Top Men’s Body Wash for All Day Freshness

Top Men’s Body Wash for All Day Freshness

Men of all lifestyles understand that one of the most important things that they are judged upon is their aroma.

Whether it is in the environment of casual meetings or professional settings, a sure way to have individuals avoid you would be because of your smelly body odor.

It is understandable that keeping a safe distance away from anyone that does not smell pleasant because of their own personal hygiene is expected.

best smelling body wash for men

"Men of all lifestyles understand that one of the most important things that they are judged upon is their aroma..."

When you are in the market for body wash product(s), there are a variety of factors you should take into consideration.

Best Smelling Men's Body Wash​

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Smelling Body Wash for Men

  • Personal fragrant preferences: As you will see in this list of body wash products have unique fragrances. You should choose an aroma that you personally love and have no problem smelling like on a daily basis.
  • Longevity: The main purposes of body washes are to cleanse your skin of unflattering body odor and dirt in addition to simultaneously exuding a pleasant fragrance. However, that also comes at the price of maintaining the two for a period of time. Some body washes actually last longer than others. There is an objective difference in needs depending on how your body reacts to odor plus how active you are. If you know for a fact that you participate in physically demanding activities (including your job and/or sports) it is vital to find a body wash that suits your specific needs.
  • Skin type: Your skin type and specific skin care desires are a key element to the type of body wash product(s) you should use. If you know for a fact that you have dry, sensitive, and/or skin problems due to health reasons, paying attention to a body wash’s ingredients list and capabilities should be on the top of your list.

The following list will include a variety of options that are suitable for men of all backgrounds. Within this list we are sure that you will find one (if not multiple) body wash products to add to your personal hygiene product repertoire.

The Top Body Wash for Men

(Men with a Contemporary Personality) AXE Body Wash

XE Body Wash, Excite 28 oz Pump

Over the past decade AXE has solidified its brand as the number one popular body wash for men.

AXE is brilliant in its approach to delivering unique body care products for men With a unique fragrance blend that includes hazelnut, caramel, and coconut, you can expect to have an aroma that peers will compliment you on.

In addition to keeping a great reputation for fragrances, this body wash also comes in a large quantity of 28 ounces.

This allows you to use it multiple times a day and still feel as if you are not running through it too quickly.

(Improving your Dry Skin) Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette Dry Skin Hydrator Body Wash, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)

One common similarity that many men have in today’s society is having naturally dry skin.

Unfortunately it could be hereditary reasons, excessive amounts of exposure to sun (which can damage skin cells), or health reasons that cause dry skin. This Gillette body wash specifically addresses the problem and relieves you of the demanding situation.

There are hydrator elements in this product that increases and seals in hydration for your skin to accept. Many users have found results in just one single use.

While this may not be the exact same timeline for every man, with this 6 pack you do not have to worry at all about “if” over “when.”

(The Combo Body/Hair Wash in One) Bath & Body Works 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash For Men Whitewater Rush

Bath & Body Works 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash For Men

Bath & Body Works is a household name/brand that we all know and love (well at least most of us to be more precise).

This whitewater body wash boasts an amazing fresh fragrance of aromatic bergamot, the pure essence of water, and white cedar. If you are looking to smell like the great outdoors, this is the body wash for you.

In addition to the latter benefits is that this body wash is a 2-in-1. Instead of having your body smell like the great outdoors and your hair smelling like a different fragrance, your entire body (literally) will have one robust aroma.

(The Universal Body Wash for All Men) Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Eucalyptus Mint

Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Eucalyptus Mint

While this list is comprised of unique body wash options that are specific for preferences and necessities, this one is quite different.

Every Man Jack Body Wash is literally the choice on this list that any man reading this list can get in their bathroom cabinets. With a slight eucalyptus and spearmint fragrance, even if you are not too enthused with robust scents, this is everything you would want.

The body wash is composed of essential oil that deep cleanses your pores (riding your body of dirt) while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating your skin.

(Men that Favor Aroma of the Great Outdoors) Irish Spring Signature Body Wash, Clean and Scrub

Irish Spring Signature Body Wash, Clean and Scrub,

As stated earlier in the article, body wash products have a variety of basic and special purposes. Irish Spring is another major tried and trusted brand in men’s body care solutions.

Their signature body wash (this one) has a vital purpose that most men overlook at times. As an exfoliator, this body wash deep cleans your skin, which boasts keeping your skin healthy plus revitalizing healthy natural looking skin.

Most men find the oat extract as subtle and neutral fragrance. The aroma is not too powerful, yet not too quiet as well. Consider this body wash your casual option that is simple, yet valuable at the same time.

(Men that Enjoy the Luxury Lifestyle) Molton Brown Body Wash

Molton Brown Body Wash

Molton Brown London has created a luxurious type of body wash that will definitely make a great impact on your day-to-day life. Jam packed with a variety of vitamin rich ingredients, this body wash boasts great benefits including helping your skin look more radiant, promotes positive health progress, and of course a scent that will standout (in the best light of course).

