Best Colognes For Men

Nowadays, the average man is much more in tune with the aesthetic he displays to other people.

We’re more aware of the ways in which our style, or fashion choices or the way we carry ourselves can affect or influence those around us. This stretches from mental attitude, all the way to the type of cologne a man wears in any given situation.

​Now, we don’t know much about how to alter your mental attitude, but we do know cologne; even if you don’t.

best colognes for men

"Choosing the right cologne is to choose the right atmosphere..."

What you don’t know about colognes is that every single one of them is a finely tuned cocktail, not simply a bunch of scented liquids tossed together (although maybe you’ll find that with some cheaper brands).

Choosing the right cologne is to choose the right atmosphere. Our noses are incredible things, and they pick up subconscious hints about a person long before our brains notice them – so read and learn how to make the most of yourself via your cologne selection.

​Before Picking – Get To Know Yourself

The perfect cologne will be relevant to your every day lifestyle.

It won’t simply be a scent to cover over the perspiration of a long working day, or to refresh you after some strenuous exercise, it will be a part of your work, a part of your exercise, something which complements the ins and outs of your daily habits.

So get to know yourself first: what kind of a man are you? Are you a professional? An athlete? An academic? Somebody who enjoys the great outdoors, somebody who is frequently in the thick of it, socializing, networking, making yourself known?​

These are all important questions to answer before choosing your scent.​

The Best Cologne for Men of Every Type​

For the Ambitious Professional: Paul Smith Extreme

You’re the type of guy who wants to make a name for himself and stand above the competition; everything from your polished shoes to your ironed tie screams of immaculate care, so why should your cologne choice be any different?

The professional ‘classic’ cologne makeup is usually heavy on notes of cedar wood, or oak; perhaps with tinges of tobacco, but in the ever modern times we find ourselves in: scents like this are becoming anachronistic, out of touch with the new wave of professionals looking to make their name.

Enter Paul Smith Extreme, this slow release, compendium of fragrant spices and herbs gives off some of the most trusting tinges for the new, modern, young professional. It’s something new, different and exciting yet still consummately balanced in its scent.

In taking a quick look at the reviews, the praise for this cologne speaks volumes, with customers saying, “A fresh, untypical scent. Very long lasting and gives off a unique smell depending on the person”, “It’s not too strong, or too light and I always gets compliments with this cologne”, “If you want a product that makes women and business partners alike sit up and pay attention – this is the one” (​

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Fragrance for the Subtler Type: Yves Saint Laurent L’homme

If you’re the sort of guy who scoffs at male grooming, prissy time wasting in front of the mirror and the idea of cologne (but still, you want to smell good), then finding the right, subtle, and unobtrusive scent for you may be the toughest of the lot. But all is not lost.

The ideal fragrance will be fairly simplistic in its ingredients, meaning there won’t be an extravagant cloud of flowery hints and spicy tinges wherever you go, but it will also be strong enough to have an actual effect, otherwise – what’s the point?

An ideal candidate for this cologne is Yves Saint Laurent L’homme. The cologne is quite a full bodied collaboration of subtler spices and wood notes, with only a hint of some more floral notes underneath – an excellent selection for somebody who wants the safety net of a good cologne, without becoming a walking advertisement.​

There is barely a bad word said about the product amongst satisfied customers, with comments such as “It is INCREDIBLE. I have a nice collection of colognes and this is up there with the best”, “I don’t know how to describe this scent with any other word, other than ‘sexy’”, “hands down the best smelling cologne ever. One bottle lasts over a year” (

It’s hard to argue with that.​

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Smell of the Great Outdoors: Hugo Energize

If you’re the kind of man who would readily accept the title of ‘outdoorsman’, the type of guy who is at home out in the woods, or taking in nature in any other fashion, then you’ll be familiar with the tricky task of finding a good, solid, yet invigorating fragrance which speaks to your personality.

