5 Steps to Learn How to be Single Again

5 Steps to Learn How to be Single Again

We can all agree that adjusting back to singularity from a long term relationship is hard at its best. We all must realize that we can only depend on ourselves in the process of moving on.

Sure, all of us have friends but at the end of the day you’re stuck with you and yourself alone that’s why it’s best to have the right frame of mind in dealing with a breakup. It’s not so bad, actually.

You are newly single with no one holding you back. So take advantage of that fact.

This article is designed to help you get back on your feet because we all know how emotionally tough it can be after a breakup.

However, if you focus on improving yourself, and follow these 5 easy steps you will be able to love life again and create a happier life for yourself.

how to be single again

This article will help you pick, dust and get yourself back up to being healthy and genuinely happy.

Learning How to be Single Again​

Begin to build up your self-confidence

You may feel depressed, belittled, de-masculinized, ashamed, or any combination of sadness. You cannot let these feelings beat you down and you cannot let yourself go.

You have more free time now, and you need to take advantage of it. As often as it is said one of the best ways to move on from a relationship is to join a gym. It is the perfect place to take out and anger you have, but in a way that will only benefit yourself. Working out properly is the best way to increase your self-confidence.

If you let yourself go, eat like crap, and not take care of yourself then you will feel even worse. If you take the high road, and work to better yourself, then that is the best way to learn how to be single again.

It is not just about physical but also how you carry yourself. Go buy new outfits and get a fresh new look. Try new things that you would not have done while with your Ex.

Anything to make you happy about your life, because you need to build yourself back up in order to find a new found happiness.

Invite your friends to hangout

You may have lost contact with your friends while being in a relationship, and it happens to many guys when they are dating.

You spend your Fridays and Saturdays with your girlfriend on ‘date night’ while your friends go out to the bar or have tickets to the game.

Well, now its time for you to get back with those who have stuck by you from day one.

You need to socialize and reconnect with your friends. This is all going to help you clear your head, and at the same time enjoy your life. Y

You need to enjoy your ability to make your own choices, and not miss out on events that your friends go to. Embrace the new-found freedom, but make sure you keep yourself in control.

Do not drink excessively, because that will make you look like a fool.

Check out this video about living in the moment:​

Make sure you have an alone time and do whatever you feel like

Look, even though you need to be with your friends you’ll also need an alone time. Stay in your house, play video games, watch a movie, make your own dinner, go out exploring, or whatever you want.

You need to be able to have alone time in order to really know how to be single again. Taking care of yourself and putting yourself first is a major key in building yourself back up.

You need to learn again to depend on no one but you and ensure that you can continuously count on yourself.

According to a study by Psychology today being alone and depending on yourself is not a bad thing because it will make you stronger. When you were in a relationship you could talk to your girlfriend about anything, and if you were feeling down she might have been there for you.

Now you know she was not the girl for you, so it’s time for you to take care of yourself and deal with any issues that may arise in your life.

Go on Dates and get to know people but do not expect any results

Yes it may be a cliché, but at some point you will have to get back out there! When you first start going on dates again make sure you go in with no assumptions. Do not go looking for a relationship, but instead going to meet people and get used to talking to the opposite sex.

Get used to listening to what she has to say, and get to know her. Your first few dates may be with girls who are not who you see yourself with, but it is beneficial to get practicing so that when you meet the right girl you will not be nervous.

When you have your first date you need to not go in with the intention of having sex. You are just meeting someone for a drink or dinner, and going to create and hold a good conversation.

Knowing how to talk to a girl who isn’t your girlfriend in a flirtatious matter is something you probably haven’t done in a long time. Practice will make you more comfortable.

​Check out this video:

Have a good time doing anything you want!

how to be single again

You have time to do anything you want! And no one to judge you, so make use of it! Go watch a game by yourself, go to a concert, have ice cream and movie nights at your place.

Anything that will make you relax and feel centered It doesn’t matter. Just ensure that you have fun, and enjoy the things you’re not able to do when you’re with your ex.

When you go to events, go on your own. It will force you to interact with people on your own and not rely on anyone to introduce you. Get out of your comfort zone and meet people. This is all part of getting over your ex.

Learning to take care of yourself should be your number one priority in learning how to be single again.

Being single after getting out of a serious relationship is not the easiest thing to do, but not focusing on the negativity is important if you want to be happy. Taking care of yourself is the most important factor in a breakup.

You cannot let yourself go, because if you do then it will be even harder to bring yourself out of it. You will need to allow yourself to be sad, angry, or both. However, you need to make sure you do not stay in that slump for too long.


Being alone is not a bad thing and you need to accept that. Being able to have fun on your own is an important step in moving forward. We all know how a breakup can put us into a downward spiral, but the key is to rise out of that spiral, know your self worth and come out with a positive attitude.

You may not be comfortable right now with being alone, but give it time and you will realize that when you are able to take care of yourself then you will know if your next girlfriend is the right person for you.


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