Men, Don’t Just Act Hard: 7 Ways on How to Get Harder Erections

Men, Don’t Just Act Hard: 7 Ways on How to Get Harder Erections

This can be a rather delicate topic for some men, but issues like erectile dysfunction or generally wanting to make your erection last longer or be harder doesn’t have to be so sensitive. In fact it is perfectly natural for a man to want to improve the thing which makes him a man.

Throughout history many scientists, quacks, marketing specialists, late night infomercials, and pop-ups on porn have claimed that they can add six inches, make you last longer and the like. Of course, apart from scientists, they all just want your money and are willing to say anything to get it.

While the urge to improve your sexual prowess is real, most of the remedies touted over the internet aren’t, and I’m sorry to say there isn’t much you can do to change what god gave you. However, do not lose hope, because there are some remedies you can use to improve the situation but be realistic with the progress. The steps I will guide you through will be ideal for your next date or if you are in a relationship, for general use. Below, I will outline 7 ways to make your soldier stand to attention and stay there.

The 7 Ways How to Get Harder Erections


how to get harder erections


Like with many health related issues, diet has a big role to play in resolving the problem. A change in diet might be just what you need to help boost your boy in a natural way.

When you know you’re going to be intimate, keep your pre-coital meals light and containing as little starch as you can without malnourishing; meaning skip the potatoes and breads.

Instead get a decent dose of healthy fats (those contained in nuts and fish) to help bolster your body and work as anti-inflammatory (opens up your blood vessels, increasing general blood flow)


In football, it’s all about positioning. One way to position yourself to better sex is to use gravity as catalyst for your erection. By this I mean you should either be on top or standing to aid the direction of blood flow downwards.

Here are some positions to consider:

  • Standard missionary (with a slight tweak); lay her on her back and perform as normal, however elevate her pelvis with a pillow (which is more comfortable for her too), this aids in downwards thrusting motion for you and therefore the blood flow.
  •  An option for the more advanced sexual deviants among you is to have her more or less upside down just off the end of the bed, with you standing above and going downwards.

Chill Out

how to get harder erections

Being stressed is one of the worst things you can do to get that fella stronger.

Anxiety and stress result in a floppy todger and gives you the opposite result. To combat this, stay relaxed, work off the stress, generally take some measures to ensure that before you have sex you are in a receptive mood.

For example to get your happy chappy stronger, go and get stronger, in other words, work out. Hitting the gym will not only reduce your stress levels but it will also spike testosterone and make you look better.

Be More Sensitive

This is probably the advice you’ve been given by every woman you’ve ever been with, being more sensitive downstairs can increase your game time.

The truth is, for those of you who are plagued by a less than adequate hardness, increasing the sensitivity of the condom is going to help you feel it better.

One way to achieve this is to get a safety condom; they’re thinner and built for your pleasure, so you are more likely to get the same sensations which would give you the most pleasure.

Ignore Her

how to get harder erections

Now, when I say ignore I don’t mean you can be an ass the whole time, what I mean is that if you feel that you are about to lose it and blow then remove your mind from the situation by picturing something which is sexually neutral.

Cognitively distracting yourself allows your body to calm down and reset. Maybe you can picture playing a sport or fixing something, or even something like watching paint dry.

The caveat with this method is that you don’t look like you're imagining something unusual; this is obviously best performed in non face to face positions like doggy or reverse cowgirl.

Pills, Pills, Pills

The world is pill mad these days; everyone’s got some ailment for which they need a pharmacy’s worth of pills to fix. Obviously a lot of these issues do require medication, but so many people out there are over medicating and as such are reducing their sex drive.

If you are on some concoction of pharmaceuticals then talk to your doctor about either timing the pills so that they don’t interfere with your junks ability to get hard or talk about changing to a less restrictive form of medication.

For example if you are on some kind of steroids it would be advisable to change the timing of when you have them because they may interfere with your metabolism. Some of the most commonly used pills that have less side effects and have stood the test of time are Erectzan, VigRx plus, Longinexx, Marxis 10 and Enzyte. Regardless of their tested perfect functioning, It’s good to consider which works best for you or consider a physician help and advice before use.

Exercise Is King

how to get harder erections

You, as well as everyone else know that being fit and healthy is more or less good for everything. But it goes much further than just the health benefits of increased blood flow, improved cardio (for the actual sex), and general health.

Keeping the pounds off is also a mental stimulant; if you feel good about yourself, confident that you’re looking good your testosterone will spike, your limbic system will be working more efficiently and you will get harder just for the fact your feel sexier.

When it comes down to it; a combination of tried and tested general health tips and mentality improvement advice work together to make your Johnson stronger than he has been before. Eat healthy, exercise often, lay off the meds (only if your doctor says it’s ok) and stay chilled; these are the best ways to get harder erections and keep them longer.

Do what it takes and don’t be embarrassed about what you have to do. If you need a bath to relax, that’s ok. If you need to play Madden for a bit to relax, that’s ok too. It’s an investment in your night.

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