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How to Get Laid Like a True Playboy

If you asked most men in this world what their one wish would be, it would be to have the ability to sleep with pretty girls as they please. But alas, this skill will elude most men.

Most guys were taught growing up that the best way to get girls to like them was to be nice, and treat them like a gentleman. It meant taking them out on expensive dates and waiting until the 3rd date to make a move.

how to get laid

The men who have the most success with women and know the easiest way to get laid is to be smooth, confident, and sexy.

Well, long gone are those days, yet there are still many guys who play by those rules. Unfortunately, they’re not doing too well with the ladies.

The men who have the most success with women and know the easiest way to get laid is to be smooth, confident, and sexy.

They understand that women want a bad boy to show them a good time in and outside the bedroom. They know what women respond to and aren’t afraid to go after it.

If you’re the type of guy who has struggled with women throughout his life, then this article on how to get laid is going to teach you

How to Get Laid like a Playboy​

Finding Girls Who Also Want to Get Laid


The way most guys go about flirting with girls is by ‘playing it safe’ and just making conversation. The problem with this is that you can end up talking to a girl for a long time only to have her boyfriend show up, or find out that she’s a lesbian.

Instead of wasting time only to get rejected you need to find a process that weeds out the girls who aren’t interested or available for sex with you. We call this ‘Screening’.

Screening is the act of finding girls that are Down to Fuck (DTF). By finding DTF girls you will:

  • Avoid wasting time with girls who aren’t sexually available, as well as
  • Expedite the process for getting a girl into bed

So how exactly do you screen girls?

Check out this video from Good Looking Loser:

Essentially you are using verbal and non-verbal behaviour to gauge whether or not she is DTF. Here are some of the actions to take and signs to notice:


When talking to girls there is no reason to make small talk. Your conversation should be brief, direct and especially sexual.

A few minutes into the conversation you can say things like:

  • “When’s the last time you had sex?”
  • “I think you’re really cute.”
  • “You think I’m hot don’t you?”

There’s a good chance many girls may not respond positively to this, which should come as no surprise. And while you may feel awkward or uncomfortable for saying such things, it’s actually saving you a lot of time by doing so.

For example, if you say “You think I’m hot don’t you?” and she says ‘No’ or has a disgusted look on her face, well ‘Next!’. However, when you meet a girl that says ‘Yes’ then it’s a green light to move forward.


You may not know it, but non-verbal communication plays a huge role in how people perceive one another. So much so that, “55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.” – Psychology Today

This is incredibly important when it comes to getting laid, especially with screening.

At the beginning of your interaction with the woman, you should make an effort to overtly touch them whether it’s a handshake, or light touch of the arm. Her responsiveness to your touch will give you a good indication of her sexual interest and availability.

For example, if you put your hands on a woman’s hip a few minutes into the conversation it sends a strong intent to her. If she is not attracted to you or is in a relationship, she will likely remove your hand or tell you to ‘Get lost’. On the other hand if she is interested she’s not going to react overtly, and may even make an effort to get closer to you.

Now, let’ put this into practice:

Picking Up Girls in the Real World

Bars and clubs have traditionally served as hotspots & places to meet women. This is for a number of reasons:

  • The prevalence of alcohol
  • Guys and girls dress sexy
  • It’s Dark
  • People are letting loose for the weekend
  • It’s designed for socializing

And more..

Not only are bars and clubs a good spot to mingle, but it’s where women go to hookup with guys.

But the world of nightlife, especially in big cities, can be intimidating at first. It all stars when you approach the intimidating bouncer outside. From there you’re lead into a dark and sultry club with music blaring. Your neck is turning every which way staring at the girls in tight dresses with the macho men chasing after them.

Getting adjusted to all this can take time, but once you feel comfortable in these types of environments they become an invaluable asset to meeting ladies.

How to spot bar sluts

How to spot bar sluts

Although we’ve already discussed ways to narrow down girls who are DTF via screening, there are some things to look for to see which women are going to be the most receptive to your approach.

Here are a few:

Look at what she’s drinking: What a person drinks says a lot about them. So here’s what the following four drinks say about a girl:

Shots: If a girl and her friends are pounding back shots, it’s a good sign they’re looking to party and let loose. Plus if she’s done a few shots she’ll be tipsy which means she’s more receptive to not only mingling, but going home with a stranger.

Liquor: This is a mixed bag. While in some cases it says the girl is looking for a good time, a lot of times girls who are more snobby will be drinking cocktails. It’s definitely a mixed bag here, so if she looks approach able go ahead.

Beer: Girls who drink beer are probably the most approachable. While they’re not going to be getting wasted, beer is a low key choice which says that she isn’t stuck up or full of herself. These girls are very easy to talk to, and while they may not be your best for getting laid, they make for good conversation earl in the night.

