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I Broke up with my Ex Girl, and it was a Good Thing!

If you go through a breakup with your crazy girlfriend you will probably see the true personality she's been hiding from you.

This is because she’s been on the best version of herself for the first and second quarter of your relationship until that shell of good character breaks exposing her real crazy side.

Not saying every girl does this, but in some form or another, your girlfriend is changing who she really is to ensure you stay with her.

i broke up with my ex girl

So what happens when you break up?

Well gentlemen, prepare yourselves, grab some popcorn, and get ready to see the true girl you were dating. It will take the form of taking subtle jabs at you over social media, text messages that try to crush your self-confidence, and she will tell all her friends some lies about your personal lives that make you look terrible. You will see what her true feelings about you are because she will hold nothing back.

This should open your eyes, and hopefully, you can get over her quickly so these childish acts do not affect you too deeply. She is going to remove those 20 layers of cover-up she wears and you will meet the true beast beneath the makeup.

There was a reason you broke up with your girlfriend, and you will find out why afterward.

This article is designed for you to understand that what you are going through is normal, and you should expect to feel this way. What this article will do is give you an overlook of the situation before it happens, allowing yourself time to prepare.

With this article, you will be guided through the breakup, and understand why it was a good thing and how your life will improve for the better.

​I Broke up with my Ex Girl, and it was a Good Thing!

She will send you incredibly rude texts because she isn’t yet over you

You have to understand that when she goes out with her friends for the first time after your breakup you should be prepared for your phone to get many tequila written texts from your ex.

She will talk about anything that will hurt you personally. That will come in the form of your job, your sex life, or your friends. But don’t worry, because if she is saying these things you automatically can tell it is a lie.

The reason you can tell is because she dated you and stuck with you in the first place, so if she truly thought those things then she looks really, and I mean really, stupid.

There is one reason she will Drunk Call you, and that is Sex

Drunken calls are a key sign that you did do a good job in the bedroom, and that’s because once you have broken up she isn’t getting it anymore. She is calling you in case there is a chance of you two having another hook-up.

So what actions should you take? If you see no reason to get back with her then remove her from your social media accounts. You do not need to be bothered with seeing her posts, or what she is doing. This is a first step to moving forward, and the benefits to this will follow soon after.

Look, say it out loud, ‘I broke up with my Girlfriend’. You are single, and you were unhappy in your past relationship.

You removed her image from your social media, and now it's time to rebound and make her miss you. You need to get yourself into a positive space, and really take the time to get yourself happy.

Check out this video on how to respect yourself and your decision:

Her true colors will come out because she will want you to be miserable, but you won't let her have that satisfaction. She will go out and post pictures of her party nights wearing the skimpiest of clothing, but you already removed her from Social Media so that won't work.

She will try the drunken texting and calling and all you have to do is block her number, so that’s taken care of. Even with all her childishness you still have to take the high road.

The biggest benefit of being free from a terrible relationship is you get to focus on yourself for once after a long while.

The best ways to take care of yourself is to purchase a gym membership, pick up on hobbies you’ve long been neglecting, travel, and do the things you weren’t able to do when you’re in a relationship.

Get healthy, sexy and free. This will drive her insane! But, even though we are taking the high road in the break up we still love it to see her jealous. Post your pictures on social media of you enjoying with the guys, new girls, and events you are attending.

Live your own life, and don’t brag about how well you’re doing. Just be happy and positive. She will notice, because she will stalk your social media in any way she can. Give it time.

Once she sees how well you are doing she will reach out and ask you to hangout. When this happens you must be incredibly polite and respond with ‘Nice to hear from you, but no thank you.

Take care’ with an emphatic degree of nonchalance. Doing so lets her know that you are doing just fine without her.

You will probably still miss her, and this is especially true if you were together for a long time. This is why you have your friends, and they will be there to help you.

There will be times when you feel upset and want to message her, but this is where you need to be strong and realize you are better off without her, and remember to say out loud ‘I broke up with my Girlfriend’ because it was your choice and you are making your life better.

The Positives: These will Help you to get back on your feet and be Happy!

i broke up with my ex girl

So now what? Well it's time to get back out there and live your life. You need to find someone who will push you forward instead of holding you back.

Your Ex was not someone who would help you achieve your goals, and that’s why she is no longer your girlfriend.

Finding that someone who will always support you and be there to help you succeed is what will make a healthy and lasting relationship. You broke up with your girlfriend, and now it's time to turn yourself around and be happy!

Breaking up is a learning experience, so do not see it as a totally negative situation. If anything you should be grateful to your ex because now you know what you do not want in a relationship, and can find someone who will make you happy.

She was a part of your life, and you saw something in her that you desired, but her negative qualities outweighed the positives. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward. ​

Listen, you need to figure out what you want in life, and how you are going to achieve it. Now that you have broken up with your girl you can focus on what you want to accomplish, and find ways to make it happen.

You know your worth, and you know what type of person you deserve. Someone who will support you and make you happy. But, don’t focus on ‘finding’ that person, because they will reveal themselves to you when the time is right.

For now, you are newly single, and take advantage of that. With nothing holding you back, and no one telling you what you should and should not do. You are in control of yourself, and that is how is should be.

Check out this video:


You broke up with your girlfriend, and it may hurt for a little while, but now you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You will come out the other side stronger and happier. Use this time to realize your own potential and your own self-worth. She was not the best girl for you because that girl is still out there waiting for you.

When the time is right you will meet her, and make sure that you are ready for her.

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