The Top 5 Waterproof Socks That Stay Dry

Whether you're a hiker, adventurer, or you get your feet wet for your job, you need clothes that can survive a dip in the creek. If you've ever stepped into water while wearing a normal pair of socks, you know how nasty it can be. The socks turn into wet rags around your feet. Not only is it nasty, but you can get blisters. Even when dried out, the wetness makes your socks susceptible to mildew.

Even if your journey doesn’t involve water, all that sweat can affect your socks as well, making them uncomfortable for you to wear. No matter where you’re going, you need some waterproof socks, which will stay dry when life is anything but. Here are five pairs you should check out.

The first pair of socks we’ll look at is a pair that’s extremely budget friendly. You can buy them for around $7 on Amazon Prime, making them as cheap as an ordinary bundle of socks. They have a layer to keep your body heated whenever you're dealing with water, but they are thin to allow for breathability. Their design can help prevent blistering when your travels are wearing your feet out.

However, being a budget pair, they got a few problems. First, it’s a one size fits all sock. You can’t select a size that’s the best for your feet, and instead you have to hope that they won’t be too baggy or too tight. In most cases, the socks should fit fine, but for those who have specially sized feet, you may need to look elsewhere.

Also, they are only available in three colors, and none of them have a unique design. This may not bother some people, but for those who are looking for more style, that can be a problem.

Being a cheap pair, they aren’t going to survive a long walk in the creek or in the snow. They are mostly recommended for the casual adventurer or for those who have to walk around in the rain every so often.

Top 5 Waterproof Socks That Stay Dry

At $23.99 for Prime users, this pair of socks is good for those on a budget, but it doesn’t skip out on quality. Randy Sun seems to understand that people have preferences, and the sock is available in quite a few colors for you to choose from. You can pick from four different sizes that appeal to both sexes, making the sock versatile.

When it comes to specs, Randy Sun is made up of waterproof nylon and a membrane that allows for breathability. It can absorb your sweat and make it so that your feet don’t stink, even after a long day. They’re comfortable, can hold up well, and most of the reviews have been positive.

One downside is that you must handle them with care when washing. It’s recommended you hand wash and then hang them out to dry. If you need them cleaned in a hurry, this can be a bit of a disadvantage, but an adventurer always knows when to plan ahead.

Top 5 Waterproof Socks That Stay Dry

DexShell is a smaller pair of socks that are good if you want a pair that’s lightweight and can do the job. At around $30, they’re an affordable pair for first timers.

Their membrane is made from Porelle, which gives them their waterproof capabilities. Porelle also means these socks are very breathable, making them good for long journeys. As the name implies, they are made from bamboo lining, making them comfortable, lightweight, and able to tackle the job.

Their reviews are mostly positive, with many adventurers satisfied at what these socks can do. Like the last pair of socks, these come in a variety of sizes that should fit over most pairs of feet.

One disadvantage of DexShell is its lack of colors. The tacky stripes may turn off some people, and it only comes in a dull gray or pink. It’s oddly gendered. However, if you don’t care about that much, then this pair of socks is worth checking out.

Top 5 Waterproof Socks That Stay Dry

This pair of socks is for those on a higher budget. Prices range from $40 all the way to nearly $80. That’s quite an expensive pair of socks. However, you do get what you pay for. Like the last pair, it’s made from a Porelle membrane. What sets this pair apart, is its Merino wool.

Merino wool can respond to your body temperature. When you're walking in the snow, it can keep your feet warm and toasty. If you've ever walked in the snow, you know how valuable this is. When you're walking in the desert heat, it can get rid of your body heat and prevent moisture, keeping your feet as cool as possible in those circumstances. 

You can machine wash these socks, but make sure the water temperature is below 40 C, or 104 F. Gentle washing is highly recommended. Your best bet when it comes to drying is to hang them out. These socks are high quality and have their share of positive reviews. However, the price may turn off a few people.

Top 5 Waterproof Socks That Stay Dry

This is another sock from DexShell, and it’s one of our favorites. It’s another sock that’s a bit more expensive, going for about $40, but the price you pay is worth it. It fits up to your mid-calves, making it an ideal sock for most situations. With versatility in mind, you can use it for working out, going on adventurers, and for dealing with rainy days. Its terry loop cushioning will keep your feet comfy no matter where you go.

The COOLMAX sock comes in a stylish black and blue color. Its materials include the Porelle membrane and its very own COOLMAX FX polyester, designed to keep your feet as snug and dry as possible.

Overall, this is our favorite pair of socks money can buy. It’s highly versatile and will keep your feet happy when the weather throws everything at you. With rave reviews, you can see why COOLMAX is indeed cool.

As you can see, there are many pairs to choose from. We highly recommend COOLMAX, but if you're on a budget, or want a backup pair of socks, you can get a budget pair as well. Think about your situation and how wet your socks and feet get. You may think of socks as a minor clothing item, but the quality of socks you have will be important whenever life gets wet.

Do you own a pair of waterproof socks? What’s your favorite? Any that didn’t do the job? We’d like to hear more.


Written by Mark Greene

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