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8 “Get Well Soon” Gifts That’ll Bring A Smile To Her Face

If your spouse is sick, there’s nothing that will cheer her up more than a beautiful bouquet of get well flowers. It’s a simple gesture that’s sure to warm her heart and bring a smile to her face, but what else? What can you get her if you’re trying to be romantic and thoughtful that goes beyond flowers and a card?

Sick Girl

As with any gift giving occasion, think about the things she loves, and the things she would want to get for a present. Make sure that the present is thoughtful and genuine, and you’ll get bonus points if you remember her saying she wants something. 

In this case, she needs something to help take care of her, and probably something for her to do while she’s stuck in bed and resting. We have a list of useful gift ideas that she’ll love, so keep reading for some much needed help with picking out that present! 

1. Gift Basket 

If you can’t settle on just one thing, put a couple of them together and make her a gift basket. Things like chocolates and snacks, selfcare products, a fluffy set of pyjamas, and pretty much anything else that she loves can go in there. 

You can add some flowers to the mix and completely blow her away, though we wouldn’t suggest that for anyone who has a runny nose. You also need to be careful in case you trigger any pollen allergies! 

2. Handwritten Notes 

The most important thing your partner needs right now is something to lift her spirits up. You can get an empty jar, some colorful stationery, and some candy and chocolate to make her the ultimate jar of handwritten notes. It can be anything from sweet thoughts you’ve had about her, all the things you love about her, your favorite memories of her, and maybe even some promises and plans for when she’s feeling better. 

Adding some snacks or chocolates like Hershey’s kisses, candy, or the mini version of any of her favorite chocolates will only take your present to the next level! 

3. Teddy Bears 

If you can’t personally be there for some reason, give your partner a cuddle buddy for her sick days. Teddy bears come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but as a general rule, the bigger the better.

If you feel like she won’t be a fan of a teddy bear, consider buying her some other kind of stuffed animal. Women of all ages will appreciate the gesture, and cherish the present even after they feel better. 

4. Netflix or Amazon Video Subscription 

What else does one do when they’re sick? There probably isn’t a better present for someone who’s stuck in bed than an Amazon or Netflix video subscription. There’s no end to the things she can watch on there, and she’ll be thinking of you while she does! 

5. Skincare Products 

Being sick can wreak havoc on your skin, which is why she’ll probably need skincare products when she feels better. 

Moisturizers, face masks, and scrubs are all reat options, as well as essential oils and nail care equipment. 

6. Books She Would Like 

Nothing like a little sickness can hold a true book lover back from her reading, which is why it’s probably a great idea to get her some books from her reading lists. 

Try to buy something that’s long and would take a while to finish, or if you’re buying her fiction, buy the whole series instead of just the first book of the series. You can even get her an e-book reader if she’s running out of space for all her books, or if her current one is getting old. 

7. Professional House Cleaning 

Houses can get quite messy when one person is sick, and if you both don’t live together and you know she’s been sick for a while, chances are the house isn’t being taken care of either. In that case, you can hire some professional house cleaners to tidy up the house for her. 

8. A Weighted Blanket 

There’s nothing more comfortable than naps under a weighted blanket, which is why you should seriously consider one for your lady love. This will help her sleep better at night, which is already hard when you’re sick. Things like a runny or blocked nose, body aches, and general discomfort can keep you awake all night! 

If you can, be there to take care of her when she’s sick, make sure she’s getting enough food and taking her meds on time, and that at the very least she has a way of contacting you or someone else who can be there for her in case she gets too sick to look after herself.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.