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    EKSTER Ultra Slim Smart Wallets

    Going minimal usually requires us to make some level of sacrifice — from carrying less stuff to retraining our fingers in the art of credit card pinching kung fu.From our reviewer: “I’ve always dreamt of having a wallet that suits my daily needs, whether that’s hopping onto a busy tram and conveniently taking out my […] More

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    Shrine Sneaker Weekender – Triple Black

    Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, travelling gives you life’s greatest pleasures. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of packing your necessities in a large-sized duffel back, investing in a quality backpack or sneaker bag is a reliable way to keep your essentials safe. You’ve probably bought new sneakers before […] More

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    Men’s Fashion: Making It Look Effortless

    Men’s Fashion

    There is a myth that is floating around about men’s fashion. If you want to be stylish, you need to expend a massive amount of effort. That is simply not true. You don’t need to be laser focused on Fashion Week in New York, the latest ready-to-wear shows, or the fashion runways in Italy to look […] More

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    Good Questions to Ask a Girl on a Date

    Ask a Girl on a Date

    You might have thought that plucking up the courage to ask the girl you’ve been interested in out on a date was the most difficult part of the dating experience; while it is hard, it is nothing compared to the awkward struggle of getting to know each other by encouraging each other to talk through […] More

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    Is She Cheating or It’s Just Your Imagination

    Is She Cheating

    If you have ever been in a relationship dominated by jealousy, then you know the mental and emotional torture of suspecting your other half of infidelity. She’s been behaving a little differently, hasn’t been making enough time for you or seems distracted when you are around, which is getting into your head and making you […] More

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    The Traits of the Beta Male

    beta male

    According to the dating world, there are two types of men out there: Alpha males who exhume masculinity, testosterone and competitiveness; and beta-males who tend to find comfort in the sidelines. It can be argued however, that giving these personalities labels such as ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ is an unfair way to earmark them in a […] More

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    Bachelor Party Ideas for a Killer Stag Do

    Bachelor Party Ideas

    Ah stag do’s, a time to say farewell to a friend who is about to get hitched while giving all of his mates an excuse to behave a little badly.There are few days in a man’s life that can equate to this auspicious day; when his friends can thank him for all of the happy […] More

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    Wet Shaving Benefits

    Wet Shaving Benefits

    Stop wasting your money on the typical multi-blade cartridge razors. Over the last couple years, many guys have made the switch to the more traditional style known as wet shaving. So, while you may have just noticed safety razors popping up in your super market, this is not a new style of razor. In fact, they […] More

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    What Is Love? 8 Facts about This Feeling

    What Is Love

    “Love is a tender feeling, love is the way of being” – a great song says. But not a lot of people actually understand why it happens to us and how it exactly happens. We underestimate and overestimate it. We write poems and novels about this feeling. But you need to productively understand why love happens […] More

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    Best Places To Meet Women


    So your plan to just blast “All the Single Ladies” from your iPhone to figure out who is single and who is not then go from there, hasn’t worked out for you, and you can’t stand bars or dance clubs? As the weekend quickly approaches, you feel the single doldrums coming up again. The idea of […] More

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