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95 Hobbies for Men In 2024

In a world of constant distraction and ever increasing hours at the office, a man’s hobby continues to be one of only a few outlets and areas of true solace and sense of control. Throughout history, great leaders and people of the world have separated themselves from their chosen profession, if only for a while, to undertake a hobby. With actors like Leonardo Di Caprio collecting action figures, Tom Hanks collecting vintage typewriters and Will Smith being an avid fencer, we can see the place of hobbies in even the most acclaimed men.

A man’s hobby is one of a few ingredients which can directly influence the success and direction of his life. This sounds a little exaggerated, but it’s true. The modern man needs certain things in his life to succeed; the drive to win and be better (obviously), the ability to understand people, loved ones for support and as motivation, a goal so big you fear telling small minds, and a hobby. The reason a hobby is an essential cog in the mechanisms which enable success, is that it allows disconnection from “real life”.

Being a successful modern man means constantly growing and striving to improve in everything you do, a trait which can generate a build-up of pressure, one which weighs on your shoulders, reducing your happiness and in the end working to ruin the work you do. Focussing on something else, like collecting vintage typewriters or playing a sport, allows you to escape from what stresses you out, if only for an hour a day or a few times a week. In the end hobbies increase a man’s happiness, reduces stress and facilitates success. Below are 95 hobbies over 12 sections to consider; Adventure Seekers, Arts, Collectors (like Leo and Hanks), Helping Others, History Buffs, Making Things, Musical, Nature Lovers, Physical Activity Sports, Sharpen The Mind, Social a finally Success and Making Money. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it is, only that you enjoy it and that it allows you to disconnect.

Adventure Seekers
Helping Others
History Buffs
Making Things
Nature Lovers
Physical Activity Sports
Sharpen The Mind
Success & Making Money

All-Time Popular Hobbies for Men

Physical Activity/Sports


Swimming is a great way to tone up, burn calories and improve blood circulation, whilst learning a skill which can be potentially life-saving. As nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming, it is a great way to exercise, build strength, endurance and maintain a great physique.



Cycling is a great way to get out of the house, see some sights, and get some much needed exercise. Cycling, whether it’s a casual ride through the country, doing tricks on a BMX, or down-hilling on a mountain bike, is great fun and a great way to one up and stay in shape.



Parkour –or free running– is like jogging for people who like to explore the urban scenery. As any experienced burglar will tell you, there are many ways to get around the many obstacles of the city, climbing, jumping and devising tactics to maneuver your way over walls, across buildings, and through passages. There are some brilliant online communities and resources for learning parkour, such as Learn More Parkour, which can help you develop your skills. Parkour is not only a great way to stay in shape, but is also greatly rewarding, allowing you to see some amazing sights and go to places you never realised existed.


Martial Arts

Learning a martial art is great way to exercise, build strength and endurance, and learn to defend yourself properly. The psychological benefits of learning a martial art are numerous; it will teach you confidence, discipline, and patience.

Martial Arts


Fencing is a competitive two-man sport which involves using replica swords -the foil, epee and saber- and thrusting, parrying and lunging against your opponent to try to score points by hitting one another while moving back and forth on an area called a ‘piste’. Fencing is a great way to improve lower body strength, improve flexibility and sharpen hand-eye coordination.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exhilarating activity that requires a great deal of upper body strength, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. Learning to climb properly, safely and quickly means you need to learn how to expend your energies efficiently, navigate a cliff face properly, and master a series of complex knots. Not only is rock climbing a great way to get fit, but it also allows you to see some stunning scenery that the less adventurous may never get to see.

Rock Climbing


Hiking is a good way to get in touch with nature whilst simultaneously getting some fresh air and exercise, whilst getting to see some incredible sights. Hiking can be relaxing, exhilarating or tough, depending on the type of terrain you choose to traverse.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding is an adrenalin filled sport which requires deftly precision, endurance and dexterity. Nothing beats the thrill of racing down a slope, twisting, turning and even catching some air. Not only is skiing and snowboarding a great way to get into shape, but also affords you the luxury of seeing some gorgeous scenery. The best place to start is at The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding


Paintball Challenge

Men across the world love the thrill of competition, hunting and faux-conflict that paintball brings. The excitement of a battle scenario of the Paint Ball Challenge (without the risk of death or serious injury) is something which is unparalleled in almost any other sport.

Paintball challenge


Archery is a great way to build upper body strength, dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination. Learning to fire a bow is an ancient skill which requires patience and precision, and is a great way to relax, channel focus and build co-ordination. Click here.