Wine: When a girl is drinking wine, it’s a good bet that her legs will remain closed for the near future. Drinking wine is supposed to give off the vibe off sophistication and elegance, and when it’s drunk at a bar it says “I used to have sex and party, but now I’m old and lame.” Avoid these women.

A few other signs to look for:

Tattoos: Girls with tattoos, especially ones with ‘tramp stamps’, are more likely to hookup with guys. Getting a tattoo is a rebellious, risky, and daring and a girl who engages in that type of behaviour is probably not averse to having hook-ups with men from bars.

Smoking: As a wise man once said, “If she smokes, she pokes.” Just like tattoos, smoking is a sign of risky behaviour. Some also say that women who smoke have oral fixations; only one way to find out.

Clothing: What a girl is wearing is a good indication of her horniness, but can be misleading at times. For example, a lot of girls like to dress up in a dress and heels just to look better than other women at the venue they’ll be at. So just because her tits are pouring out of her dress, doesn’t mean she’s a slut, but there’s a good chance she is.

Getting Jiggy on the Dance Floor

The dance floor of a club is a magical place where you can grind up on a girl without even uttering a word to here. Because of this highly sexually atmosphere, it’s a perfect spot to screen girls, such that if they dance with you for several minutes there’s a good chance she’s looking for more physical contact.

The famous Pickup-Artist Mystery once said, “The Dance Floor is a Trap.” What he meant by this was that while dancing with pretty girls seemed appealing, it wasn’t an effective means of actually meeting girls.

This makes sense to an extent. Because of the dancing and music, there is no way to engage in a conversation on the dance floor. Plus, if you try to it kill the vibe of the interaction. What overlooked though was that women who dance are still receptive to meeting guys, but in order to move the interaction forward they must be extracted from the dance floor.

So if you find yourself dancing with a cute lady, you must move the interaction forward. To do this simply grab her by the hand and lead her to a quiet (if possible) and secluded part of the club. From there go into a conversation, while still maintain the sexual vibe.

From Bar To Bedroom

From Bar To Bedroom

For most guys, flirting and seducing a cute girl at a bar is an accomplishment in and of itself. Yet, doing so is not nearly enough as we actually want to get laid. So once you’ve met a cute girl who is DTF and attracted to you, you must extract this girl from the bar and take her back to either your place or hers.

Assuming you have built attraction and separated her from her friends, then you can move forward:

Plausible Deniability

It is a good idea to form some sort of ‘Plausible Deniability’. This means that you have to find an excuse to leave the bar together, rather then saying, “Hey, wanna o back to my place and have sex?”

The best way to do this is to offer her another drink at your place:

“Hey I just live XX minutes from here, let’s open a bottle of wine and keep the party going.”

This is a seemingly harmless suggestion, and although she knows sex is on the table, it allows her to rationalize leaving with you.


Knowing the proximity of your place or hers to the bar is essential when leaving. Most girls won’t walk 30 minutes to go home with you, or take a cab to another city. This is why you want to go to spots that are within a reasonable distance of your place.

Again, this shirt distance makes it easier for girls to rationalize their behavior.

So that does it for meeting women at bars and clubs, and sleeping with them too. Let’s move on to…

Meeting Women Online

Technology has continuously advanced over time in order to help people make their lives easier; getting laid is no exception. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, people are more connected than ever. With this comes the opportunity to meet women and get laid at levels never before imagined.

Here are some important things you should know about many women who use online dating:

  • These women are horny and want to get laid
  • They may have gone through a recent break up and are looking for validation
  • Their husband or boyfriend isn’t doing it for them (See: Cougar Life)
  • They don’t want to meet guys at bars
  • They’re desperate

Popular Dating Sites/Dating Apps

There are a number of dating websites and apps out there, but it can be hard to sift through the best ones. The problem with a lot of these sites is that the women are just on there to get validation from men, or even worse to sucker them into taking them out on dates or to buy them gifts; no that’s not a joke.

That said the best online dating sites are the ones that are clearly intended for singles looking to hookup. There are a lot of these sites out there too, many of which are scams, but there are still a number of good ones.

Adult Friend Finder

This site is absolutely phenomenal for finding women who are looking to get it on. There are really no strings attached, although sometimes these women are married (but that doesn’t seem to be an issue).

If you set yourself apart from the other men on that site, you can have a lot of fun.

Cougar Life

You may have seen their commercials on Television, and there site is exactly as promised. There are plenty of attractive, single cougars out there who are looking for a good time with some younger men.


This app is by far the most popular hookup app/website out there. The premise is simple: You are given the profiles of women in your area on your smartphone and you choose which women you find attractive. If they find you attractive as well, you can start a dialogue.

