The Best Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements for A Powerful Sex-Drive

The Best Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements for A Powerful Sex-Drive

As a younger guy you probably got erections all the time. You’d have morning wood when you woke up, pop one staring at a cute girl in class, and of course those embarrassing moments when you didn’t want an erection.

Yet, as most men grow older, they start to realize that they took those erections for granted and start to consider the use of male enhancement pills.

This is a result of age-related physical changes such as decreased testosterone. Men will notice that their libido has dropped off since their youth. When in bed with their wife or other women, they’ll notice their performance is lagging.

Or even if you’re getting laid like a true playboy, you may you’re your sex drive is having a hard time keeping up. Sadly, a lot of men just accept this way of life and don’t wish to do anything about it.​

best male enhancement pills

"They fidget and fumble trying to get it hard, but nothing works. While there are a number of ways to deal with erections, using male enhancement pills is the easiest and most effective method..."

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a combination of modern technology and natural vitamins and herbs, you can have rock solid erections and a powerful libido at any age.

​Sadly, getting an erection is something most men don’t think about until they need it. They’re kissing and touching a pretty woman, clothes fly off and then when the moment comes—nothing.

They fidget and fumble trying to get it hard, but nothing works. While there are a number of ways to deal with erections, using male enhancement pills is the easiest and most effective method.

Best Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements for a Powerful Sex Drive​

Type of Male Enhancement Pills

There are a number of different options for the man looking to boost the quality of his erections. These range from over the counter pills and supplements, to prescription PDE-5 inhibitors (such as Cialis and Viagra).

These various pills each have their own distinctive benefits and drawbacks. What you choose to take will depend on a few factors such as age, affordability, and general health.

It is important to get a deeper understanding of what you’re going to put into your body, so it’s a good idea to go into more detail. Let’s start with prescription medications:​

best male enhancement pills

Prescription Medication

The best prescription Erectile Dysfunction medications are the brands you’ve probably heard of: Cialis and Viagra.

These pills fall under a class of medications known as PDE-5 Inhibitors, which are a specific type of vasodilator. In general, vasodilators work to relax certain muscles and arteries so that blood can flow through them.

Think of a pipe. Because the pipe has a fixed diameter, only a fixed amount of water can flow through it, but if the diameter were to expand much more could flow through. Vasodilators are what expand the ‘pipes’, in this case smooth muscle in the corpus cavernosa of the penis.

We recommend Cialis and Viagra, with priority going to the former. Cialis gets the edge for a few reasons, including the fact that there are virtually no side effects, it’s approved for daily use, and it works fast.

The benefits of these PDE-5 inhibitors are that they work well. There are never guarantees in medicine, but unless you have any severe mental or physical issues these pills will get the job done. Not only will they help you get an erection, but they will help you stay hard for as long as you need.

The downside of these prescription pills is that they are a short-term option. They don’t help you actually improve your libido or blood flow overall, rather the physiological changes only occur within the window of time after taking the pill. This means that if you have issues getting erections, you may become dependent on these pills in the long run. That’s why we recommend you use these pills in conjunction with other supplements.

If you’re looking to purchase generic versions of Cialis (Tadalafil) or Viagra (Sildenafil) there are a few options online. For Viagra (Sildenafil) we recommended the manufacturer called: Cooper Pharmacy who offers it in 100 mg in a product called Manly. You can find it here.​

​For Cialis (Tadalafil) we also recommend Cooper Pharmacy and their 20mg Tadalafil product called Ceebis. You can find it here.

Natural Vitamins and Herbs for Male Enhancement

Using prescription male enhancement pills is a sure bet, as the pills are tested thoroughly. Though for some people, they may not be able to get their hands on these pills, or may not want to in general. If this is the case for you then you should consider natural methods.

There are tons of different vitamins, herbs and other supplements that are known to help improve erection function. These supplements may enhance blood flow, boost libido, or another means.

One of the most effective ED supplements is L-Arginine. This is an amino acid that has the effect of enhancing blood flow. It is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements as it helps contribute to ‘the pump’ bodybuilders get. This effect also occurs with erections.

​Most L-Arginine supplements come in serving of 500mg-1000mg. It is recommended to take 2000 mg to experience better erections, which is best split up into servings of 1000mg each taken in the morning or afternoon. For products we recocmmend: Naureganics 100% Pure L-Arginine

Horny Goat Weed is another reputable compound—don’t let the name fool you. Horny Goat Weed is an herb that has been used in Chinese Medicine to treat everything from joint pain, to fatigue to high blood pressure.

Like other natural male enhancement supplements, Horny Goat Weed helps to promote increased blood flow and hormonal production leading to a stronger, long-lasting erection. For Horney Goat Weed supplements we recommend: Zhou Nutrition

And practically anything else that provides extra blood flow to the penis. Other supplements include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba: Gingko is an herb that has been used by many cultures for its medicinal purposes. A primary benefit of the herb is that it promotes better circulation throughout the body to various organs and appendages.
  • Maca Root: Maca is a plant that is indigenous to the highlands of central Peru. It is a crop that has been cultivated as a vegetable, but its benefits for enhancing libido have not gone unnoticed.
  • Tungkat Ali: This plant found in the rainforests of Indonesia has a definitive role in boosting testosterone which promotes a health sex drove, muscles mass and sperm production.
  • Ashwaganda: This plant has a variety of uses from helping to treat arthritis, insomnia and liver problems to name a few. When it comes to men Ashwaganda causes a noticeable shift in the libido.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a compound most people are familiar with. It is an essential part of our diets, but many people fall short in getting it. This is a crucial supplement for men as it plays a big role in the production of testosterone. It’s also noted to produce much bigger loads from ejaculation.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Compounds

Use of these natural compounds for male enhancement is definitely recommended, either alone or in addition to prescription medications. For one, many of these compounds have positive effects on general health.

