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Stay Fit On-the-Go with FitReserve’s Multi-Studio Fitness Pass

Worried about losing your gains while traveling?

Working out on the road used to mean settling for under-equipped hotel fitness rooms. Not anymore with FitReserve.

Powered by its network of elite fitness clubs, FitReserve gives you access to over 100,000 classes and premier studios across the US with one all-inclusive, “all-market” membership.

FitReserve’s Multi-Studio Fitness Pass

And yes, there’s perks, too.

The only catch? It’s not exactly meant for “gym bros.”

Instead, this roam-and-train membership is designed for the busy career-minded man who needs a flexible way to keep fit on a tight schedule. 

It’s also perfect for guys who prefer the motivation of group classes (the good ones, at least) in a premium studio setting.

And by “premium,” we mean: No more waiting for machines. No more grunting muscleheads. No more being stuck with just a treadmill and a TV.

Not only does it show you the top-rated studios and instructors in your area, but it also lets you reserve in-person classes in advance to sync up with your schedule. Plus, being a FitReserve member automatically gives you up to 50% off what you’d normally pay for a drop-in class. It’s like having a multi-city “fitness passport” to boutique studios, which vary by market. It’s also worth noting FitReserve works with top studios such as Barry’s, Y7 Studios, Sweat440, Tone House, Liftonic, Prevail Boxing, and many other premium clubs.

Even if you don’t have time to travel to an in-person class, you can squeeze in a quick workout using the app. The FitReserve membership comes with access to an unlimited selection of pre-recorded workouts from top brands such as Aaptiv, Sweat Factor, FORTË, and more, that can be taken at any time, anywhere. From hand-picked HIIT routines and kickboxing classes to intense yoga sessions, you’ve got plenty of ways to burn off those client dinners without even needing to leave your hotel suite.

How does it compare with its main rival, ClassPass? While ClassPass has a dynamic credit system with changing and higher credit values for peak class times at popular studios, FitReserve offers a simple “one credit = one class” pricing model. That way, you always know how many classes you can book to better plan your weeks and access the most popular classes without having to pay a premium.

FitReserve also offers a perks program with special discounts on things like healthy food delivery, wearable devices, vitamins, and other health-focused offerings. And, in case you’re not ready to commit to a monthly membership, FitReserve also offers a “FlexPack” which allows you to use your credits at any time within six months.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple way to stay fit while traveling as well as working from home, FitReserve is definitely worth a shot. (By the way, they’re offering a one-week free trial for Men’s Axis readers here).

It won’t turn you into a “fat-burning machine” overnight. And it’s certainly not cheap.

But as far as convenience goes, FitReserve provides just the right mix of flexibility and simplicity, while offering all-access membership to its network of studios across the country. It could quite literally be the “King” of all fitness memberships.

We’ll let you decide.

The offer expires on 3/31 at midnight.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.