Weight Lifting

Lifting weights can help to build strength, increase size, and boost endurance. Many men start out small, but it can be surprising how quickly you can build to heavier weights; and there are some great resources such as Kinobody which can help you to improve at a steady and achievable pace. Weight lifting will not only give you a good looking body, but will help you with many practical things in your life too.

Weight Lifting


Skating, whether inline or on a skateboard is a great way to improve your agility, get some exercise, and satisfy your adrenaline cravings. Performing tricks and mastering new skills is a lot of fun and helps to develop co-ordination, whilst socializing with other skaters.


Trampolining is a great way to boost cardiovascular health, lose weight and improve flexibility. Though trampolining burns calories, it’s so much fun to bounce around that you’ll barely notice how much exercise you’re actually doing, and in no time you’ll be doing somersaults and backflips like it’s second nature.


Bowling is a classic pastime for men across the world. Bowling is a great way to relax, socialize and play competitively. Bowling alleys are a good spot for a cheap drink too (though that might not help your aim too much), so if you like a bit of friendly competition and a good time, bowling is a good hobby to have.


Running is a great way to get some fresh air, see some interesting sights, lose weight and tone up. Going for a run helps you to feel refreshed, whilst giving your brain a healthy does of Endorphins, helping you feel more prepared for whatever life throws at you.


Breakdancing is one of the most visually impressive forms of dance, requiring great skill and practice, breakdancing is a sure-fire way to impress virtually anyone. It’s not easy, but in time you’ll be able to easily break out some mesmerizing moves that will make you look like you’re immune to gravity.

Vertical Jumping

For basketball players, vertical jumping is a skill which is highly sought after. The mistake many people fall for is believing that height is the only thing that influences reach. The ability to jump is a skill which you can learn, and can have many practical and sporting beneifts, whether you’re a basketball player, a pole vaulter, long jumper or gymnast. Sites such as Vert Shock is a valuable resource that can help to provide you improve your vertical jump and drastically improve your sporting skills.


Golf is a great alternative to fast-paced sports like football or boxing, allowing you to enjoy the sun, get some fresh air and a good walk, whilst also playing competitively. Golf helps to hone skills such as precision, aim and swing power, and is a very relaxing past time for those who enjoy the outdoors.


Squash is a fast paced game, and a great way to build endurance, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce stress levels. A game of squash involves ducking, diving and lunging for the ball, but as the game goes on, the rubber ball warms up and moves even faster, making it a progressively faster paced game.


Sports such as football, basketball, hockey, rugby, and many others are a great way of getting into shape, making new friends, and learning valuable skills such as leadership and teamwork. Sports have always been a great pastime for men, offering an outlet for their competitive nature.

Category: Adventure Seekers


Surfing is not only a fun experience, but also a great way to exercise, enjoy the beach and see some incredible sights. Surfing is a relatively inexpensive hobby, and can lead to hours of enjoyment catching the waves on a warm day. Just make sure you’re properly prepared for the weather, currents and the rocks, and ensure you never surf alone.


SCUBA Diving

There is no better way to enjoy the aquatic landscape than through SCUBA diving. Diving down to the bottom of the sea, amongst the underwater flora and fauna, is an awe-inspiring experience. The rich tapestry of sea, along with the intoxicatingly beautiful marine life of an underwater world that is not our own, is something which everyone should experience at least once.

SCUBA Diving

Sailing, Canoeing and Kayaking

Watersports are a great way of relaxing in beautiful serene surroundings, such as a lake; or giving you a heavy dose of adrenalin, such as white water rafting. Whether it’s windsailing, canoeing on a lake, or kayaking down a river, watersports are a great way to exercise whilst also getting the chance to see some amazing natural sights.


Urban Exploration

Known in the industry as ‘Urbex’, Urban Exploration involves finding and exploring the less postcard-worthy parts of the city; usually abandoned places, such as old warehouses, factories, canals, silos and hospitals. Urban exploration is a creepy but fascinating and greatly rewarding experience. Be careful though, often the most exciting places to explore may be dangerous, or even illegal, so always check first. Urban exploration lets you travel back in time and see sights that have been long forgotten or hidden away, the experience can be chilling, exciting and humbling, so be sure to bring your camera.


Skydiving is an ineffable rush of adrenaline, one which –to newcomers- may seem terrifying, however, ask how many skydivers say they would do it again, and you’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about. Skydiving is an experience unlike any other; face to face with the bare-face of high altitude, coupled with the feeling of weightlessness, is absolutely breath-taking.

