The Best Homemade Sex Toys for Men

For many men, pleasure comes in many forms; emotional, spiritual, financial…but what about sexual? Outside of the old five-knuckle shuffle and messing around with another person it can feel like there isn’t a whole lot that a male can do to satisfy themselves. After all, females get all manner of pleasurable sex toys to mess around with and enjoy – but what about men? The difference is that most sex toys for men, outside of a few like Fleshlights, need to be explored on your own. If you are looking for the best ways to manage homemade sex toys for men to give yourself a bit of extra fun in and around the house, you should keep reading on!

We will detail the ten finest homemade sex toys for men that you can put to use right away. Given the pricey cost of some sex toys for men, it can be nice to get creative and find a way to take your personal time beyond where it is now and into a far more enjoyable, fun time!

Soda Sex

Taking a plastic soda bottle and turning it into a sexy toy might sound strange, but it’s very much possible – here’s how:

  1. Get the soda bottle and cut the top off – cut it evenly, you DON’T want any jagged edges!
  2. Grab some bubblewrap, and take two sponges and put them side-by-side on the bubble wrap
  3. Fold the bubble wrap in, leaving some space in the middle of the sponges; make sure you have some leftover bubblewrap that can be stuck out of the bottle
  4. Squeeze the sponges into the half-cut bottle
  5. Take up the excess leftovers into the bottle, ensuring that the bottle remains secure and that it isn’t sharp
  6. Now it’s time to have some fun with your homemade toy!

If you want to use an actual Fleshlight, though, we recommend that you start out with something like this, it’s easier and cheaper to get!

Click Here To Watch A Video On How To Make The Plastic Soda Sex Toy

The “Fifi”

Not really sure what else to call this, but as far as homemade sex toys for men goes this is one of the most popular and most enjoyable. Here’s how to make your own “Fifi”:

  1. Fold a towel into a long, rectangular shape
  2. Get a rubber glove and put it in the towel, open-side out
  3. Fold the towel over the glove, making a tight hole (you can see where this is going)
  4. Stretch the open part of the glove over the towel so that it creates a tight rubber hole
  5. Get some lubricant – you can use something basic or you can pick up good, cheap lubricants here.
  6. Be prepared for a wild ride!

Click Here To Watch A Video On How To Make The Fifi

Water Tube

This rather awkward looking device might not seem like much fun and it might actually come across as kind of weird, but as far as homemade sex toys for men go this is right up there with the best of ‘em. All you need to do is the following;

  1. Get a rubber inner tube, and deflate it
  2. Cut a mouth-sized hole somewhere in the bottom of the tube, going through just one side
  3. Insert some rubber hosing into the hole and then use a sealant to make it airtight
  4. Head out to a river or any kind of water that you won’t get spotted in and put the hole-side facing the water
  5. Jump in and have some rather hilarious fun! If you can’t get to a river or don’t want to do that, you can easily do this in the shower as well

Cushion Cuddles

Do you want to get it off fast but have no other options? Well, if you have a couch, this will work. All you need to do for this rather comical way of getting off is quite easy, just follow these instructions:

  1. Cut the seal strip off of a Ziploc bag
  2. Add some lubricant into the bag, ensuring it covers the whole thing
  3. Take the bag cover over to a couch and put it under the cushion
  4. Put yourself into there, if you know what we mean
  5. Lay down and push for even more pressure – and enjoyment!

Glove of Fun

To make this rather unique concept, you only need a few of those spiky rubber balls they sell at pet stores that aren’t actually spiky at all. You also need a rubber glove and some lube, and follow these steps:

  1. Simply take the rubber balls – 6 in total – and put them in a net-like substance so that they all stick together
  2. Put them into a plastic globe with enough depth to make three rows of two in a triangular shape
  3. Position the balls so that the globe maintains its shape
  4. Apply the lubricant inside
  5. Stretch it out a bit so that you can “fit”
  6. Go and have some wild fun!

The video shows a close variation of this toy.

Popcorn Pops

This is a rather strange one that really does work and will give you a hell of a lot of fun trying it out – all you need to do is:

  1. Get some paper towel/toilet roll, a cardboard box/bucket, scissors, a pen, some latex gloves and a bit of lube
  2. Tract the toilet paper roll/whatever you used on the bottom of the bucket, and then draw up a kind of pie division in the circle that you just made up – 6 “slices” should do
  3. Cut a hole in the bottom of this bucket, making sure that there were small flaps pointing into the bucket itself so that things hold in place properly
  4. Squeeze out cardboard tube/role through the hole, starting from the outside
  5. Get the latex glove and put it into the role
  6. Take the globes outside to the roll itself on the outside
  7. Apply the lubricant and have a bit of fun

This can be best followed (if it’s a bit confusing) by watching this video here.

Soap Hole

A rather simple yet enjoyable form of homemade sex toys for men is a soap hole. If you can get a bit of soap, all you need to do is the following;

  1. Get a bar of soap – buy a fresh one, though!
  2. Put a hole in the soap using an apple corer or a pen – big enough to get your stuff through, anyway, but not big enough that you can just wave around in there!
  3. Wet the soap up and have some fun!

The Old Sock

Ahh, the classic homemade sex toy for men. To do this right you simply need to do the following;

  1. Get a sock from somewhere, anywhere – go buy some decent, tight ones if you need to
  2. Roll it up like a donut
  3. Put a rubber/surgical glove inside the sock and fold it so that the open end goes over the outside of the sock, making resistance
  4. Put some lube inside and go to town!

The rubber feeling is brilliant and really makes this rather old-school method come to life.

Click Here To Watch A Video On How To Make The Old Sock

The Pied Piper

This is a very easy one to make, and really  quite simple to do – all you need to do is take your time when making this:

  1. Go to a local hardware place and get some PVC pipe insulation – find one that fits with your own member, although you can’t exactly try it out in the store!
  2. Cut the pipe down to a level that suits your length
  3. Lube the inside of the pipe and get going
  4. It’s easy and it’s fun and if you are into this kind of thing you can even give yourself a bit of an extended hand, or mouth…
  5. It’s a messy one but one that lots of people tend to go with

Pepsi Thrust

This is a simple one to go with and is relatively easy to do, all you need to do to make this one work is:

  1. Take a 2l bottle of soda, get some household sponges, some duct tape, a latex globe and a knife
  2. Cut the bottom of the soda bottle out from under you, and place several layers of tape over the plastic edge to avoid any cuts
  3. Make a globe sandwich using the sponges; simply lay one sponge down, place the globe on top, and then place the remaining sponge on top
  4. Put the globe cuff out, making sure it hands out over the sponge
  5. Push the globe sandwich inside the bottle so it’s level with the opening, giving you an opening
  6. Pull the globe apart and slip it over the rim of the bottle, so the edges are fully sealed
  7. Use tape to keep it in place
  8. Add some bubble wrap, if you have any spare, to give it a nicer feeling as you go in and out

As you can see, this little pocket masturbator is one of the easiest forms of homemade sex toys for men.

Now that you have done this and worked through the process, you will feel a lot better about taking on this kind of project. What we do suggest, though, is that you look into getting a proper sex toy like a Fleshlight they really are the kings of giving you something special without paying too much. Also checkout the 10 Best Male Sex Toys That Are Lightyears Better Than A Hand

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