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5 Common Workout Hindrances Experienced By Men

Exercising is a great way to prevent cardiovascular diseases, especially in men. 

Men are known to be more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases at a younger age than women. Thus, one is advised to  start exercising at a young age. However, a study about the different exercise habits of men and women reported that men exercise for enjoyment, while women exercise for toning and losing weight.

Common Workout Hindrances Experienced By Men

With that said, men are likelier to lose focus and stop working out, even with the slightest hindrances they experience. The best way to continue working out and staying motivated is to identify these common hindrances and avoid them altogether or do something about them. 

Here are the common workout hindrances that men experience which stop them from exercising:

Certain Health Condition 

There are certain health conditions, whether mild or severe, that cause men to stop working out. Since it was established that most men work out for enjoyment, a little inconvenience affects their workout significantly. 

One common health issue that makes men decide not to go to the gym is allergic rhinitis or hay fever. This condition causes an itchy and congested nose, constant sneezing, and sometimes sore throat. 

With those symptoms, men will likely skip gym sessions and start slacking off. One way to address this condition is to ask your doctor about Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray. Though this medication can be expensive there, you can avail of a Fluticasone Propionate Coupon, which will help you save up to 80% of its original price. 

Another health condition that most likely causes your energy to deplete is hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition where men suffer low thyroid hormone levels, which can decrease their energy levels. 

If you suspect hypothyroidism, you should schedule an appointment with your general health care provider or a thyroid specialist and run a test for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Lack of Time

Men are providers, so as they age, they tend to be more workaholics since their responsibility also increases. This is another reason men stop working out altogether or lessen their physical activity time. That’s why men aged 30 to 50 become busier at work. They  are likely to spend quality time with their family during their spare time. 

On the other hand, single men choose to do leisure activities during their short spare time. As a result, they could barely make time to work out. 

You should strategize your workout routine and break up your exercises into smaller portions to overcome this hindrance. For example, your 30-minute exercise routine can be broken down into two 15-minute exercises as long as your using the same amount of energy you used with your 30-minute routine. 

Doing so, you will be able to ensure that you will still be physically active even in your short time. 

Not Having Enough Motivation

Motivation is critical in working out. As many say, even a little motivation goes a long way. No matter your goal in working out, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or just be healthy, you will need the motivation to keep going. 

What makes this hindrance more of a problem is that men don’t prioritize their health. And without proper motivation, men will not engage in working out. Some will only start exercising when they experience a health scare, such as being diagnosed with diabetes or heart problems. 

You shouldn’t wait for this to happen. Instead, look for another motivation that will help you continue working out. Having a fitness coach is an excellent motivation. Having someone who is by your side throughout the way to motivate you is a huge help. 

In addition, fitness professionals know what kind of exercise you need depending on your goal. Therefore, your workout period will focus on quality, not quantity. Aside from being a fitness professional, working out with a friend can motivate me greatly. 

You can do your workout as your bonding. If you have a friend that’s a fitness enthusiast, then you should ask them if you can accompany them when working out. 

Doesn’t Have Proper Access to Health Facilities

Having limited access to health facilities is another reason men don’t engage or stop in fitness training. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem, especially if you are into working out. But most men let this reason come between them and a healthy body. 

What you can do about this is to look for exercises that don’t need any equipment. You can even do these routines at home at no cost at all. 

There are a lot of no-equipment workout routines you can follow online. Just take your time searching for the one that is most suitable for your situation and needs. 

Weather Condition

Last but not least is the weather condition. Let’s face it, going out and heading to the gym in winter is pretty inconvenient. Even if you have your own car, going out on thick snow on the road is still a hassle. 

In this condition, people, especially men, stop exercising during these times. And this could lead you to stop working out altogether. You will feel too tired to return to the gym once the weather clears. 

The best way to do this is to acquire home gym equipment such as a treadmill, dumbbells, etc. This will help you continue being physically active even during extreme weather conditions. 

To Sum It Up

Men don’t prioritize their health and easily get distracted and demotivated when working out. That’s why it would significantly help you continue your workout routine and be physically active if you know the common hindrances that could stop you from achieving a healthy life. 

You can use this article to guide you in improving your life and continue being physically active despite the situation you are in.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.