Sky Diving

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a great way to see the sights in a peaceful yet thrilling manner. Hang gliding uses simpler and cheaper craft than paragliding, allowing you to steer the craft by shifting your body weight from side to side. Hang gliders can take on stronger winds than paragliders, and tend to reach higher speeds.


Geocaching is a community in which people hide items in particular locations across the world, then leave the co-ordinates to the item on the internet for others to find.Geocaching is great way to explore some of the more unknown parts of the world, whilst also giving you the thrill of a treasure hunt.

Base Jumping

Though initially terrifying, BASE Jumping (Building Antenna Span Earth – the platforms commonly jumped from) is an exhilarating thrill for adrenaline junkies. There are many notable cliffs, buildings and other platforms that BASE jumpers seek to jump from, and a big community of BASE jumpers who can offer advice if you have a touch of the nerves.

Category: Sharpen the Mind


Reading is not only a great way to vastly expand your knowledge base, but also helps you to think in different ways, learn new ideas, and develop new ways of expressing yourself through language. Reading is a great way to relax, and can provide you with great enjoyment. Those who ‘don’t read’ are really missing out.



Writing is a great way to relax, exhibit your creativity, and formulate new ideas. Writing, even if you’re not world-class, is an enjoyable hobby, and a great way to de-stress. The psychological benefits of writing are numerous, offering an outlet for pent up emotions and frustrations. If you get good at it, you might even make some money as a freelance writer or a novelist. You can find some good places to start out at Real Writing Jobs


Chess is an ancient game that involves a great deal of forward thinking, strategy and cunning. Unlike many other games, which can be mastered fairly quickly, chess can play out in an almost infinite different number of ways, and so no matter how good you get, you always run the risk of meeting somebody better. Playing chess is a great form of mental exercise, helping to improve IQ and even combat Alzheimer’s.



The benefits of yoga are numerous; ranging from the physical to the psychological, yoga has been used as a great way to lose weight, improve suppleness and flexibility, alleviate depression, improve blood circulation, and de-stress.


Inventing Card Games

We all know the old classic card games; blackjack, bridge, gin rummy, hearts, cribbage and strip poker. But the real innovators create their own card games. It’s not always as easy as it sounds; creating a fun, multiplayer card game, with distinct rules and a set format, can actually be quite a challenge, but creating a good game means that people will remember it and play it with others. Who knows, it may even become more popular than strip poker!

Card Games


With the advent of the internet and advances in communication technology, transmission of information has never flowed so freely or so broadly. Journalism -in all of its forms– is an essential cornerstone of progression and advancement of knowledge, and best of all, it has never been so easy to get involved with.


Everyone loves to laugh, that’s why everyone loves a comedian. Practicing comedy is a reward within its own right, collecting funny anecdotes and humorous observations will not only turn you into a social dynamo, but will also sharpen your brain, and help you to appreciate the more frustrating situations in life. Those aren’t the only benefits of course, being funny is one of the most attractive qualities in a man, and who knows, you may even make a bit of money from it. For a good beginners guide to learning the craft of comedy, and overcoming initial stage fright, go to Ultimate Beginners Guide to Stand-Up Comedy.

Survey Taking

People will pay good money for market research these days. For some people, they actually enjoy answering questions and offering their opinion so much that they use sites such as Take Surveys for Cash which (as the name suggests), will actually pay you to answer questions about your opinions, habits and activities.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human anatomy is a fascinating subject, which can be an incredibly useful field in which to study, particularly if you work in medicine, injury law, nursing, or sports training. Resources such as Human Anatomy Course can help you to study human anatomy in your own time, expanding your knowledge field, and equipping you with information that can improve your physical health and well-being, and advance your career.


Learning a new Language

To learn a new language is to learn an entirely new way of expressing yourself. To learn a new language is a rewarding experience, not only for the practical applications, but also for learning to appreciate an entirely new culture. There are many resources for learning a new language, such as Pimsleur that can help you to learn a new language whether you’re a beginner looking to learn a few basic phrases, or fluent and looking to improve.

Seduction/Pickup Artist

Learning to approach women properly is a massively enviable skill to have. Some people believe that it’s something you are born with, but the reality is that learning to pickup women is a skill which can be learned, refined and mastered with relative ease. Sites such as The Tao of Badass provide a great resource on how to improve your confidence, approach women, and keep them interested.


