great head. Most of them are wrong. It’s not necessarily that what you’re doing is bad it’s just that there is a big difference between good and great.

And here’s the secret…

​Take it slow. Start by kissing and licking the inner thighs, see how she responds. Introduce yourself, breathe on her clit as if you’re steaming up a window.

Then lick it from the bottom to the top and back again as lightly as you can. Slowly get faster and faster, but make sure you’re not pressing too hard or “digging” under the clitoral hood (as this spot can be too sensitive when touched directly).

When things start getting heavier, try lightly sucking on the clit, or inserting a finger into her pussy whilst you’re tonguing her clit.

Which brings us on to our next point…​

Find the clitoris

If you’re not already familiar with the location of the clitoris, it is the fleshy hood above the entrance to the vagina. Most women require stimulation of the clitoris to achieve orgasm, so pay great attention to it.

Ensure your fingers are lubricated before touching the clit. Do not try to ‘dry rub’ the clit, as this can be uncomfortable and even painful. Lubricate the tip of your finger using the wetness from the vagina, do this by circling the entrance to the vagina with your index or middle finger.

Do not force your finger any more than an inch inside at this point. Move your finger up to locate the clitoris. It should feel slightly harder than the rest of the vagina. Do not press too hard on the clitoris, start off slowly, lightly rubbing the clitoris in small circular motions, and –as always- listen to her breathing.

If you struggle to find the clitoris, move her hand down to her clit, and let her do it. As she becomes more aroused, try going a little harder/faster, but don’t press down on the clit like it’s a doorbell, and don’t ‘dig’ under the clitoral hood, as this can be very uncomfortable.

If you’re unsure, just ask!​

Find the G-spot

Finding the G spot is relatively easy. First of all, make sure your girl is wet and ready to be fingered, then slowly insert onefinger into her vagina, do not insert a second finger until you know how tight her vagina is.

Two fingers may be too much (or not enough!). It may that she needs to widen more before you can insert another finger. When you have a finger inside of her, slide your finger upwards, as if you are trying to rub the clit from the inside out.

Slowly move your finger in a “come here” motion, and at the top of the front of the vaginal wall, you should find the G-spot. It will feel rough or spongey, less smooth than the rest of the vagina.

The G-spot will swell slightly as your woman becomes more aroused. Do not press too hard on the G-spot initially, as with everything, build up to it.

If you can do this right, you may cause your woman to squirt. Highly recommend watching this excellent video on: G-SPOT 101: Where is the G-Spot & How To Stimulate It?!

Enter her slowly

When you’re about to penetrate a woman, enter slowly. This maximises the pleasure she feels. Slowly enter an inch, then withdraw, then enter a little more, then withdraw. Don’t just push your cock in all at once, let it get wetter and wetter.

How To Fuck A Woman Properly

If you’re a particularly hung or thickly endowed man, this is especially important. Having a big dick sounds like a blessing, but often it can be very painful for women, so it’s always a good idea to see how much your woman can take before taking them to poundtown.

​Start soft, and get rougher...

One of the biggest complaints girls have about men in bed, is that they charge headlong into some action with full force. Pleasing a woman is like playing a piano, not swinging a sledgehammer. Always test the water first before diving in.

​This applies to any part of sex. Anything from light petting to heavy BDSM should start out soft and build up to a level where you and your partner are satisfied.

If she’s not enjoying it, change!

It’s simple really…

If she seems like she’s uncomfortable, bored or in pain (and not the good kind) stop what you’re doing and do something else. Don’t keep trying to make it work. It could just be going back to what you were doing before, or trying something else entirely.

Which brings us to my next point…

If she's enjoying it, don't stop!

You know when you’re in the car and somebody keeps changing channels every time you start to enjoy a song?

Annoying, isn’t it.

Sometimes, being good in bed is as simple as finding hot spot, and continuing to stimulate it until she has an orgasm. Listen to her breathing, if what you’re doing is making her breath harder and faster, keep going!​

Don't be afraid to get dirty!

Whoever said that sex should be clean has never had good sex.

​Sex should be sweaty, exhausting, messy, and in some cases, a little painful. Don’t be afraid to scratch, spank, bite, choke, gag, bind, slap, spit, lick and restrain if the mood calls for it.

Don’t be squeamish about any part of a woman’s body, and don’t be afraid to get kinky (yes, that means whips, chains, spankers, floggers, vibrators, dildos, harnesses, collars, chains, leather, lace and PVC). Be willing to try a little bit of anything, and don’t be afraid to suggest something you’re into.

As always, if you’re into harder stuff, dip your toe in the water before diving in head first. If you’re into heavy bondage, suggest a little light restraint with a belt or a tie, and see what she thinks, before suggesting something heavier.

​If you’re into pain, start out with a little bit of light spanking before you break out the bullwhip and nipple clamps.

Learn to control your climax...

It’s a myth that marathon sex is what all women want. Quality will always beat quantity, so don’t worry too much about lasting for hours on end. That being said, if you’re just out to satisfy yourself, your woman will be less than impressed.

​As mentioned above, takes things slowly and learn to appreciate foreplay, and take things slowly before you start thrashing towards the end goal.

Most importantly, remember that sex doesn’t have to end at the male orgasm (as porn would have you believe), and if you have a short downtime (or stay hard), you may come twice or more in one session.

If you’re not happy that your woman is satisfied after you’ve ejaculated, keep pleasuring her in other ways, or alternatively, experiment with some natural aphrodisiacs, and keep going all night!

Lastly, remember that woman love sex

For some reason, western society has this ridiculous assumption that women should feel shameful for having a sex drive. Often this means that women do not talk as openly about sex (in the company of men, at least), than men do. This gives some people the impression that women do not actually enjoy or seek out sex, which is utter nonsense.

When viewing pornography, women become just as aroused as men do. Remember that your woman wants you and she wants what you can give her.

Hopefully, this article has given you some good ideas on how to fuck a woman properly, but if you want more information, I’d strongly recommend visiting, for an almost endless resource of in-depth information on how to attract women, fuck them right, and keep them coming back for more!

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