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Navien Mate EQM 580: Water Heated Mattress Topper Will Leave You Comfy, Healthy and Ready to Sleep

Navien Mate EQM 580

The Navien Mate EQM 580 (Queen Size) is a mattress topper that is eco friendly and evenly warms your bed. Find out more!

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I have struggled to find a safe and efficient warming mattress topper. I saw the Navien Mate EQM 580 (Queen Size) and had to check it out further.

The Navien Mate EQM 580 (Queen Size) is a mattress topper that circulates warm water instead of using electricity.

If you want a warming mattress topper and want to save on electricity, this is the one for you. I got it for that reason but have stuck with it because it is comfortable.

This mattress topper is well constructed.

  • Warm water powered
  • Dual temperature controls
  • Easy to Maintain(Just 500ml water once a month)
  • NO EMF 
  • 100% cotton mat cover (3 side zippers)
  • 1 mm Thin Pad. (No Wires or knobs)
  • Phone control (Wi-Fi Feature)

It is safe and comfy. Find out more on their website.


When I saw how simple it was, I was not sure what to think. After trying it, I had never been so comfortable in my bed.

After a little use, I learned that controlling it with my phone is my favorite feature of the Navien Mate EQM 580 because of the convenience. For two weeks so far it has been consistent every night.

I no longer need to waste electricity with an inferior mattress topper. It helps me get a great night’s sleep and I personally recommend it.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.