Hypnosis has many therapeutic benefits, whether it’s helping you to sleep, relax or kick bad habits such as smoking or biting your nails, there is a great deal of power within the mind which can be unlocked through hypnosis. Sites such as Hypnosis Certified can help you to master the art of hypnosis, which you can use for therapeutic purposes, or simply for entertainment!


Travelling, whether it long-term backpacking or just getting away for a weekend, is always a good investment. When was the last time you heard anybody say in their old age “I wish I’d traveled less”? That’s right, never.

Category: Nature Lovers

Bird Watching

The beauty of the avian –one of the last ancestors of the dinosaurs- is unparalleled. Birds are fascinating creatures, with unique behaviors, beautiful song, and plethora of ornate colors. Watching birds sing, hunt, fly or build nests is a very relaxing and interesting hobby, one which requires little more than a pair of binoculars and a good location.

Bird Watching


Fishing is an all-time classic hobby. Fishing is a relaxing way to get some alone time in a peaceful and serene area, whilst at the same time catching what could be a potential meal. Trying out different rods, locations, bait and tactics can help you hone your fishing skills, which not only makes for great sport, but also provides you with an essential survival tactic.



Though some may find taxidermy to be a little unusual, taxidermy is an ancient art that has its roots in the study of animal anatomy. Taxidermy is used by many as a way of appreciating the beauty of animals, and their unique anatomical features. A comprehensive guide to taxidermy can be found at Taxidermy Guide


The night sky is a truly wonderous and humbling thing to behold. The infinite cosmos is something which can be explored without limit, and since the dawn of time, man has pondered the mysteries of the celestial realm. Nothing is quite so awe-inspiring as looking at the night sky through a telescope in an area with minimal light pollution. It really makes you realise that there is far more to the night sky than we can see with the naked eye. Astronomy is a complex subject, so for additional material, go to One Minute Astronomer

Stone Skimming

Finding a flat stone and skimming it across a lake is an old pastime which takes a great deal of precision to perfect. Stone skimmingis done competitively, or just to settle debates in the same manner as rock, paper, scissors. Finding that perfect, disc-like stone, the right level of force, and the perfect angle (around 20 degrees is optimal), can be difficult, but with a little practice, you may be able to skim a stone all the way across a lake.


Nothing beats the rustic wholesomeness of CAMPING. Getting in touch with nature, and enjoying the fresh air, the sun and the moonlight, whilst cooking and living in a simpler, more resourceful manner, is a great way to relax and enjoy the country you live in.


Aquaponics is an advanced (yet ancient) system of crop cultivation that combines raising aquatics animals such as fish, whilst also using the water to grow crops in a symbiotic, mutually beneficial environment. Aquaponics has been practiced in different forms for hundreds of years, but has risen in popularity over the years as people are beginning to realise the huge potential and space saving abilities of Aquaponics. For more information about hydroponics, go to Aquaponics for You.

Raising Chickens

Raising chickens in a free range home environment has numerous advantages. You can feed them on scraps from your kitchen, which produces a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the form of chicken waste, as well as good-quality eggs. You can build a chicken coop cheaply at Building a Chicken Coop big enough to raise a handful of chickens; saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

Category: Arts


Finding the right mixture of colors to create moving paintings is a talent which can take years to master. Stunning paintings immortalize moments, people and places. Painting is a very relaxing hobby, and a great outlet for creativity and emotion. The psychological benefits of painting are many, helping to improve concentration, minimize stress, and boost serotonin levels.



There has never been a better time to enjoy photography as a hobby; with cameras cheaper than ever, and an abundance of different lenses and software, taking up photography as a hobby allows you to capture some incredible scenes or moments, and immortalize them. You can also learn to edit your photographs properly, adding an extra layer of artistic talent to your photographs. Sites such as Learn Photo Editing are a useful research for learning to edit photographs, or if you want to get even more creative, check out Trick Photography Book for information on creating deceptive ‘trick’ photographs.


Drone Photography

Drone photography is relatively modern hobby, which allows you to take some stunning photographs of large landscapes or otherwise unseen territory. The sky is -quite literally- the limit to what you can capture with a camera on a drone. Always be sure to avoid taking photos around areas such as military barracks, bases or airports and fully research the laws regarding drones in the area you are in, before sending up your drone.

Drone Photography


Learning to draw properly is a great way of expressing yourself, whilst at the same time holding onto a tangible item which others may derive meaning from. Drawing is not only a lot of fun, but if you’re good at it, you may even be able to sell your art.


