Meeting your Soulmate : The Irrevocable Signs You’re with Them

It's funny to think that once you were perfect strangers, but now you cannot go a couple of minutes without her crossing your mind.

What does it mean? Why are they so important to your life? Are they the one? These are the questions that cross your mind when you meet someone who changes your whole world for the better.

meeting your soulmate

But how can you know for sure? What if it is just a crush? Well, you need to differentiate a Crush and True Love, and that’s why this article was written.

These are a collection of moments that will let you know if you have found someone who could be the love of your life, and you will know for sure that you have met your Soulmate.

Meeting Your Soulmate: Undeniable Signs You've Met Yours

You Begin to notice positive Changes in your own Behaviour

A Soul Mate will change you for the better, and this happens even with something small (like doing the dishes right after dinner).

For most, however, it is something major, and that can be anything from quitting smoking to getting healthy and going to the gym. Either way that person has influenced you to WANT to be a better person.

You want to be around for her and make sure she knows you appreciate her. That is why you start doing the little things that make a huge difference in her eyes.

You will know she is different from your other relationships because you may have never done these things for anyone before, but for her, you want to.

When you met her the feeling you got was ‘natural’

meeting your soulmate

When the two of you were introduced it was not an awkward conversation, but instead was surprisingly comfortable.

Then on your first date both of you easily carried a conversation, and there were no awkward pauses. It was like you both had been on a date before. There is a feeling that you have known her for a long time, but you have just met.

Check out this Audio clip for a talk on: Discovering Soulmates​

You have broken up, only to get back together

Now this should not happen more than twice, or else it is just an unhealthy relationship. But if you and your girl have broken up and got back together it means something is there that is pulling you both together.

Most people when they break up decide that their Ex wasn’t worth the time, but if you get back together with them you can bet that something about you two is special.

Don’t lose someone who could be so incredible over a misunderstanding or a small argument.

‘I don’t think I have found my Soul Mate…’​

She gives you that feeling of ‘I know she is the one’ that will make you feel that your girlfriend is your Soulmate. Something you have never felt before, and you know you never want to lose the sensation.

You can confide in her about anything, and know she won't judge you and will help you in any way she can. They are a major support system for you, and you lean on them when times get tough and are there for your times of celebration.

Meeting your Soulmate will come so sudden, and when it does make sure you don’t lose them.

Check out this Video on Meeting Your Soulmate:

You are consistently happy around her:

Everyone has their fights, but even with those you feel like you are where you belong with them.

You make her laugh and smile, and when that happens you feel even better knowing you are the one who can make her feel that way.

She can take any bad day you have had and turn it right around so that you forget about all the problems of the day.

You feel the utmost relaxed when with her:

meeting your soulmate

When you are with her you can feel yourself calm down, and feel comfortable. No matter how stressful or frustrating your day has been you know she is the one to bring you back down.

Your Soulmate will know exactly how to eliminate your stress. Read this article and see if she has done any of those methods to help you relax.

Believing that she is your soulmate will create a happier relationship

She knows everything about you. What makes you happy, sad, scared, cry, angry, and laugh.

She is the one who has every solution to your issues, and you know the same about her.

She is the one you confide in when you need to talk about anything. Some people do not believe that there is a Soul mate out there, and that is fine.

However, those who believe that their significant other is have shown to have lasting relationships. Meeting your Soulmate is the next step to continuing to develop in your life.

She needs to meet your friends, and they need to approve of her

This is important, because if she truly has a personality that you can get along with then she has to be able to hang out with your friends. You also need your friends’ stamp of approval, which is important.

Far too many a new couple isolates themselves from friends, and that creates unhealthy relationships. Socializing with your girlfriend will create a great chance at success because neither of you lose your friend groups.

There has to be a balance between the two sides.

Check out this video:

She has seen the negative side in you no one else has

If she is your soul mate she will be able to make you a better person, and that is why she has seen the worst in you. She is meant to help you become better and recover, so let her help you with that.

This is significant because you feel so comfortable opening up to her, and she knows how to handle you.

She doesn’t back off, but instead injects herself into the situation to figure out how to make you feel better.

Do they know what you are Thinking before you say anything?

This may sound ridiculous, but when you meet someone who will be significant in your life there is an unexplainable connection. You may be sitting there quietly and she will know what you are thinking about.

It’s almost like when she can finish your sentences for you, but without you saying anything. It also happens when you both are thinking about the same thing, and when one of you says it out loud you both are mind blown.

These are sometimes overlooked by a couple but it can also mean you have Met your Soulmate

In conclusion

What do you think after reading this article? Have some of these points made you realize that your girlfriend could be your soulmate? Hopefully this is the case, but if not it doesn’t mean she isn’t the one. Maybe that connection has not shown through yet, but one day it will.

So if you are single out there then have no fear, because someone is out there for you. Do not go out to try and ‘find’ someone, but instead, realize what you want in a relationship and what would make you happy. That person is out there, and when the time is right they will enter your life just when you need them.

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