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Know When to kiss a girl: The Symbol of Adoration

"How do I know when to kiss a girl?"

It is a common question mostly answered on a personal level. It can get to that awkward moment when you want to kiss her but lack that courage to ask for what you deserve.

It doesn’t hurt getting stuck along the way. The best approach is to wait for that moment when the sensual feeling is mutual.

A kiss is a strong bond for any relationship. It is highly regarded and respected.

​Kisses are a simple way to express one’s affection and love. There are different types of kisses. The common ones include:

  • ​Kiss of affection
  • Kiss of friendship
  • Kiss of love
  • Kiss of peace

As much as various cultures have unlike types of kisses, all are defined as a way to show your feelings and affection. Germany is known to have 30 types of kisses and the French have 20. People express their love to those their care about through kisses.

In today’s society, kissing your partner's  lips is the most known romantic way to express love. It is common in girlfriend-boyfriend and husband-wife relationships.

Kisses convey multiple sensations and feelings that only words such “I love you” can express. A kiss at specific moments to your partner passes a different message of love and affection to them. There are those must kiss moments when a guy must kiss his girl. No one needs to be reminded it is time to kiss her.

When to Kiss a Girl: The Right Time for Every Situation​

when to kiss a girl

'Wait for that moment when the sensual feeling is mutual..."

There is no particular occasion to kiss your girl. But a kiss to your partner can sweeten their special moments and turn their sadness into happy moments. Girls are often cheered up and sensually activated by a kiss.

Learn these few special moments when a guy should kiss a girl:

When she looks at your mouth and deep into the eye

Girls use body language to help men realize they want a kiss. Anytime you share close moments and she applies lipstick and licks her lips be ready to kiss her. This move is often accompanied by lengthy eye contacts. If you notice your girl is looking deeply into your eyes and mouth, she is simply asking for a kiss.

Some moments are noticeable and are often mutual. Humans were designed in a unique way that if you desire something you are looking at, your body language will just tell. Be keen to watch her eyes as they roll and gaze around.

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The Wedding Kiss

A wedding marks a new beginning for couples. It means the start of a new life together. For the rest of your lives, you will stay together and cheer up each other. Both of you will feel nervous as thousands of thought cross your minds.

For girls, the nervousness will be extreme as she will be beginning a new life with a new family and must adapt to their way of life. At such a time, a kiss on her tender lips will assure her that you are ready and willing to take good care of her and always stand by her side.

A wedding kiss guarantees her hope and promises her good moments ahead.​

Happy Times Kiss

Whatever the event, be it your birthday, her birthday, an anniversary, job promotion, graduation ceremony, etc. or any meaningful lifetime event celebrate it with your girl.

Attend all her events and celebrate them together. Let her know you are there to cherish and share her happiness together. A kiss at such moments doubles her joy and leaves her feeling appreciated. For a healthy and continued friendship, keep kissing and make more happy moments.

For a healthy and continued friendship, keep kissing and make more happy moments.

The Unexpected Kiss

Girls are big lovers of surprises. Whenever you are together, for instance watching a movie, traveling, driving, in between a sensual chat, etc. kiss her suddenly.

when to kiss a girl

These surprise kisses turn her on and make her feel more loved and desired. This is a great assurance of your undivided love for her. Girls want to be assured of a night out together in the future. Make sure you kiss her at unexpected moments and she’ll be sure of that night out.

The Agony moments kiss

If you love and care for your girl and can stand by her side in good days and happy moments, then you should be able to stay by her side even during her unhappy moments.

Girls love to be comforted more during sad times. If you stay by her side during her worst moments in life, she will be happy to have you in her life. Expressing your love at these agonizing moments gives her the strength she requires to endure the pain and suffering.

A kiss at that particular time will energize her and give her condolence, strength, and belief that she is not alone in this world. A kiss will make her believe someone is with her and will never let her feel all the pain alone.

The Hello and Goodbye kiss

Ensure each time you meet your girlfriend you kiss her when you greet her and kiss her again when saying bye.

If you are married make sure you give your wife a good morning kiss before leaving for office and do the same when you get back home. A morning kiss before office and an evening kiss after office create an intimate mood while away and when back.

These kisses help a lot in running a smooth and admired relationship. A hi-bye kiss makes a woman feel appreciated and special. It also lightens up her entire day and makes her healthier.​

After-Argument Kiss

Arguments are part of relationships. If you happen to enter into a heated debate with your girl, once you settle down the issue make sure you kiss her.

Kisses after arguments are meant to lighten up the heart and bring happiness. By kissing your girl you take away the pain caused by the argument. Make up for that argument by kissing passionately like you’ll never kiss again.

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The Cooking Kiss

Guys love to stay closer to their girls while they are cooking. The kitchen is another common place where couples exchange kisses.

If your girl is busy cooking in the kitchen and you are watching TV, she expects you to go hug her and kiss from the back. Some girls probably may not like such a move, but trust they enjoy it so much. Don’t treat your kitchen like a fireplace, use it to kiss and cook delicious meals.

In conclusion

All in all, in any romantic relationship, these are just the few common moments when to kiss a girl. A girl will want a kiss at these moments. It should be a guy’s task to know when her kisses are needed. Girls expect much from men to strike an emotional balance. Kiss your girl regularly and you’ll notice how welcoming she is anytime you meet.

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