Tattoo artists have a passion for creating beautiful, ornate and intricate designs. Tattoo artists need a very steady hand, and a lot of practice, before they inscribe semi-permanent ink into somebody’s skin; that’s why people are willing to pay a lot of money for a talented tattoo artist. For more information on learning to become a tattoo artist, go to International School of Body Art.



Pyrography is the practice of burning leather or wood to create beautiful patterns and works of art. As pyrography tends to be done on more resistant materials than painting or drawing, pyrographic art tends to last for much longer, and can be preserved much easier.

Movie Making

With advances in camera and editing technology, making movies is no longer the sole terrain of movie executives with big studios. Almost anyone can make a half-decent movie these days, whether it’s a short film, an artistic piece, or something bigger, all you need is a decent camera and some editing software. Who knows, you might even be the next Scorsese.

Film Enthusiast

Cinema is a cultural phenomenon which spans almost a century; with so many different movies available to watch, there is a rich tapestry of hidden gems and well-known blockbusters to watch on sites such as Movies Direct. Acting talent, sharp editing and inspired directing is what brings a film to life, giving it a strong cultural impact.

Category: Musical

Guitar Playing

The guitar is a great instrument, capable of producing a broad range of sounds and musical styles. Guitars are relatively cheap, and learning a few chords can be done pretty quickly, allowing you to bust out an acoustic and play a tune or two within weeks. There is almost no depth to which your proficiency can reach, providing you with hours of fun, and the ability to create your own music. There are many resources available for the aspiring guitarist, I’d recommend Jam Play for those who are just starting out and you can also check the best beginner guitar if you're looking to get one.

Guitar Playing


Learning to sing is a great way to express yourself, whilst simultaneously giving you a deeper appreciation for music and all of the pleasures that it offers. Singing has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain, and to boost confidence, which ultimately makes you feel happier and more fulfilled as a person. If you’re looking to learn to sing, I’d recommend Superior Singing Method.

Playing the Piano

Learning to play the piano is not only an enjoyable hobby, but also equips you with the skills to learn other instruments as well. Playing the piano requires use of both hands (to play separate lines of music), the simultaneous use of the feet, and learning to read sheet music. Needless to say, the piano can be difficult to learn, however, the music that can be produced by a talented pianist is beyond compare. A good resource for a beginner is Piano for All

Playing the Piano

Vinyl Records

Nothing sounds more authentic than vinyl, as any music enthusiast, sound technician or DJ will tell you. Collecting vinyl records is a great way to truly appreciate the music you love, and can actually prove quite profitable, as over the years your vinyl records become rarer.

Beat Making

The art of creating synthetic music has risen massively in popularity over the years; whether it’s mixing and sampling existing tracks, and blending them together or putting your own spin on it, creating a decent tune is something which takes a keen ear and a lot of imagination, but the results can be astounding. There’s so much technology and software available that anyone can start producing music from home. Check out Dr Drum for more information on beat making.

Category: Social


For gamblers who prefer to play with an element of skill, poker is a perfect choice. At a base level, poker is a game of psychological cunning, which will require you to bluff and take risks in order to win.



There’s something liberating about motorbikes; the freedom they offer is something which many men enjoy. Never worrying about a parking space or a traffic jam, and being able to travel for many miles on a single tank of fuel are just some of the many benefits of riding motorbikes. Long journeys through the country on a motorbike are a great way to really experience the country you live in.


Government Auctions

Government auctions are a great way to get a cheap deal on many different products such as vehicles and even property. Government auctions sell products which have been confiscated by a government body or agency, and give you the opportunity to purchase items at a massively reduced price. Sites such as Gov-Auctions allow you to place bids online and get amazing deals on items which have been seized or confiscated.

Sports Betting

If you’re a fan of sports, betting is a great way to inject an extra layer of excitement into each and every game. Sites such as Z code System are a great way to responsibly gamble, and maybe make a little bit of money in the process. Who knows, if you find you have a talent for predicting the outcome of sporting events, you might make a lot of money.


Numerology is a study into the divine or mystic nature of numbers, and how they correspond to life events. Numerological resources include sites such as Numerologist.com which can give you more information about numbers, and their arcane influence on the world around us.

Category: Making Things


Everyone should learn to cook. Learning to cook well however, is a different story. Being able to cook well is a great skill to have, not only will you learn to blend and infuse flavours together to create delicious meals, but you’ll be learning a lot about what goes into food itself, helping you to make healthier choices in terms of what you eat. And let’s not forget, women love a man who can cook!



