15 Major Turnoffs for Girls You Should Never Ever Do

It is no secret that wooing a girl in this century is an uphill task. Although challenging, there are experts who understand how easy hitting on a lady can be and they commit to educating men on the possible solutions.

This article will be focusing on discerning various characters that girls find as turn offs from men.

Majority of guys have come across the phrase, ‘You’ll never understand girls’. The society has painted girls as complicated, always nagging, moody, confusing, and at times from a different planet.

turn offs for girls

There are books by authors describing women as a rare specimen found out of this world. To most men, a girl is an extraordinary creature, in a strange way. In fact, to such men, it is impossible to please a girl.

From being jovial on day one to becoming gloomy a few hours later, most people just fail to understand what even goes on in the mind of a girl they are dating.

After extensive research, here is a simple list of what you should know about turnoffs for girls you should avoid and what they generally prefer in a guy they currently or about to date.

Major Turnoffs for Girls You Should Never Ever Do

Guys with bad breath because you already know why

This goes without saying. You should brush your teeth regularly. Unless you have  a gastric disease in which should be treated right away.

turn offs for girls

This is the first test you must pass if you want to get laid soon! No lady wants to kiss a guy who cannot even take care of his breathe.

Can you imagine how awful it is, to taste the lips of a girl who cannot even brush her teeth? Same applies. You may want to keep hydrated, brush your teeth, or always chew gum to maintain a fresh breath if you ever want to take that beautiful girl home for cuddling.

The moment you make advances to a lady, she judges you. So please brush your teeth.

According to a survey conducted among sexually active adults between 18 and 49 years of age, poor grooming and perspiration were among the problems listed as major turnoffs for girls. The problem was listed alongside others like baby talk and selfishness.

Loud guys: They give the impression of being shallow and insensitive

Here’s what you probably don't know: 

Most girls want to hang out with a calm guy who can handle her gently. Noisy guys turn off girls because they are perceived to be immature and attention seekers. Have you been to a pub and noticed the man in a group of friends who never just shuts up? Do not be that guy. Ladies prefer gentlemen.​

​Also, guys who keep conversing on all the wrong topics seriously turn off women. According to a study conducted by Ladbrokes talking about your past relationships with a girl was the biggest turnoff.

Your Nagging Ex Girlfriend

turn offs for girls

You’re not going to get into a girl’s life if you have traces of feelings and unfinished business with your ex.

I bet not even you would want to be in that situation. It's a morale-killing situation and the result is eventual disinterest on the girl’s side.

So if you have to keep the desire between you two intact, you must completely exclude your ex in the picture.

Size matter...

Penis size is one of the biggest problems in relationships. Too big is excruciating while too small is unfulfilling because it never touches the walls of a girl’s vagina.

Some girls will be open about it and tell you that size does matter while others may never mention it because they are scared of bruising a man’s ego. Both way, it matters, and a size that is unfulfilling will leave your girl searching.

If you’re not blessed with, at least, an average penis size you can compensate by doing the next point of this article; Oral Sex.

Oral Sex

Times have changed, and the new generation is vastly embracing oral sex. As a species, we need to embrace new ways of satisfying our sexual needs. Girls like to be licked and touched.

It turns them on especially when the tongue touches the clitoris. If they fail to get it from a guy they are seeing, majority of them will lose interest. . In fact, most modern women are audacious enough to raise the question from the first chat.

Even so, women still want a man who wants to have sex with her. Actually, sometimes they think it's entirely okay to think about sex only. These are some of the things women want.

Your Overall Hygiene

turn offs for girls

It's needless to say that everyone should take care of their hygiene.

It’s a necessity, an automatic thing to do if you’re not living in a cave. Unless a girl is kinky that way and wants to participate in, literally, dirty sex with a man then I suggest you don’t take a bath for a month.

Otherwise, it’s unquestionable. Take a bath and wear a deodorant for crying out loud.

Quid Pro Quo

turnoffs for girls

In this world, it’s a give and take society. Do not expect your girl to suck your dick if you don't lick her pussy.

A good chunk of traditional men must realize that licking a pussy isn’t a low act of subservience to women. It is merely returning the favor for the pleasure of having their dick sucked.

If you’re one of those traditional guys you do not deserve to be with a woman. You are one selfish, narcissistic, egomaniac if you’re not returning sexual favors for your woman properly.

Men who don't keep their word

You’re probably wondering how essential it is to show up on a date if you promised, or to buy your girl the red clutch bag you promised.

To women, a man’s word binds him. If you promise to do something, you better keep the end of your bargain.

It tells a lot about you as a person if you can’t keep even the simplest of promise. Change your ways because women aren’t interested with liars. 

Don’t over-promise and under-deliver:​

A Control-Freak Guy

Basically, give her the freedom and the ability to choose what she likes. Do not be that guy who text or call after every ten minutes to say what’s up.

Give her the space she needed for herself. We are all individuals and regardless of how many things you have in common she’s still an individual.

Both of you deserves freedom and space.

An Egotist

Ego is good for men but there are certain restrictions that one must not cross in order for ego to not be a bad thing.

Being self-centered all the time is a good example. The I’m always right” attitude. To be a bigger man one must have the strength to control his emotions and listen to what others have to say.

A bigger voice does not mean bigger brain. Tame your ego. Stay calm and centered. If you know you’re right, own it. There’s no reason to argue and display who has bigger balls.

Sex Addicts

When you’re in a fresh relationship having sex every hour of everyday is a normal thing. That is the time when you’re just exploring and getting to know each and every part of both your bodies.

The problem starts when sex gets in the way of your daily activity.

You’re missing work because of sex, in an inappropriate place to have sex, chronic masturbation and talking dirty all the time are just a few signs that you should take a knee.


Reassess the situation and be a normal human being before she gets turned off.

Watch this full documentary about the Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Addiction:

Selfish Guys

When it comes to relationships, girls want to be with a guy who is selfless.

A man who can put her needs before his. Some guys are selfish to the extent of failing to to get the woman in the mood before penetrating her.

It’s rude, brash and undeniably selfish. You may have that one time you’ve had sex with her but it will definitely be the last.

Unexpected anal probing

Intimacy is the best part and core element in relationships. While most men may want to explore different styles and even have anal sex, most girls may not be okay with it..

To girls, anal sex is uncommon and not likely a preference. For most women, unexpected anal probing is not only a disgusting but a complete turnoff.

Before you think of penetrating her anus, find out if she is into it.

Violent Guys

If you’re a violent man no normal woman would want to be in a relationship with you.

Unless you seek professional help and address your problem only by then you can be fit to be in a relationship.

Or just be like Joker and find your own Harley Quinn if you don’t want to get rid of your anger issues.

Bedroom Noobie

Girls like to experiment sometimes. Some would want to use sex toys, others would prefer to be fingered while others may just want to connect with a guy without penetrations.

Only an exciting guy would win such a girl. A bedroom noobie is usually very traditional and too boring because the only way he knows to please a girl is through missionary style.

With a wide array of unmaginable sex positions, girls want to experiment other possibilities of sex.

Terrence Kennedy

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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