7 Keys To Achieve Lasting Success In Life

We all want to lead simple successful lives, right? It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you stage of life you are in, we have an innate desire to be ‘successful’

Many of us don’t even know that means, other than a vague sense of positivity when we achieve it.

In this post, we’re going to try and change that and find out the 7 keys to success.

You see, all of the best and brightest people who have ever walked the earth had one major thing in common: the knew what success looked like for them.

success in life

Whether it was a mansion in Beverly Hills, a passion for your work, or a hunger to think big and put your plans into action, they all know what they want and where they are going.

​So, what do you want?

We’re going to try and figure it out.

We can’t promise we’ll do it for you as what drives each of us is extremely subject but, by reading on, hopefully you will get an idea that will spark something within.

Achieving Long Lasting Success in Life

Happiness in work

Many household names have become famous in their respective fields because they flat out enjoy the work that they do!

In fact, think back, have you ever seen an athlete, businessman or performer of some sort look as if they aren’t enjoying themselves?

Warren Buffett, the legendary billionaire investor, says that “people should be happy in what they do.” That they should, in essence, whistle on their way to work.

If you’re not, you might be wasting your time. At least in regards to true success.​

Doing what you enjoyed as a child

Watch this short video about children explaining what success means to them:

What many will actually discount as silliness is actually very insightful.

You see, as children, we are far more in tune with our deepest inner desires. We do not yet have that layer and signs of social conditioning and expectancy over our raw thoughts and emotions, which means what we enjoy as children may well be what we should be doing as adults.

Obviously, we’re not talking about playing with Lego all day. But think about for a moment - what did you enjoy as a child?

For me it was writing. It was playing with friends and going on adventures. It was hatching plans to make money.

What was it for you?​

Don’t be afraid of failure

The number one reason that the majority of people don’t succeed at anything new is because they are too afraid to fail.

They won’t take the leap into a passion project because they are afraid people will laugh at them. They won’t speak up at work with that potentially multi-million dollar idea because they are afraid of what their colleagues will think of them.

As social creatures, the fear of failure is very real. Many years ago, failing at something would likely have meant death or banishment. Now, even without those outcomes looming over us, we still find it difficult to take the plunge.

If you struggle with the fear of failure, consider the attitude of Thomas Edison. His life was littered with failures. Does anybody care? No. We only care about his ultimate success and the fact we pay him homage every time we flick on a light switch.

Shine bright. Fail. You will come back new and shining brighter.​

Always be the hardest worker in the room

Another important and simple key in the business of success is to work hard for it. Nothing comes easy. Countless long hours and moments of discouragement often precede the breakthrough that transforms our life into a successful one.

“The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for his place, and who has a clear concept of what he wants to be; who knows that he can become what he wants to be and who is determined to be who he wants to be.” - Wallace D. Wattles​

No matter where you find yourself right now, commit to being the hardest worker in the room. If you are businessman, be the hardest worker in the office. If you are a teacher, be the hardest worker in the school.

Know in intimate detail who it is you really want to be, in your heart. Hold on that.

People who understand the secret of persistent effort rarely stay in their present place for long. They become too big.

In a study done by Stanford Research for almost 40 years there’s one determining characteristic all successful people have in common; Delayed Gratification.​


It sounds like self-help jargon on the surface but there is real practical use in believing in yourself.

For one, your self-worth and confidence skyrocket. And the person with confidence can do anything. Can walk into any room. Talk to anyone. Do outrageous things that person with less boldness would be chastised for.

“Before it could happen, I had to believe in it.” - Conor McGregor

When you believe in yourself and where you are going people can feel your sense of purpose. They will either get on side or get out of you way. This is how leaders and influencers are created.

They are not born. Rather, they develop an extraordinary belief in themselves and what they are doing and other people have no other choice but to follow or retreat.

Bring the magic of believing into your own life. Read. Learn. Act from a place of conviction and things will happen for you.

Stay positive

Negative thoughts and emotions persist under the guise of being ‘realistic’ or ‘practical’. How many times have you heard someone follow up a negative statement with “I’m just being realistic”?

This is a mistake and based on faulty thinking. Believing negativity can help get you where you want to be is the royal road to nowhere. On the other hand, optimism and hope are the perfect sign and companions for a journey in finding the keys to success. No matter what happens, if you can keep your head high and think positive in times of struggle, you will come out the other side.

The secret of life is that anything is possible. But you have to believe that. You have to persist, sometimes to the edge of your sanity. It’s all a test. Don’t stop.

Success in life comes speedily to the person who realises negativity no longer has a hold on them. Once you are free from its chains opportunities will spring up in front of your eyes that you would have otherwise missed, and you will be on your way.

Have courage

To achieve success in life, courage is essential.

We can’t become who we want to be if we are afraid. We can’t become who we should be if we are afraid of being judged or of taking action.

So many people struggle to find true success because they fall into the working treadmill and forget who they are. Suddenly, they are afraid of losing their salary, or of being fired. Oddly, things they didn’t give a hoot about before they started.

When we fall into this fear-based mindset our minds close off to the possibilities all around us. We cease to be an individual light and grow dim. We feel this inside, as a nagging anxiety, as if we are somewhere we shouldn’t be.

Have courage love and faith in your own life purpose and work actively to bring it into reality. Ignore the naysayers. Do what you do and live successfully.

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