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Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater

Airdog created an innovative Portable Dual Fan Heater for anyone who wants a powerful mini heater that is efficient, safe, and ultra-modern in design. This elegant yet powerful device works as both a cooling fan and heater for your personal thermal comfort, which will help you through the whole year without worrying about consuming high electricity and costs.  


  •  2-second Warming
  • Wide Angle
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Overheat Protection
  • Fall Detection
  • Sleep Timer
  • Fire Resistance

Utilizing Airdog PTC technology, the heater draws full power initially to heat up and reach the ideal temperature quickly with the touch of a button. In fact, it provides heating in just two seconds. Aside from being safe and effective, this dynamic heating system is also energy and time efficient. Loaded with safety features, the heater even shuts off automatically when it is knocked over and the best in class fire-retardant (V0) plastic housing.

Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater


Airdog has three color options, Black, White and Rose Pink for your preference. Weight less than 3 pounds. This new lightweight Airdog Dual Comfort Fan Heater is designed with a portable elegant leather handle that enables you to bring anywhere you prefer.

The portable leather handle allows you to travel easily between your home and your office. Enjoying the perfect warm without occupying  too much space. Keep the minimalism.

Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater
Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater

With the advanced PTC technology, Airdog provides wide angle warming and enables a fast 2-second warming for providing you the fastest warming experience. This dynamic heating system is not only effective, but also time and energy efficient. Airdog heater can be designed to operate anywhere between -40°C and 70°C (-40°F and 158°F). It is the best solution for providing superior fast heat transfer in a personal space. 

The optimized angle and air flow duct enable to warm a bigger area. There are two warming levels, 750-800 W for a less cold weather, and 950 W for a freezing weather. Airdog PTC technology draws full power initially to quickly heat up and reach the optimum temperature. As the heat increases, the power consumption simultaneously drops.


Airdog has only button to let you set up the temperature ( Regular Warm, Warmer and Nature Wind Fan) that you need in daily basis. It has build-in sleep timer ( 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour) for your night sleep. 

There is a removable filter in the unit to prevent function decreasing by daily dust. You can clean it by simply washing it with water and put it back after fully drying to keep the good performance.

Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater
Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater


Airdog operates quietly even for its max power, which allows you to use during your work hours, reading and sleep.

Airdog Portable Dual Comfort Fan & Heater

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