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Fashionable Gents: Men’s Lifestyle Trends 2021

An unprecedented outbreak struck in the year 2020, forcing the entire world to take extraordinary precautions. Therefore, during the presentation of their Spring-Summer 2021 designs, designers had to get inventive and showcase their lines in a new and exciting way. While some showed their collections while obeying the health measures implemented by each country’s government, others presented innovative new ideas.

Our world today is something that many like to call “the new normal”. We have all adapted almost every part of our lives, and our lifestyle trends are no different. So it should come as no surprise that this season is meant to be upbeat, resembling a MLB season special and with all the excitement you feel at the start of fashion week.

Bright colours, suits stripped of all formality, sporty leisure clothing, loose and flowy pants where comfort reigns supreme, and pyjamas that emerge from the moonlight to take centre stage in the light of day are examples of this concept. Strong symbolic motifs like the flower are also included, as well as an explosion of prints of all kinds, the return of the forgotten sandals and socks combo, and a broad spectrum of pastel colours that exude gentleness.

Let’s look at some of the specific trends for men this summer that are set to take the fashion world by storm.

Fighting Spirit

The utility style has been around for a few seasons now, with the infatuation with safari jackets hitting fever pitch at the Spring presentations. The look has been modified for Summer 2021, with a more general high-function attitude. From Gucci and Zegna’s military-man-meets-twitcher-in-town field jackets to Balmain’s all-over safari looks and Dior’s immensely sumptuous crocodile field jacket, this summer is all about appearing like you’re fighting your way out of the apocalypse, in a good way.

Pastel People

Pastel colours were trendy this past season, ranging from lilac to candy pink to sunset orange. These tones were prominent for Raf Simon, with his delightful 1970s pieces, Versace, and even MSGM. The use of this colour was undeniably an indication of an effort to infuse the designs with a sense of optimism, which was a topic sought after by designers more than ever this season.

Foot Perfect

The first thing you should consider when it comes to summer fashion is your footwear. To keep your feet from sweating during the day, you’ll need something breathable. The canvas sneaker is a popular style that continues to grow in popularity year after year. This is because they are soft, light, and breathable. You’ll want to stick to white because it helps to keep the heat down. You might also opt for a pair of breathable men’s designer sliders or sandals. If you’re going to be out for a while and want to stay fresh, these are the shoes for you!

Keeping it Short

Chino shorts have taken a radical turn as the preppy style has had a high fashion rebirth in recent years. Pastels are in right now, but switch up your colours if you want to avoid a frat boy look. Khaki is a safe choice, but you don’t have to stick to it. Shorts in black or navy can breathe fresh life into your clothing. When the scenario is casual, a pair of athletic shorts (whether mesh or sweat) is an easy selection. Athleisure is a true fashion staple these days, so don’t limit yourself to wearing them with tees and tanks.

Experiment with them and see how you can incorporate them into your social wear. Avoid going too baggy or too long (they’re called shorts for a reason), as with all shorts. You don’t want to seem like you jumped out of one of your father’s 1970s basketball team photos, so right above the knee is always a safe bet. The third option, denim shorts, is a little more contentious. If you must wear jorts, make a pair of cutoffs that fit correctly. For brevity, please don’t go too far in any direction, and don’t assume they go with everything. Jorts are a casual look that can be dressed up with a decent shirt, but don’t assume you’ll be able to wear them to your boss’s BBQ.

Become a CHAMbles

A chambray shirt, a lightweight plain-weave fabric, is a must-have in any man’s summer shirting armoury. While aesthetically comparable to denim, Chambray shirts retain the delicate and moisture-wicking features of lighter materials, making them excellent for spring and summer. Chambray is available in various hues, but it is usually woven with a white thread to give it a pastel sheen. For men’s summer fashion, stick to light blue (the classic), white, or light red.

Men’s summer fashion offers more than a few trends to embrace or reject this year. Designers and brands of men’s apparel are aware of how the previous year has influenced fashion, and they have designed clothing that is affected by athleisure wear. We’re also going back in time, with the looser fits and vintage shirts of the 1960s and 1970s replacing the 80s design trend, when clothing was much more boxy and the emphasis was on wearability rather than showing one’s figure.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.