How To Shorten Refractory Period & Get Hard Again Quicker For Round Two

In terms of sex, we have a disadvantage to women — our “limits”.

Women have no physical limits when it comes to sex. While after orgasm they may feel sexual satisfaction, they can continue on having sex in between  men's orgasm without any physical finish line in sight...

As men, we have a limit on the amount of stimulation our penis can take before orgasm, and after that our penis is useless. If we have premature ejaculation, we have the potential to finish earlier than she’d like, leaving her high and dry, and then our refractory period kicks in...

Our penis goes limp, our sex drive is wiped out, and while we may feel a deep guilt over her not having had an orgasm, there isn’t much we can do about it… even if we wanted to. We just don’t have the mental willpower — or erectile hardness — to get the job done.

When younger, the age-old adage is “you last longer the second time around”... which for the most part is true. However, as we get older, one ejaculation can wipe us out to the point that we may not be able to get an erection until several hours later even if we are of great health… and as we get older, days…

​And her? Unsatisfied, but pent up, frustrated and ready to go at a minutes notice… if you would just come back to life.

How to Shorten Refractory Period - Get Hard Quicker for Round Two

How To Get Hard Again

When it comes to sex, we have a disadvantage to women — our “limits”.

How to shorten your refractory period?

The good news is, we can shorten our refractory period, so if we aren’t as much of a sexual stud as we’d like on the first go, we can get right back at it and get a second shot at it.

You can shorten refractory period by improving several physical and psychological parts of your sexuality and body.

  1. Improving your cardiovascular system will provide you with the physical support you need to get another erection shortly after orgasm.​
  2. Improving your testosterone production will help bring the sex drive back to your mind so that you will want to get another erection.
  3. Improving your testosterone production will help bring the sex drive back to your mind so that you will want to get another erection.

Let’s get started...

Get That Blood Flowing To Where It Needs to Go - Increase Your Cardio / Aerobic Activity

At times when I’m exercising more than normal, such as periodic basketball challenges with friends (comes in spurts), or whenever I ride bike more often, my penis has much more life to it.

Check out this video:

And it’s not just a personal opinion… studies have shown that cardiovascular activity improves erectile function.​

The improved blood flow throughout your body benefits your penis greatly, providing you with a faster-reacting erection that stays hard longer for more sexual action…

Clinical test reveals that improved blood circulation also gives you an erection that is quicker to fully come back to life following orgasm.

Cardio’s effects are strong! At times when I bike the most, I’m often able to maintain erection after ejaculation until a second ejaculation!

If you aren’t currently getting that body moving and blood flowing, do so. Even a run around the block each day is better than nothing!

Besides the actual physical improvement in your circulation, the boost in your endorphins that accompanies exercise will get you in a more positive mood, which works well for your confidence in bed.

Sleep and drinking plenty of water will also keep your blood flow healthy, and mind and body working like it should as a man.

Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up To Help Mentally Power Through the Refractory Period

How To Get Hard Again

Attractive Male Athlete Performing Push-Ups On Medicine Ball

Imagine the refractory period like a thick, heavy cloud or fog, holding your sex drive down. Boost your testosterone production, and you can power through this cloud.

A number of things can be done to keep your testosterone production healthy:

  • Cutting Stomach Fat can help to improve testosterone production. Upping your aerobic activity, limiting your unhealthy fats, and severely limiting and excluding sugars and processed starches can help to cut some of the stomach fat. Reduce carb intake.
  • You don’t want to cut out all carbs, though… Carbohydrate intake is vital to your testosterone production. Just keep your portions in check.
  • Vitamin D, which can be increased via sun-absorption, drinking milk or vitamins, must be in a healthy range, or if not your T levels will tank… many people are Vitamin D deficient, and don’t even know it!
  • Lifting weights is one of the best ways to give yourself a sharp jump in testosterone production. Build muscle mass… it’s good for T production, while even at rest.
  • Sleep is of key importance to testosterone as well… Sleep fully, and you start the day on a full bar of testosterone. Lack any sleep, and you’re not fully charged.
  • Find time to relax, and reduce your stress levels - meditate, watch a movie, have some sex (as long as sex doesn’t stress you out!), spend times with friends (as long as they don’t stress you out!), get some exercise… reduce your cortisol production, and your testosterone levels improve.

Get your testosterone levels nice and high, and the refractory periods will just be a small inconvenience that you can hurdle past…

Don’t Let Your Nerves Get In The Way Of Your Arousal

A study shows that any excessive nervousness or doubt increases the action potential of you not getting an erection.

This can come in many forms.

It may come in the form of a sexual performance anxiety blocking your erection the first time you’re going to have sex with a new lover… It can also come in the form of doubting your erection’s ability to stand up a second time.

​If you tell yourself, “my erection isn’t supposed to work again after one ejaculation”, guess what it’s going to do (or not do)... work again after one ejaculation.

​If you tell yourself your sex drive and erection abilities are stronger than the lazy fog you feel, then you will power through it. Might require a bit of mental willpower, and need for extra stimulation to the penis (and mind - need to try and do what turns you on), but once you’re up, you’re up.

And the fact will follow the feeling — when up and hard, the horniness will follow, keeping your erection strong. Recovery.

If you have erection dysfunction due to nerves, the next thing you need to do is you need to learn to work with them — you can’t mentally force an erection to happen… you just need to build the mental arousal enough to the point that it is stronger than your nerves.

Learning how to overcome ED mentally is just like riding a bike. Once you got it down, you’ll have it down for life, and handle one of the main problems holding back men from becoming erect.

Go For Three Rounds Or More!

With healthy enough blood circulation in the heart, testosterone production, and the proper mindset (along with a very sexually appealing woman in your bed) two rounds should not be your limit.

Sure, in high school and early adulthood, three rounds may have been the norm, but as you get older it can be harder to get there…..

However, with the increased knowledge of what to do in bed as you get older, along with your newfound powers of recharging your sexual batteries, your younger self doesn't stand a chance!

Get to training!

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.