Why Do Relationship End: Top 5 Breakup Reasons You Can’t Ignore

We can all agree that breaking up is one of the worst feeling a person will experience during his or her lifetime. Science states that falling in love can give you a drug like high especially early on in a relationship without breaking the law – the effect is known as the "Cocaine Rush"

The probability of Happy Life depends on the quality of your relationships and it’s not easy to predict whether your love would flourish throughout your relationship or not.

Remember, with so much at stake regarding relationships – money, mental health, physical well-being and social support, you need to make the right decision when it comes to calling it quits.​

Why Do Relationships End?

Couple Breakups – 8 Red Flags You Should Watch for In Your Relationship

why do relationships end

Why do relationships end abruptly? You know that breaking up with a partner is hard to do until you actually decide to go for it. Sometimes despite your numerous tries, relationships may take their last breath and everything falls apart.

Most of us will have at least one if not quite a few relationships during our lifetime. The first intimate encounter can be more challenging because you will be new to the experience of forming a ‘deep connection’ with another person.

​Look, often people jump into a committed relationship without knowing themselves.

Also, it should come as no surprise if you cannot identify the red flags – relationship indicators that need to be questioned before actually jumping in.

Remember that these red flags not only indicate why do relationship ends, but they can also save you from a great deal of trouble later on in life.

Red flags or warning signals can come at any time in a relationship. Sometimes you can identify them within the first few weeks, while there are chances you don’t see them until six months in. Remember that not every red flag is a sign that you should breakup.

These little warning signals mean that you probably need to sit down and check in on where your relationship is going and what you specifically want from your partner:

1. She never apologizes for bad behavior

 - If she never accepts responsibility for creating a problem or worse, starts throwing up excuses, you need to rethink your decision.

2. You’re always starting the conversation first

- Sure, your girlfriend is responsive when you text her, but do you think this relationship would work if you don’t initiate conversations?

3. She uses threats and ultimatums

- If your partner is stubborn and threatens to find someone else instead, you are standing at a point where you’re not really sure about the health or condition of your relationship.

4. She’s always on the phone but doesn’t text or calls you back quick

If she is taking ages to respond, yet never keeps her phone down when she is with you, this is a sign there’s something to think about. Of course taking a long time to respond isn’t a big deal – you can be busy, but doing it every single time isn’t normal.

5. She doesn’t like your friends

- If she has problems with your friends, you should probably start reevaluating things. The reason – their discomfort with you hanging out with your friends will not deteriorate. In fact it will keep getting bigger. Also, having problems with your friends or family for that matter is a signal that she’s trying to keep you away from doing anything you love.

6. She keeps bringing up things you’ve said a long time ago

- Keeping score isn’t a good sign and if she keeps bringing up things you’ve said by mistake, you probably need to think about ending the relationship.

7. She keeps talking or complaining about her ex

- Well, it‘s hard to move on when you’ve still got old relationship memories on your mind. Remember, there’s nothing worse than having to stick with someone who can’t get over her ex. Furthermore, if she tells you half –truths and leaves the part that would make her look bad, that would be a separate red flag.

8. She is obsessively checking what you are doing online

79% of internet users love using Facebook and the number is going to increase further. It’s easy to stalk someone online but excessive stalking can lead to paranoia which is destructive to a relationship. It seems more like she doesn’t want you to do anything else but talk to her.

Check out this video to see if you've made the right choice with your girl:

But Why Do Relationships End: The 5 Main Reasons

why do relationships end

Should I breakup with her? Breaking up sucks big time and there’s no question about it. Also, there’s no one size fits all answer to this one question that pops into your mind.

No two relationships are similar and breaking up in exactly the same situation can also mean two completely different things. Relationships are great but couples breakup for the following five reasons.

1. Poor Communication

Not communicating at all, criticizing your partner, defensiveness and try to make rules over the other person can break your relationship. A Survey Published by the Huffington Post also reveals that poor communication is the number one reason couples break up.

2. There’s no long-term potential

If relationship is just about good laugh and good sex, it’s a serious problem. Simply put, you should get into something more meaningful and permanent. Often money becomes the biggest reason couples tend to break up.

If you find chances of excessive spending or other financial risk taking activities, call it quits immediately.

Remember that extended periods of money trouble can wear on your relationship especially if she keeps blaming you for your circumstances.

3. Trust Issues

Trusting a stranger is a difficult thing but whatever the issue is, you can never have a successful relationship without trust.

Many couples break up because the two partners don’t trust other. What’s worse is that they are unable to reach an agreement on social, personal and financial matters.

4. She treats you with disrespect and is manipulative

Control issues are obvious relationship problems that lead to an almost instant break up! Trying to control the other partner physically or emotionally can prompt them to get out.

It’s important to remember that no form of abuse is every justified.

Similarly, you just cannot allow her to disrespect you in any day. The best way to dealing with disrespect and abuse is to create and maintain boundaries.

She should know what is acceptable to you and what is not. If you don’t feel respected or you are being abused in a relationship, ending it is the best decision you can make​

5. Low self-esteem and insecurity

Insecurity can lead to possessiveness and low self esteem can make her unworthy of being loved. Both of these qualities aren’t desired in a relationship.

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In Summary

So in summary, remaining in an unhealthy relationship isn’t advisable in any case. Come on, you are a good person and you deserve better.

Yes, it’s time to get over the question “why do relationship end?” Simply put, find a new partner. May the force be with you!

Right before you go, check out this video by Joe Amoia to discover why some relationships stand the test of time and some fail miserably

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