​Many fragrance companies have sought to replicate the essence of nature’s natural scent over the years, and some have come honourably close. For an authentic, wood tinted, mossy scent which will scream to the core of your nature loving self, you can do little better than Hugo Energise, by Hugo Boss.

For the learned outdoorsman, it shouldn’t be difficult to sniff out the suggestions of citric and exotic fruits peppered throughout the earthy tones, with base notes of wood and vanilla.

As ever, this fragrance has proven to be a popular one amongst those who have road tested it, with users citing the longevity of the scent, and the feeling of “wearing something different”.

Hitting the nail on the head, another customer writes “Hugo makes my favourite fragrances which match my personality” – which is exactly what today’s man needs from their cologne (​

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A Choice for the Artist: Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Don’t think we’ve forgotten you creative and troubled souls out there in our rundown of the predominant male personalities, there’s something for you too. Naturally, those of a more artistic disposition are going to want something different, exciting, a talking point; just like them.

With so many different brands and concoctions to choose from, though, who knows where to begin? It all depends on the kind of quirky atmosphere you want to give off, but we reckon that a fairly reliable choice is going to be Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black.

Even the name, Ralph Lauren, is likely to carry enough weight to persuade you, but if you’re not convinced, then take solace in the fact that this fragrance is a really unique blend of some of the woody, aromatic elements we’ve discussed above, but melded with some ‘out there’ scents such as mango, patchouli, sage and wormwood, which all comes together to create something… You. sells this nuanced beauty at around $57.99 (with free shipping), which makes it one of the higher ones on our list, but it’s worth every penny. Don’t take it from us, though, listen to the customers:

“Incredible smell! A strong initial smell, which settles to a smooth, fresh scent. By far the best smelling cologne out there.”; “I had to buy it for my boyfriend. It’s super sexy and he loves it too”, “I would recommend this or any other scent by Ralph Lauren to anyone! A great product for men” (​

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The Dating Cologne: Gucci Guilty

A famous study run by the Kinsey Institute found that women became more sexually aroused due to the scent of a man’s cologne, and their subsequent erotic fantasies – scent can do wonders ( So listen up, fellas. A lot can change on your date, by simply choosing the right smell.

First up is Gucci Guilty, this rich fragrance is bursting with complexity and nuance, balancing an excellent amount of masculine, woody whiffs alongside some floral overtones and citric bite, guaranteed to accentuate your appeal as soon as she catches a sniff.

This fragrance is met with near unanimous praise: “I have constantly gotten compliments with this cologne (Most of those compliments came from girls)”, “The smell is sweet, yet masculine, and is sure to attract girls of all looks, sizes and ages” ( Sounds like a winner to us.​

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The Ideal Guy Cologne: Cool Water by Davidoff

Maybe you don’t fit into any of the archetypes, or you’re simply on the lookout for a cologne which can be universal, adaptive and useful for any situation you might suddenly find yourself in; in short – an everyday scent.

​There are few better recommendations in this category than Cool Water by Davidoff. This cologne is, again, on the cheaper side, selling for $26.00, roughly, on Amazon.

The best part about this fragrance is that it’s an active one, which does what it says on the tin. It’s a refreshing, cool, yet masculine smell with a relaxed mix of mint, lavender and rosemary top notes, perfect for a regular, every day application.

It has a certain longevity, rarely seen with other colognes, too. One Amazon customer puts it much better than we ever could: “I bought this for my husband-to-be when we were first engaged, and after eight years of marriage, it still makes my knees weak” (​

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Hopefully, you’ll now be better equipped to meet the world of scent head on. Choosing the perfect cologne needs to be treated with a certain respect, and authority.

Would you simply toss any old shirt or jacket on for the most important business meeting of your life? Would you douse yourself in an over pungent, eye watering scent before heading to meet the love of your life, out of convenience? Of course you wouldn’t.

The key to knowing the scent which will best suit you is to know yourself first. As soon as you recognise the personality which underlines you, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect cologne for any scenario. Happy hunting!

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