How Do You Define Success: The First Step into Achieving Your Goal

What defines success? What are your goals in life? How do you want others to remember you?

These questions are what you must ask yourself in order to learn the definition of success and set goals that you want to achieve.

Do you want Financial Security, Fancy Cars, Travel the world, or simply a family home?

When you know the terms of your future goals a plan can be created in order to achieve them.

This article is designed to motivate you to follow a path in order to achieve success if whatever goal you set out for yourself. It will clarify the definitions of success for each individual. You will become more motivated than you have been before, and you will have a clear vision on how to stay focused in achieving your goal.

To start you must personally define success and have a clear understanding what it means to you. What is the goal that you will accomplish, and how will it bring success to your life?

FOCUS is the key in order to have success, and success again is whatever your definition is. Setting out what you want to achieve in life is how you will find success. Keep yourself focused and motivated, because no one likes to fail, so ensure that you do everything you have to in order to be successful.

How Do You Define Success: The First Step into Achieving Your Goal​

define success

"What are your goals in life? How do you want others to remember you?"

Goal Setting

In order to be successful and great at anything, you must first determine your personal definition of success. For example, you want to purchase a new car, well how much is it? How much do you have to save up in order to have enough money for it? When do you want to buy it? How many hours at work do you need in order to save up enough money?

All these questions are what you need to answer in order to set a plan in motion. But it is also the sacrifices you will have to make in order to achieve success. You may not be able to go out for dinners for a while in order to save money, or you might have to skip a party on the weekend so you can work extra.

You must have a clear vision as to what you want to accomplish, and never take your focus off of your goal. Make sure that it is something that you truly want to accomplish, and something that will make a positive change in your life. If it is not a meaningful goal then you will not be motivated to accomplish it.

You have to figure out how important having success is to you, and how determined you are to achieve it. Ensure that when you bring yourself success that it will also make you happy because is being successful without happiness worth it?

What defines success? Could you call it success without being happy?

Have Relentless Determination

Do not stray from the path you need to take towards your goa even if it takes long to achieve. There will be a sign that you're close to achieving your goal in spite of all failures.

Jeff Bezos (CEO and Founder of had a quote in which he stated: “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew one thing I might regret is not trying”. That is a quote everyone with a goal needs to know.

How can you achieve anything without trying? Define what your vision of success is and keep tunnel vision towards it. The fact is if you slow down on a goal, or say ‘Ill start tomorrow’ then you are sliding into a negative mental state and will fail. When you set a goal you must immediately set out the plan to conquer and complete it. WIden your options

Start today and not tomorrow. The longer you put off working towards your goal then the longer you have to wait to enjoy the success of achieving your goal.

So why wait?

Why put off the feeling of success any longer than you have to? Dig deep into why your goal is important to you, and stay focused on what it takes in order to find success. The road to success is hard, difficult, and may seem like you may never succeed, but you must never give up.

Take it from one of the most successful people on the plant, Bill Gates. He has been a motivational speaker for years talking about what success means to him, and his mentality when approaching it.

If you want to stay motivated read some motivational messages from Mr. Gates himself. You may not be interested in business or technology, but use his messages as motivation for yourself.

He was determined to achieve his goal and now has created one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.

Create Milestones

You have your starting point with your goal, and now you must create the path you must take in order to achieve success.

First, you must come up with a realistic timeframe in which to have success and then work from there. What is the series of progression you need to take to become accomplished? You need to set a timeline of when certain moments need to be completed in order to stay on track.

Going back to the example of the car: how much money do you need to put aside every week in order to stay on track? Keep to every milestone and that will allow you to start to develop that sense of success because with every milestone accomplished you are one step closer to being successful with your end goal.

Make a detailed outline of your milestones, keep them small and realistic, because this will make them more achievable, and the more you complete the more successful you will feel. Create a list, and post it somewhere you can see so you can mark off the milestones you complete.

Keeping your path to success visual will allow you to see every day how you are getting closer to your success.


Hopefully after reading this article you are focused, determined, and motivated to work hard towards whatever your goal might be.

The key takeaway from this article is that you need to stay focused, and after determining what success means to you then you cannot lose any focus from your end goal. You are the only factor that determines if you are successful or not, so how badly do you want it?

How badly do you want to achieve your goal, and how hard will you work to get there? Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, effort, and determination. With those three qualities and a focused mindset you will be successful. So what must you do first?

Start with a goal, and that will be whatever your definition of success might be. Whatever you feel you want to accomplish. And create a plan that will allow you to work towards that goal.

Make sure every day you do something small to move yourself closer to that goal, because in the end not only will you achieve success, but you will also change yourself as a person.

The human mind is a powerful tool, so keep it focused and you will find success everyday in your life.

Terrence Kennedy

Written by Terrence Kennedy

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