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Creating a Low-Commitment Man Cave: 8 Clever Ideas

Low-Commitment Man Cave

Search the term “man cave,” and you’ll see thousands of picture-perfect examples. It’s easy to feel jealous over the color-coordinated, well-decorated caves that some men are able to afford. But you don’t need an endless budget to realize your dream. 

So, what can you do if you crave a private retreat, but you don’t have tons of cash? Here are eight clever ideas for creating a low-commitment man cave that won’t require you to take out a home equity line of credit. 

1. Clean Out Your Garage

Your garage is a unique part of your home. It’s attached to the house itself, but it’s distinctly different. If you cleaned up that pile of landscaping tools, you could use some of the space for a man cave, if not a man corner.   

Hide those oil stains by using epoxy to prevent spills and moisture penetration. Paint your walls for a finished look, choosing light shades to make your space appear bigger and darker ones for contrast. 

Replace that single incandescent bulb with a stylish LED light, while you’re at it. You can even find color-changing versions for a cool effect.

2. Consider a He-Shed

This suggestion does require you some cash. But folks have been converting Home Depot sheds into tiny homes that they’re able to occupy full time. You can find a smaller, less expensive model for your own man cave. 

Want some portable fun? If you can snag an old trailer on the cheap, why not build a mobile version that doubles as a camper? There’s no need to pay glamping resort fees when you can tow your lodging for a fraction of the price of an RV. 

3. Repurpose Your Office

Do you have a dedicated home office? Why not repurpose part of it for fun and relaxation? 

If you have a second oversized monitor, a set of RCA audio or digital cables can transform it into a television. Add a cozy armchair that you can swivel, and you’re all set to watch the big game while the kids enjoy cartoons in the living room. 

4. Claim a Family Room Corner

You’re a part of your family, so why not claim a corner of the family room for yourself? You can use a room divider to create a little more privacy than you’d usually enjoy. 

Even an area rug can define the space, though it’s slightly easier to keep stray Legos at bay with a physical barrier. 

5. Give the Nursery a Try

Your first instinct may tell you to create your man cave as far from the kid’s room as possible. But if you think about it, a nursery can make the ideal location. 

Your baby doesn’t make much noise when resting, and many infants can sleep through a space-shuttle launch. Plus, you can close the door, keeping your older kids at bay when you want privacy.

6. Look Down Under

What’s in your basement? If nothing lurks below other than a bunch of old boxes, start sorting through them for your spring yard sale now.

Then, use the space to create your man cave. As a bonus, your spot will stay comfortably cool in the summer, even if you lack central AC. 

7. Aim High

If you live in a Western state with sandier soil, you might not have a basement. Why not look to the sky? You can convert your attic into your man cave, even if you can’t stand upright in every part. Just keep a rolling chair near the entrance and use that to navigate the space. 

If you have nothing there but insulation, you’ll need to lay flooring, but the boards themselves shouldn’t break the bank. 

8. Repurpose a Patio

Who said a man cave needed to be an indoor space? You can repurpose a corner of your patio or deck into a private retreat. 

One method is to screen in a portion, using temporary glass or plastic panels in winter to keep out the chill. If you live in a warmer climate, you might not need anything more than a patio heater to achieve comfort. 

Create a Low-Commitment Man Cave with These 8 Clever Ideas

Don’t despair if you need a place to call your own but don’t have much cash. Create the low-commitment man cave you deserve with the eight ideas above.

Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the managing editor at Modded, where he writes about cars, fashion, fitness and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates! 

Written by Oscar Collins

Oscar Collins is the managing editor at Modded, where he writes about cars, fashion, fitness and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates!