Online Dating Tips You Need to Know in Today’s Digital Age

Online Dating Tips You Need to Know in Today’s Digital Age

It’s no secret that more and more people now want to know the best online dating tips. After all, meeting someone online is a fun, easy and more importantly, convenient.

Whether you prefer online dating or not is totally up to you. But, you will be surprised to know that a lot of people are doing it.

Almost 22% of participants in Australia’s 2015 Relationship Study stated that they met their adorable partners online.

online dating tips

"Online dating now is the new way to meet someone special..."

​Both the young and older crowd in the United States is also interested in knowing online dating tips.

Interestingly 12% of Americans aged 55 to 64 are looking for love online and as many as 27% of young adults are using online dating apps and websites to find their partners.

What’s more interesting to note here is that these numbers are double the numbers back in 2013.

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Online Dating Tips on How You Should Start the Process​

You’ve decided how to weed through women’s profiles, but the question is “do you know how to make your profile stand out?”

Most men sadly fail to design their best online profile. What’s worse is that they don’t know what women actually want to see.

If you talk about online dating tips that would increase your chances of success, the first thing you need to consider is your online dating profile.​

To make things simpler, let’s breakdown your online profile into three main categories.

Photos, Bios. Emails, Texts and Other Digital Communication Tools

online dating tips

How many photos should you add to your profile?

Well, if a website allows you to add 20 photos, doesn’t mean you need to use all the space.

Your online profile is not your Facebook album, so adding three to six pictures is good enough.

Needless to say, you need to put your best pictures out there. Even one good photo can be better than 15 or even more mediocre ones.

Remember, women are quite good at finding the worst picture and they will decide not to contact you because of it.​

​Now that we are talking about online dating tips, here’s another important question. What should you put in the pictures?

​Ideally you shouldn’t post pictures with your buddies or even family members. Think about it this way. You are being compared to all other dating profiles so why let someone start comparing you in your very own profile picture.

You surely want the lady to go “I wish I could meet him” so start cropping your good pictures and let women see you. Also, pictures of your pets, your last golfing adventure or your recent vacation can be saved for Facebook.​

​Of course you should post a good picture, but here’s another thing you need to remember. That picture should be good enough to start a conversation.

Majority of articles featuring online dating tips state that you should put your best digital ‘impression’ forward.

This means your online dating profile should tell more than simply “I love music and travelling.”

Remember most people enjoy those things and such simple details can never make your profile unique.​

What kind of profile intro would make a woman keep reading? That’s coming up next.​

Your Profile should be “Just the Right Length!

Intros that are too short don’t say enough about you. On the other hand, too long profiles only become a nuisance.

Give your profile a quick read and ask yourself “would a woman want to hear more or would she pass over me because no one has the time to read the novel I’ve written?

You should make your profile as short and interesting as possible and don’t forget to ask questions.

Perhaps a smart thing to do is add a question to your profile as it gives women a chance to start an interesting conversation.

Tips for Making the Perfect Dating Profile

* When it comes to successful online dating tips, nothing can beat the importance of little things like your screen name.

A study published in Evidence Based Medicine found that your screen name can affect your success chances as much as your profile photo.

Women are more attracted to words and names that ‘highlight’ intelligence.

"You should make your profile as short and interesting as possible..."

​* Keep 30% of your profile to talk about what you’re looking for. The rest should talk about who you are.

* Go solo – men who post solo photos are more likely to receive message than guys who post photos with friends and even pets.

However, you should avoid positing selfies. It is recommended that you ask a friend to take a full body shot as this can increase your chances of receiving messages.

* Be your ‘casual’ self – every woman would know that you don’t wear that sleek tux every day.

Similarly, no matter how much you love your Halloween look, that picture doesn’t deserve a place in your profile.

Yes, that’s not what most women like to see. Period!

​Experts suggest that you should be smiling in your profile picture. According to Psychological science, smiling when looking at the other person directly can make you look more attractive.

* Sometimes it can be hard to sum your life story in one short blurb. But you can choose what to say and what not to disclose.

It’s good to be honest about your past and surprisingly men who mention exes or divorce receive more messages than men who don’t reveal their past.

This Alpha M. Video will help you put together the perfect profile picture and headline:​

5 Online Dating Tips She Secretly Wants You to Know

Now that you have written your personal ad (bio) and uploaded your profile picture, you need to know how to conduct your first effective ‘digital’ conversation and land yourself a first date.

1. If you’re conversing through emails or texts, don’t write your life story.

Yes, nothing turns off a woman faster than a man who doesn’t want to shut up. Your emails in particular should be no longer than three sentences.

The first two sentences can be used for answering the questions and the last sentence is ideal for asking her a question. Remember, you need to keep the dialogue moving.

David Johnson explains how you should write your first message in this video:

2. You’d be surprised to know that sexual talk can offend women and you would never want to take this chance especially if you don’t know them well.

If you have nothing but sex on your brain, there are plenty of specific dating sites that cater to that.

On the other hand if a woman initiates sex talk; that would be a green signal.

​3. Once you start a dialogue, make sure you respond promptly and introduce humor in your conversations. You can disclose some personal information but don’t go overboard.

4. Make sure you are familiar with slang terms so that your conversations don’t end with “LOL, what is that supposed to mean?”​

5. Last, you don’t want to appear ‘needy’ so stop sending dozens of emails or messages every day. Limit yourself to a couple of emails. By doing this, you will make women curious and they would want to talk to you.​


The bottom line is that online dating requires patience and you should ask a woman for a date only after a week.

Also, play it safe and don’t hand out too much personal information. The last thing you want to deal with is fatal kind of woman.

Take your time and here’s hoping that you find your dream partner soon.


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