Why You Are in an Unhappy Relationship and How To Change It

Why You Are in an Unhappy Relationship and How To Change It

I think we can all agree that sometimes relationships can get unhappilly complicated and if you are keen enough you can read the signs.

The problem is that when you are unhappy, it is difficult to tell what is causing that displeasure and how to go about it.

When it gets to this point, it even becomes harder to open up to your partner and let them know of your unhappiness.

In turn, you may begin to switch partners or roll alone to bring balance back into your life.

When the burden intensifies, you find you are unable to tell whether you are sad in general or you are unhappy in your relationship.​

Studies reveal that six out of ten couples are unhappy in their relationships. The couples involved often feel dissatisfied but are unwilling to discuss the issue.

Each partner sees the problem but wants the other partner to talk about it first.

In relationships when matters get out of hand, each couple does a self-evaluation and if his/her life is doing great, she will be less bothered by the unhappiness in the relationship.​

People strive to find a common ground in many relationships but when all fails, the relationship becomes very unhappy and unwelcoming.

Look, girls often feel disappointed by their men when they finally realize he was actually not the one.

unhappy relationship

"The problem is that when you are unhappy, it is difficult to tell what is causing that displeasure and how to go about it..."

There is no one to blame for that other than themselves. A girl loses hope soon she realizes he is not the man of his dream.

For any relationship to function properly, the partners need to seek a cure together. Here is how you’ll know you are in an unhappy relationship:​

Unhappy Relationship: Why are You Still In it and How To Change It​

You overlook your intuition

You don’t listen to that inner voice or feeling and proceed with a different cause of action.

Sometimes you may want to do something but again you feel unsure about it. In the end, if you lie to yourself you will be killing your intuition.

Some partners find themselves in struggling relationships and still avoid listening to their inner voice.

Once you realize things aren’t as smooth as they used to be, it is time to bank on your nagging inner self.

Listen to your inner self and don’t ignore the voice. It exists so that we can listen to it and act accordingly. If you feel something is not right, be assured it is not right. Digest the feeling and take the appropriate action.

Begin by questioning yourself: Who do I have these feelings? Where did I go wrong?

Explore your problems and what is affecting your relationships. Once you do this, you’ll have a good understanding of why you are in that unhappy relationship.

Finally, decide which way works for you better.

You either opt out or continue staying in that relationship and lie about it.

Check this out:​

You are anxious about the future

Most families worry about whether their daughters will be married, is she single, does she want to have children, etc.

Our society has a set of questions about your life and the future you want. Societal norms have made it appear common to at least have a prospect latest in your early thirties.

This notion has formed part of our lives.

Girls begin to feel worried when they approach late twenty's and they haven’t gotten into any relationship.

The fear of starting over again when considering the number of years wasted in a relationship.

If you couple these minor issues with your stress, you realize you can never enjoy a happier relationship.

The brain is a powerful tool, and if you convince yourself that you can plan and execute your future then do it.

Don’t show anxiety about the future yet you have not planned it. The future can be made great by preparing well today.

If you think you’re unhappy relationship today will be better tomorrow, then you have to start making it better today.

You’ve settled down

Partners tend to settle because they are willing to compromise on some basic values, qualities and particular traits.

This is more common due to the fact that you are worried about the future and convinced that you can have a better future with your partner.

The idea of settling down puts many partners in compromising situations where things don’t seem to work at all but an agreement can be sought.

This way of thinking is conventional but has impacted many unhappy relationships.

There is no problem in settling down but if that leads to an unhappy relationship then it adds no positive value to the relationship.​

Settling down is a different experience. This is that time you believe you are with the right person for the rest of your time on earth.

Let you be willing wholly to settle down. Be fully aware of what your life will look like tomorrow, and if there are no regrets then proceed happily. Picture yourself settled in the long term and not something that is just happening.

Learn by appreciating who you are, where you are, where you want to go and how to reach there. This way you will settle down well and have no issues at all.

Your partner behaves in an irritating way

You may have completed all the required task and you switch on the TV to continue watching your favorite episode.

unhappy relationship

Your partner comes around and starts to ask you awkward questions about dry cleaning, cleaning soap, old perfumes etc.

This one happens naturally and is common with men.

He may be suffering from lack of attention and resorts to the grown up rhetoric-questions.

Men are naturally known to disturb in a good way and love to share happy moments together in the house.​

Sometimes partners in a relationship may choose to behave in an unwelcoming way.

A partner may choose to act in a rude way to offend the other partner. This is not done for grave reasons but due to unhappiness.

Try and accommodate your partner and walk him/her through the issue and have it solved quickly.​

You dine quietly

When it reaches that point when you dine together but quietly and blame it on an external factor, soon you’ll be sleeping in a quiet bedroom.

Whenever partners in any relationship feel unhappy, they tend to remain silent and have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Even if something comes up, they quickly brush over it and get back to the quiet mood.

Silence is the very first indicator of an unhappy relationship where couples disregard each other and don’t want to listen to each other.

There is no need of cooking a meal and sharing it silently. It could look even better if each partner prepared his/her own meal.

Dining quietly because of an unhappy relationship sounds ridiculous but happens often.

Mend your problems before you begin eating. It may be ironic eating a meal prepared by a partner you are unhappy with.


In conclusion, in any relationship there are great moments of happiness and extreme moments of sadness.

Watch out for those signs that indicate your relationship is not going anywhere and work on them if you want it to last forever.


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