Have Lunch In Style: Best Lunch Boxes for Men

Have Lunch In Style: Best Lunch Boxes for Men

Let’s take a trip down memory lane into the realms of nostalgia and reminisce about the days when you could rock up to school with your Pikachu lunch box, making all your mates envious that you had such a cool container. It was awesome, everyone wanted a cool lunch box; something unique to them, which made you stand out, then came secondary school and college.

These two educational establishments housed a more conservative, ridicule- heavy motif where standing out too much wasn’t cool. Now we don’t even have lunch boxes, most men buy food at work or go to a nearby shop or fast food vender. Where did the magic go?

If you are one of the aforementioned men who buy lunch at work then you need to listen up. Unless you’re at a decent level of financial freedom you’re going to want to save money by any means necessary. Those of you at university or have recently graduated, this is mainly for you.

lunch boxes for men

"Instead of paying for overpriced burgers or undercooked bacon, why not opt for the cheaper option and make your own lunch at home..."

Let’s say you spend between $7 and $15 dollars on lunch a day, for five days. This means that in one month you are spending $28-$60 on lunch. Over a few years this adds up to a considerable amount of cash.

Instead of paying for overpriced burgers or undercooked bacon, why not opt for the cheaper option and make your own lunch at home. You will be able to put exactly what you want in, maybe even put enough so you can snack throughout the day. Another bonus of bringing in a lunch is that you can force yourself to eat healthy; bringing only good healthy food will reduce your want for chocolatey treats.

If you are still uneasy about taking the plunge and bringing your food to work, mainly because you think it will make you look like a weird guy, these 8 lunch boxes below will show you just how awesome they can be.

The Best Lunch Boxes for Men Today

For the Simple Man: Black + Blum Box ($24)

Black Blum Lunch Box

Black and Blum make some of the most beautifully designed lunch boxes out there. Sleek and sophisticated lunch boxes which use some clever design to give you enough space for your salads, sandwiches or whatever you want really.

What’s quite nice about this lunch box is the little clip for the Black and Blum utensils, meaning you don’t have to bring metal ones from home.

The lunch box also comes with a sauce pot, which is perfect for those of you who like to dip your food in some saucy goodness.

For the Old-School Man: Kaufman Mercantile Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags ($49)

Kaufman Mercantile Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags

I talked about Pikachu earlier and now I’m going to talk about something else which has evolved; the brown paper bag. If you didn’t have a lunch box at school or college you almost certainly had a brown paper bag as a substitute. Currently, paper bags are probably the worst containers for lunch; they rip so easily, a drop of water reduces the use of the bag to that of a sieve umbrella. Basically, brown paper bags suck.

However, a North Carolina craftsman has developed something which takes all of those negatives associated with the stalwart of the lunch hall and throws them out of the window, and instead reveals a waxed canvas version.

The durable waxed cotton canvas means that not only will water have no effect on the bag, but your food will also remain bone dry. The stylish modernisation of the brown paper bag is perfect for hipsters and the reminiscent alike.

For the Industrial Man: Kaufman Mercantile Nickel-Plated Aluminium Lunch Box ($79)

Kaufman Mercantile Nickel-Plated Aluminium Lunch Box

Our trip down memory lane so far has seen us visit Pokémon Avenue, Brown Paper Bag Lane and now we’ve gone even further back to the era of American industrialism.  

Do you remember seeing a photo of 11 men sitting atop an iron girder during the construction of the RCA building? If you can picture that image, the lunch box on the left is the modern adaptation of the lunch boxes of those times, the lunch box of the working man, the man without fear and one in need of strict practicality.

While this one may not be used by the construction workforce, and is instead designed for hipsters looking to boast the latest 30s throwback, it still remains a lunch box to consider. This container is as robust as they get, actually being tough enough to sit on, if you wanted to.

If you have a career where sturdiness and functionality are key, get this box, not only will it serve you as a seat but it will also be safe from any falling metal or someone treading on it.

For the Eco-Warrior: Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag ($76)

Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

Simple. Safe. Sensible. These three words perfectly sum up the Fluf lunch bag. The simplicity of the bag works well to keep judgemental eyes at bay and imply a sense of understated fashion. The singular word; grub, it’s actually quite funny and amusing.

The reason the bag is safe is because it is phthalate, BPA and lead free, meaning your food is in no danger of picking up any nasty bits. Nobody wants a sandwich with a side of illness. Finally; sensible.

​The reason Fluff is a sensible choice is due to its Eco friendliness. It is made of 100% organic cotton and can be washed in the washing machine, meaning you can throw it in with your tighty-whities and save some water (and the polar bears, don’t forget them).

The only sticking point with this little number is the price. You can’t sit on this one, so is it really worth $70? That’s up to you to decide, it is just a bag but it’s a pretty good bag.​

For the Tech Man: Foodskin Flexible Lunch Box ($28)

Foodskin Flexible Lunch Box

Undoubtedly the coolest and most innovative lunch box on the list. This weirdly clinical yet fun looking lunch box combines elasticated silicone with the sturdiness of a plastic sheet to make the perfect anti-mangle box.

​Gone are the days where you open your lunch, starving and noticeably salivating at the thought of your bacon and brie tiger-bread sandwich, only to find that the jostling and general day’s movement have ruined your sandwich.

​Instead of living through that horror, Foodskin have produced a wonder of science and developed a way for your sandwich to never move about and break again. The elasticated skin holds your food in place yet still enables protection from the outside world.

Bonus: once you have devoured your meal the lunch box flattens into a flat little oblong which will fit in your bag or briefcase effortlessly. All of that for $28, not too bad. The only downside is that it looks kind of odd with bright blue and purple in a corporate environment.​

For the Lover of Vintage: Stanley Classic Lunch Box ($56)

Stanley Classic Lunch Box

Stanley is a stalwart of the construction game, giving you decades of unrivaled quality and affordability.

They have now gone into a more old school feel, reviving another industrial toolbox-looking lunch container.

Stanley have gone back to their roots and glossed the lunch box in their eponymous green. If you want to make a statement with your lunch or simply want to match your tools with your soup container, then this is the box for you.

For the Practical Man: Bento Box ($25)

Bento Box

This bento box is a uniquely designed and weirdly practical lunch box, allowing you to store a little soft drink can along with a stacked pair of lunch boxes within side a very neatly designed container.

Bento & Co have thrown conventional lunch box designs out the window and given you something which has a far superior design than just an empty container.

Bento & Co take their inspiration from old military canteens, using the extreme functionality needed by the military to imbue their quirky designs with new levels of chic.​

For those who Like it Hot: Aladdin Insulated Tiffin Lunch Set ($30)

Aladdin Insulated Tiffin Lunch Set

While not the most conspicuous, this box has one advantage over the others; it’s insulated. This means that your food can be kept warm for up to 5 hours; just in time for lunch.

You can also buy a few sets and have as many stacks as you want, if you are extremely hungry. If you have a late lunch and it has gone cold, the set is microwaveable, so you can heat up last night's pad thai in no time.


Whether you opt for the understated waxed canvas bag or go for a lunch box you can sit on, you aren't short of choices here.

Now we’ve been down memory lane and found a few gems, pick the ideal one for you and show off your new wares at work. If you’re still worried about people judging you, bring them something in the lunch box, like a cake, everybody loves cakes.

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