8 Best Condoms That Will Make You Last Longer

It’s the moment of truth. After putting in time and effort to learning what it takes to get laid, you landed a gorgeous girl in your bed.

She’s naked and begging for it, but before you seal the deal she blurts out, “Do you have a condom?” You stumble and fumble through your night table and whip out an old condom you bought at a gas station. You put it on and then get down to business.

But after a few minutes you can’t hold back anymore. You encounter a man’s worse nightmare: Premature ejaculation.

A lot of guys despise using condoms. They complain that using condoms defeats the point of sex because it reduces sensitivity. This is definitely true, so condom companies have sought to create ultra-thin condoms that allow for pleasure and sensitivity but still prevent disease and pregnancy.

​But what a lot of guys are forgetting is that reduced sensitivity can be a good thing. This is because the less sensitivity you have the longer you can last. Yes, there are techniques out there to last longer like kegels, but condoms provide a valuable tool to last longer.

You simply put it on and can do everything you would normal do in sex but not have to worry about premature ejaculation.

A Collection of the Best Condoms that will Make You Last Longer in Bed​

Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted with Delay Lubricant Premium


With the Durex Performance Intense Ribbed & Dotted you get the best of both worlds: Her pleasure and your stamina.

This condom is lined with ribs and dots that add extra pleasure and sensation for her during sex by increasing clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Plus the delay lubricant, which consists of 5 percent benzocaine, enhances a man’s staying power by reducing sensitivity.

This condom is lined with ribs and dots that add extra pleasure and sensation for her during sex by increasing clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Plus the delay lubricant, which consists of 5 percent benzocaine, enhances a man’s staying power by reducing sensitivity.

The idea behind this condom is that it’s supposed to bring about mutual climax. Because women take longer than men to orgasm, by speeding up her orgasm, and slowing down the man’s, then they’re much more likely to climax together.​

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SAFE Performance Condoms


Safe brands makes condoms, lubes, toys and more, but they are an excellent brand of latex condoms. They’re quality tested, comfortable and should fit men of all sizes.

Their Performance condoms are designed to delay the man’s climax naturally. The condoms have a built-in lubricant for this purpose.​

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Pasante Infinity Delay Condoms


The Infinity Delay Condoms by Pasante are designed to slow you down, using a special lubricant consisting of Lidocaine (1%). They are made with high quality rubber, and are lubricated with a lubricant that is not spermicidal.

They also come with a reservoir at the tip, which the Brits called ‘teat-ending’.​

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DUREX – Pleasure Pack Condom Tin, 48 Count Product Shot


One of the things that makes sex great is the variety: Different positions, partners, locations, fantasies and more. But what a lot of guys overlook is the role of the condoms.

Yes, not all condoms are created equally.

Instead of using the same condom for every bedroom romp, mix things up a bit.

The Durex pleasure pack is perfect…. The pleasure pack contains various condoms that are lubricated including the aforementioned Performax Intense, as well Intense Sensation, Extra Sensitive and Tropical Flavor among a couple others.

Whether you want to enhance pleasure, performance or stamina, there’s’ going to be something for every guy in this pack. Plus by experimenting with different condoms you can determine what is the best for you and your partner.

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TROJAN Extended Pleasure


The motto of this condom is ‘Last as long as you like.’ If stamina is you goal, then look no further then this condom whose goal it is to extend your pleasure all night long.

Trojan Extended Pleasure uses Benzocaine (4%) to reduce sensation. And although this is a lower concentration then say the Durex Performax, the condom is thicker which also serves to delay orgasm. These condoms are definitely high quality, and will boost your stamina as well as boost our partners pleasure.

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LifeStyles Everlast Intense


Like some of the other condoms on this list, Lifestyles Everlast intense will enhance our partners’ pleasure while making you last longer.

The ultra-studded condoms will help intensify any woman’s sensation. The condoms studs are even larger than the traditional studded condoms. Plus, the UltraGlide lubricant will make sure she doesn’t dry out.

The delay lubricant will help to keep you lasting much longer. The condom contains climax control lubricant on the inside that contains Benzocaine (4.5%).​

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LifeStyles Passion Pack


IF you’re interested in variety packs like the previously mentioned Durex one, then you should consider the Lifestyles Passion Pack.

It includes the Everlast Intense condoms above, but also contains:

​(4) 3SUM Condoms: These are ribbed, studded and pleasure shaped 3 in 1 condoms. They are uniquely designed to stimulate more pleasure for him, while the extra ribs and studs create more pleasure for her.

​And (4) Vibra-Ribbed Condoms: These have a ribbed texture for added stimulation. They promote maximum pleasure for everyone.

Lifestyles unique, comfortable, stretchable latex and scientifically engineered condom shapes offer the safe ultra-sensual experience you’ve been looking for.​

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Trustex Extra Strength Condoms


If you’re looking to try out a new brand of condoms, then you should check out Trustex. These ones are take a more traditional approach to delaying climax, as they are extra thick which reduces the sensation without using a chemical substance.

They are also longer than average and have a water based lubricant which adds to the overall experience of the condom.

And if you want to change things up a bit, the Trustex Extra Strength Condoms come in a variety of colors!​

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Although a lot of guys and girls scoff at wearing condoms, they’re always a good idea as a tool to prevent STD’s and pregnancy. And if you’re going to wrap it up, you might as well use a condom that will help you last longer.

Experiment with some different condoms, and see which ones work best for you. Once you’ve found one that feels comfortable and works well, stick with it.

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