Getting laid on Tinder isn’t as easy as it sounds, but there are a number of ways to learn how to do it more effectively. One such resource is How to get Laid on Tinder by Will Freeman.

This book is phenomenal and teaches you everything you need to know about how to get laid on Tinder. The author walks you through step by step through his formula on having success with this app.

He does this with pictures and examples showing you exactly what you need to do. And for only $10 it can’t be beat.

Moving Your Interactions Forward

If you’re looking to get laid the ideal situation would be to meet a woman at a bar and take her home that same night. This is by far the best option because not only are you going to enjoy yourself that same night, but you’re eliminating one important variable:

Phone Numbers

A lot of guys feel like they’re on top of the world when they get a girls phone number. And while getting a number is a small accomplishment at the end of the day it’s just a random group of 10 digits. For all you know you may never see her again.

When trying to get laid, it is important to remember that you should never settle for a phone number. By ending a conversation prematurely it’s basically taking the easy way out to avoid any potential risk of being rejected by the girl you’re talking with.

Instead of ending a conversation, you should always push as far as you can:

Why settle for a number when you can get a kiss?

Why settle for a kiss when you can have sex?

Obviously you can’t expect to get laid the same night with every girl you meet, but what’s stopping you from trying? While you may feel uncomfortable, and may think girls are uncomfortable when you push for the lay, the truth is that women respect men who go after what they want.

Imagine that you’re talking to a pretty girl at a bar. She’s really into and totally horny (Later checkout the article on How to get a girl horny) and wants to go home with you that night. But you’re not sure if she’s ‘that kind of girl.’ So you avoid risk and ask for her phone number. Now this girl is going to view you as the type of guy who isn’t bold and daring. Women don’t want timid little boys, they want men.

Going On Dates

Going on dates

Again, taking a girl home the same night as meeting her is ideal, but that isn’t always feasible. It’s inevitable that, especially with online dating, that you’re going to have to go on dates.

There are some absolutisms when it comes to dating, especially first dates, and you would be wise to follow them:


Get Drinks: Going to a bar or lounge to have a couple of cocktails (or beer, whatever) is the ideal date. It’s casual, the atmosphere is sexy, it’s fairly cheap, and you’re both drinking which calms the nerves and makes people more social.

Dress Well: First impressions matter. Wear something bold, but not obnoxious. Dress sexy and with an edge, but make sure to be well groomed of course.

Have Fun: First dates aren’t interviews. Chat about fun subjects, avoiding controversial and boring subject.

Push the Interaction Forward: Never forget this. Try and get her back to your place when possible.


Go to a Restaurant: While traditional dinner dates are the norm, there’s a reason most guys don’t get laid. Going to a restaurant is a terrible idea because a.) You’re investing money into her when you don’t even know her which sends a poor signal, and b.) You two sit across from each other which takes away opportunities for light touching. Just get drinks!

Be Lame: Don’t talk about your jobs or your parents, religion or politics; duh! Have a fun and relaxed conversation and show her a good time, because that’s why she’s there.

Be Desperate: Women can smell desperation from a mile away. The frame of your interaction is that she should be chasing you.

How to improve your chances of getting laid

Improve chances of getting laid - How to get laid

There’s much more to getting laid than verbal and non-verbal behaviors to use at a bar. Your style, bankroll, body, face, dedication and more will play into this.

Here are some things to consider to improve your chances of getting laid:

Physique: Girls love guys with muscles. There’s no need to debate if girls like big bodybuilders or lean guys with six-packs; just get into the best shape you can.

A fantastic program for getting a ripped is the Muscle Maximizer program. The program gives users a custom workout (weights and cardio) as well as a diet. Cookie cutter programs don’t work, which is why you need to give this program a go: The Muscle Maximizer

Alcohol: We’ve already talked about alcohol a bit before, but it plays a huge role in social interactions. Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions which means that they are more likely o interact with strangers, as well as to have sex with them.

When you go out to the bar, it’s a good idea to have a couple drinks. This will get you in a more social and talkative mood. Just make sure to avoid getting completely drunk as that will likely ruin your chances unless you’re at a frat party.

Style: There’s more to looking good than a handsome face and big muscles. What you wear and how you present yourself has a tremendous impact on how women perceive you.

Essentially what you should be going for is a clean, but edgy look. Make sure clothes are fitted to accentuate your muscles, and that the color reflects well with your skin tone.

Masturbation: There’s a growing trend out there called ‘No Fap’. Basically the premise of this movement is that by not masturbating, you increase your energy levels, confidence and social skills.

When you think about it this makes total sense, especially when it comes to meeting women. If you’re spilling your seed on a regular basis, your body will have no desire to have sex.

If you’re skeptical, at least give it a try for a few days, better yet a week and gauge how you’re feeling. Or check out this article which discusses the science behind it all: My life is overall better & here’s the science behind NoFap

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