How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back in 5 Easy Steps.

How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back in 5 Easy Steps.

Majority of guys will agree that it is tough when you go through a breakup and have to deal with all the anger and emotions that come along with it.

You curse her name, go to the bar and try and pick up someone new, and something still feels wrong. When you get a clear head and have come down from the initial frustration you realize that you are not over her, and you want her back.

So what are you going to do? Send her a bunch of text messages until she gets your point? Leave her drunken phone calls confessing your love to her? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these you will definitely not get your girl back.

This is why you clicked on this article, and these simple tips will help bring you success. You want to figure out how to win back your ex girlfriend? Then you need to have the right setup to execute, because if you mess up you could turn her off for good and lose your chance.

Being sincere and honest with her is your best chance at getting her back. Reading this article will give you the tools you need to ensure your Ex wants to take you back.

You will need tone it back, and think about how to approach your first communication with her.

The 5 Easy Steps on How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back​

how to win your ex girlfriend back

Take a little time to cool off so you can think properly

The first mistake most guys will make is to call or text their ex a day or two after the breakup. You need more time to calm down and collect your thoughts, because if you rush into trying how to win back your ex girlfriend you both will just restart from the negative position you ended in.

Take a little bit of time to figure out what you want out of the relationship, and how you see it being successful. If you do not go back to your girl with a plan then she will definitely reject the idea before you even get a chance.

With this in mind you have to remember that you need to contact her within a week for her to realize you miss her and still have strong feelings for her.

Do not blow up her phone with missed calls and texts…Yet

This is continued from the Cooling off period, but you will need to initiate the communication.

You cannot send her a massive text message right away confessing your love to her, but instead you need to start off simple with, “Hey, I hope you’re doing well” or something more relatable like “Of course your favourite song is all over the radio today, hope you are doing well”.

These simple statements are not aggressive but still manages to open up communication and allow her to respond.

Giving a non-pressured opening to respond to your texts is the best way to get her to communicate back to you because she still may be upset after the breakup.

Allowing her to give a simple first response will give her a chance to open up more to you, and the communication can start up again.​

Check out this video by Leo Gura about Communication:​

Start with a open-ended question

how to win your ex girlfriend back

Picture this out, when you first reach out to her make sure the conversation allows her an opening to respond generally.

You have to take it slow, allow her to feel you out and make sure you are not just looking for quick sex. She will be upset, she will give you short answers, but if she wants you back she will not stop talking to you.

If you jump into ‘I Miss You’ right away it could turn her away and could force her to raise her defenses against you even more. You need to earn her trust back and let her know (without actually saying it) that you still care.

Ask about her job, school, what she has been up to, and she will respond to everything. If you get emotional too fast she will think you are desperate for her, and she will again drift away from you.

She has to be able to see that you still care, but are not going to lose it on her. Again, it all comes back to trust and starting from the beginning. After all you are attempting to get her into a new relationship.

Let her know how you honestly feel, she’ll appreciate it

You see, once you are having regular communication with her it will be time to tell her how you truly feel. You need to let her know you miss her, and that you have been thinking about her a lot.

If you have not been aggressive in your conversations previous to this, and if she has been constantly responding to you then you bet she will most likely be feeling the same.

Tell her everything you are feeling, how she makes you feel and why you miss it. Tell her that what you had in your relationship is something you don’t want to lose, and hopes she feels the same.

However, you need to give her time to respond as well, and let her get her feelings out in the open as well. Do you want to know how to win your ex girlfriend back? Then be honest in what you tell her.

How you respond to the way she feels is probably the most important part in getting her trust even remotely close to where it needs to be. She needs to know that you care, and that you want to make things better.

She will tell you how she is feeling hurt or sad, and you need to comfort her. You need to become that rock for her again and show your support to her.

Lay out all of your emotions and she will do the same, and from there you need to realize the next steps you both will need to take to be successful.

Needless to say, It’s better to start any relationship with honesty:

Fix the Issue that Ended your Relationship

Did someone cheat? Wasn't there not enough romantic gestures given? Was one of you an Ass? Whatever the case, YOU need to be the one to help it get fixed.

If you want another chance with her then you need to suck up your pride and admit to whatever wrongs you may have done. If she was in the wrong then you need the conversation to allow her to have the chance to apologize.

Whatever the case may be, and if you want to fix your relationship, then you need to be open and accepting. You need to talk things through with her, and allow her to voice her opinion and feelings.

This will ensure that trust is build back up, and that she knows you genuinely mean what you say.​


You want your ex back? Just follow these easy steps. Be open, honest, and tell her how you feel. She needs to know you mean what you say, and that you want her back for the right reasons.


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