As an original and unique body wash option, the bergamot mixed with Sevillian orange oil is a one of a kind combination you will not get anywhere else.

(The Skin Rejuvenator of the Bunch) Neutrogena Rainbath Rejuvenating Shower Gel, Pomegranate

Neutrogena Rainbath Rejuvenating Shower Gel, Pomegranate

When it comes to providing bold and immaculate body wash products for men, Neutrogena is one of the top brands in the industry!

Neutrogena is the proud creator of this shower gel that is a little bit different than the others here. The scent is of pomegranate (and we want to lead you into this the proper way).

Pomegranate is a valiant aroma that is sure to turn heads in the most positive ways. With each application you can ensure that at the end of your shower you will feel softer skin and no excess residue at all.

(Long Lasting All Day Choice) Gillette Odor Shield All Day Clean Body Wash

Gillette Odor Shield All Day Clean Body Wash

Picking a body wash can be a process that takes a few minutes or a few seconds (it all depends on your preference of course).

Gillette is a brand that many men all around the world use on a daily basis. With that kind of consumer base, it is pretty easy to know that your choice here should not cause you too much worries at all.

If you are an active man that plays sports or participates in physical activities, this “odor shield” body wash is exactly what you need.

Even if you know that you may sweat a little bit more than the average man, that is fine… it just means you need a little bit more coverage when it comes to your body odor.

(The Men of Simplistic Preferences) Alaffia EveryDay Shea Moisturizing Shea Butter Body Wash, Unscented

Alaffia EveryDay Shea Moisturizing Shea Butter Body Wash Unscented

There are some men who like to keep things as simple as humanly possible (which is of course fine). If you fit under this category, then you will enjoy this option.

Alaffia has created a body wash that includes Shea Butter, which is a known ingredient that benefits skin in different aspects. When applying this body wash to your skin, the natural foams are consistent with cleaning underneath eye level surface.

The plant-based surfactants also assist as a teammate to the latter process. Another simple element to this body wash that some men may enjoy… this is an unscented product.

(The Perfect Body Wash for Men with Skin Health Problems) Gentle Moisturizing Organic Face and Body Wash

Gentle Moisturizing Organic Face and Body Wash

Unfortunately some men have to deal with health problems that affects their skin. Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, and other health diseases/problems are all things that men don’t ask for, but have to deal with.

With that in mind, Honeyskin Organics has created this all natural face and body wash specifically for you.

In addition to the regular purposes of cleaning and getting rid of your body odor, this body wash protects you from further irritations, allergic reactions, and/or drying out your skin unintentionally.

(The “Manly” Body Wash) Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash

Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash

There are different types of men who have their own preferences, yet going back to the basics of societal standards… the manly man still exists!

CHIEFS is an amazing body care developer that understands some men just want to exude their manhood in every way possible.

Sandalwood is a scent that is not technically “owned” by men (because that is impossible), but the fragrance definitely boasts “there is a man in the vicinity!”

(The Multi-Functional Body/Feet Medical Option) Artnaturals Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil

Artnaturals Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil

Being able to maintain healthy skin over your entire body can seem like a tedious task.

However, the latter does not have to be the case at all. Artnaturals has created this body wash in a unique fashion that you will not see on this list or in as a common option.

With its 100% all-natural ingredient list, to assist you with eliminating body odor, it also helps with foot odor as well. Foot problems that causes odor (sometimes pretty harsh) such as athlete's foot, nail fungus, ringworm, jock itch, and more are all taking into consideration here.

So for men (including you if you fit the bill), if you have been seeking for a body wash that tends to your specific body and feet needs, we have you covered!

(Men Who Live a Vegetarian/Plant-based Lifestyle) Puracy Natural Body Wash

Puracy Natural Body Wash

Very rarely do you hear the words “vegan” and “body wash” in the same sentence. However, we live in a society that is continuously progressing and now the two can exist with each other.

Puracy Natural Body Wash is a clinically approved product specifically developed by doctors. These doctors have put in the time and effort to create a natural option for individuals who are extremely minute and concerned with the products they use on a daily basis.

This shower gel promotes the removal of impurities from every part of your body. You also get the benefit of knowing that this body wash definitely gets the job done, has never been tested on animals, and is backed with a 100% guarantee from Puracy.

(The All Natural Body Wash) Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Body Wash

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Body Wash

If there is one brand that both the older and newer generation can agree upon upholding high standards, Burt’s Bees is that brand!

Each bottle comes in a 10 oz quantity, however, you will get 3 bottles in here as well. Burt’s Bees prides themselves on being a natural ingredient positive product line.

Created with coconut oils known to cleanse many skin types, after one shower you will easily realize how clean you would want your body to be forever.


As our personal list of body wash products have come to an end, we hope that you have liked what you have seen (and read of course).

We hand picked this selection of body wash products with the intentions of not only making sure you smell great on a daily basis, but also meet your skincare necessities overall.

When you decide on adding some new partners in crime to your personal hygiene collection, let us know which options you chose and what you think of it/them.

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