The Ultimate Guide to Designing A Bachelor Pad

Decorating a bachelor pad is a tricky experience. Make sure that the space represents your personality, preferences, and hobbies. Even if you live in a luxury apartment such as luxury apartments in Denver for easy living and The Palmer luxury apartments for rent, you still need to give it a bachelor pad makeover.

If you plan to live in a bachelor pad, here are some interior decoration ideas:


Furniture gives you the comfort that you need at home and allows you to organize your space. You will need the following pieces in your bachelor pad:

Custom bar cabinet – this will become a meeting point whenever you have friends over to your apartment. Moreover, your friends will love this piece of furniture.

Coffee table – you need a nice coffee table for placing your magazines, remotes, and other knick-knacks. You can also enjoy a good cup of coffee at your table while lounging on the couch.

Big sofa – this piece is great for people who host frequent parties. You also need a comfortable couch where you can sit back, relax, and watch TV after a busy day.

Pallet platform bed – this bed is perfect for a bachelor pad. If you love to DIY, you can even build a bed that will suit your personal needs.


When it comes to decorating your bachelor pad, you need to keep things simple. You do not have to choose showy decorations that will make it look like you are trying too hard. Here are some ideas:

Show off your CD collection – you can show off your music taste to everyone who comes to your house. Instead of copying other people, you should find original ways to display your art.

Hang up your bike – bikes are cool and they would look even better hanging from your ceiling or wall. With your bike on your wall, you do not have to worry about somebody stealing it.

Hang abstract art – you should consider buying abstract paintings because they go well with everything. However, you need to choose paint colors that match the rest of your decor. 

Bachelor Pad


You cannot have a bachelor pad without gadgets. Bachelors like to have important tools that will help them to enjoy staying at home. The gadgets you need for your bachelor pad are:

Home theater system – this appliance makes the experience of watching movies at home with your friends more fun. You also need a large TV to turn your bachelor pad into a movie theater.

USB power outlet – because most devices have USB ports, having a USB power outlet is practical. You can easily charge your device from the outlet instead of looking for an adapter.

Wall Design

The design that you have on the walls can make your rooms appear either smaller or bigger than they actually are. Here are some wall designs that you should consider:

Wallpaper – many people avoid wallpaper because it is hard to remove. However, they are the best choice if you do not want to put too much effort into your wall design.

Exposed bricks – this wall design will give your apartment a unique look. It looks even better when you combine it with industrial details.

Dark-colored wall – dark walls will make your house look smaller than it actually is. However, you might like the idea of small spaces because they are cozy and create a manly atmosphere.


The above ideas will come in handy if you want to create the perfect bachelor pad. Make sure that you match the décor colors for a uniform look: if you like dark things, make most things dark.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.