Even if you had no need for them you’d still see some improvements in your life. Another benefit is that they’re relatively cheap. A Cialis pill can cost several dollars per pill, whereas most vitamins only cost a few cents.

The main downside of these vitamins and supplements is their efficacy. Sure, many of them are backed up with empirical and anecdotal evidence, but at the end of the day they won’t be as effective as manufactured medications like Viagra.​

How to Obtain Male Enhancement Pills Safely Online

The male enhancement industry is a lucrative business. Big companies are making big bucks of products like Cialis. This means, however, that there are going to be a lot of imitators out there. This is an issue because not only may they be a waste of money, but they could cause unwanted health problems.

​The companies promoting products that make outrageous claims have really done damage to the industry (Do Male Enhancement Pills Work). It’s made it difficult to cut through the clutter and figure out what is real and what is bunk.

Another bogus claim is that certain pills can increase the size of your penis. The reason this simply can’t work is that in order to increase the size of men’s penis, he would have to expand the amount of blood that can flow into it.

Popping a pill can’t do that. What pills like Cialis can do is to maximize the amount of blood that flow to the erection, but there is a capacity for the amount of blood that can go into it.​

If you live in the U.S., start by checking whether the FDA has approved the compound for improving erections, let along approved at all. While the FDA can be heavy on regulating products, it is a good standard for what works and what doesn’t.

There are definitely products out there that don’t have a big brand name pull. One such product is Vigrxplus. The reason Vigrxplus is effective is because it uses reputable, natural supplements like Tribulus, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng.

It’s also backed up by peer reviewed studies, and a prominent, triple-blind study they did to show the efficacy of their product. (Vigrx Plus Clinical Study Report) It’s also recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm, who is a frequent contributor to the hit show The View.​

Like we’ve already mentioned, there are a lot of scammers out there for all types of male enhancement pills. If you’d believe it, there are even knockoffs of Vigrxplus on the market.

When buying Vigrxplus, or any male enhancement pill in general, you should always attempt to buy it from the original source—in this case that’s

If you can’t find a website for a certain pill, make sure that you’re buying it from a reputable and well-reviewed source.​

Lifestyle Changes for Male Enhancement

Taking pills and supplements will provide a quick and noticeable enhancement in the quality of our erections. But if you really want to boost your performance in the bedroom, you’re going to have to implement a number of lifestyle changes.

​Remember, erections are all about blood flow. The more blood your body can get pumping to this appendage, the better erections you’re going to get. One of the biggest ways to drastically improve cardiovascular function is cardiovascular exercise, or cardio.

Most people think of doing cardio only for the benefits of fat loss. While this is definitely true, people who are already relatively lean can benefit from the blood pumping that cardio brings. We recommend hitting a cardio machine like the elliptical or bike for 30+ minutes per day, 4-5 times per week.

Additionally, being lean in general will improve performance. When you have higher levels of body fat, you’re going to lower your testosterone levels and diminish blood flow. If you’re currently overweight, lose 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight.

There are a few other things you can do to increase your virility and health:

  • Diet: Eat more fruit and veggies, healthy fats (think avocadoes) whole grains and legumes. Limit red meat, trans-fat, sugar and processed foods.
  • Alcohol: Limit alcohol intake to 1 to 2 drinks per day. And avoid beer in favor of wine or liquor.
  • Don’t smoke.

Another often overlooked factor is condom use. There are certainly condoms that can make you last longer and perform better (8 Best Condoms that will Make You Last Longer) but a lot of guys find that condoms make it more difficult to get and keep an erection. Fortunately male enhancement pills help guys get hard despite wearing protection.

A Male Enhancement Regimen

It may seem overwhelming at first to navigate through all the supplements, let alone the legit ones. Fortunately, there’s any easy way to cut through it all.

Start by getting your hands on one of the PDE-5 inhibitors like Cialis. This will do the job when the moment comes. It pretty much guarantees that ED won’t be an issue. These pills, however, are just a short-term solution.

​This is why you should also have a daily supplement regimen. Start with 2-3 like Zinc and Maca Root. Take them daily as they will contribute to increased libido and health, which will make its mark in the bedroom.

Additionally, we strongly recommend VigRxPlus: Click Here To Try It Risk Free For 67 Days. These can be consumed twice daily as per the supplement recommendations, but of course it is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional.

The reason it is consumed daily is because it will help boost your libido in general, and will enhance erections as needed.


The subject of erectile dysfunction can be uncomfortable for a lot of guys. This holds them back at finding real solutions because they’re afraid to talk about it even to medical professionals. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, and what’s even more embarrassing is having an unfulfilling love life because of physical issues.

So start by following the regimen outlined right away. And next time you’ve got a pretty girl horny and in your bed, you can bet both of you are going to have big smiles on your faces.​

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