Mixology is the process of mixing drinks to make delicious cocktails. The ability to mix a decent drink is a great quality for any man to possess, and will make you a hit at any party or function. Learning to make cocktails is also a fun and not-so-sobering experience. There are thousands of cocktails to learn, or you can make up a few of your own. If you’re loking for a good resource, I’d recommend the “Ultimate Bar Book”, which contains a plethora of interesting and delicious cocktails (Ultimate Bar Book Comprehensive Cocktails).

Candle Making

Candle making is something of a lost art -where at one point every town had a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker- now, most candles are mass produced in factories. But beautiful ornate or fine smelling handcrafted candles make great presents, ambient and decorative items to bring your living room to life, and can even make a tidy bit of cash at the markets. A good resource for learning to make candles from scratch is Candle Making for You which has all sorts of useful ideas.

Coffee Roasting

Coffee connoisseurs across the world, unsatisfied with the flavours of mass produced beans, have taken to picking out their own and roasting them themselves. This not only gives you the opportunity to create a coffee with a unique flavour; one which balances bitterness and softness in the way that you prefer, but also saves you a fortune on quality Arabica beans.

Coffee Roasting


Learning to barbecue well will make you an instant hit at any outdoor event. Learning to glaze, marinate and smoke meats to perfection will delight your guests, and make your barbecues legendary.


Working with metals, and other resistant materials is an invaluable skill for anybody who enjoys working with cars, motorbikes, or doing DIY. Learning which metals are best used for what purpose, and how to weld, solder, and even smelt metals gives you the ability to fix up, design or improve all manner of structures, providing robust stability at a fraction of the cost. Many skilled metal workers can create a replacement part for a machine, whilst the rest of us are waiting for a poor quality version of the same part to be flown in across from halfway around the world.


Skinning, tanning and sewing leather is a dying art, one which –if mastered properly- can provide you with all manner of beautiful leather items, such as jackets, belts, hats, wallets and other items. Leatherworking can also be quite profitable, with people willing to pay big money for top quality leather, for a good place to get started go to Leather Craft Secrets to learn a few trade secrets.


Rocketry is a hobby which requires meticulous precision, steady hands and patience. But don’t worry, it isn’t rocket science… Well, it’s not brain surgery anyway. Building rockets is a great way to learn a highly scientific skill in engineering, as well as the thrill of getting to see how your rocket flies for the first time.


Origami is a skill which involves folding paper to make all manner of beautiful and interesting creations. Though commonly associated with Japanese culture, paper folding as an art has roots in Chinese and European history as well. Origami is unique way of creating unique, interesting and decorative pieces of art, without the high price tag. In Japanese tradition, if you fold 1000 paper cranes, you will be granted a wish!

Car Restoration

Classic cars have a unique aesthetic quality that is unparalleled when compared with modern vehicles. The chrome, the ornate features, and comfortable interiors is something that appeals to men everywhere. Even if classic cars aren’t your thing, having the skills to restore and repair cars is very useful, and can save you a trunkful of money when you’re car breaks down, and can also provide a nice bit of extra cash by fixing up old cars and selling them.

Car Restoration

Weapon Crafting

Crafting weapons is not just the territory of serial killers or men living in the bush, there is a great skill to creating beautiful, functional and robust weaponry. As guns have superseded melee weapons, creating old weapons is something of a lost art. Whether it’s swords, staffs or halberds, a well made weapon requires a knowledge of many materials, as well as how to treat them, bind them and treat them to produce long-lasting, sturdy weaponry. The field of producing weaponry always has room for improvement; it is still unknown how ancient Damascus steel was forged. Creating weapons not only makes for an enjoyable hobby, but can also help you in a survival or hunting scenario.

Crafting weapons isn’t totally about building and innovating weapons from scratch. You can take a gun, for example, and customize it with different accessories. Customizing guns and target shoot have actually become one of the popular hobbies among men. If you’re interested to try customizing guns and weaponry, one of the first accessories beginners can start with is the carry handle rear sight for AR-15 rifles. Although the name suggests that it’s merely a carry handle, the carry handle rear sight actually makes shooting more accurate and precise with the double apertures for long- and short-range shooting.


Working with wood is a skill that requires a broad range of skills and a knowledge of different types of wood. Nothing beats the rustic wholesomeness of carving, whittling, sanding and planning wood to create beautiful, ornate and functional items, such as furniture, ornaments and even buildings. Knowing which types of wood are best for which purpose is essential to creating top quality items that will stand the test of time. Woodworking as a recreational hobby takes some time to learn, so for a useful resource go to Ted’s Woodworking.


Producing beautiful and functional gardens is not only an enjoyable hobby, but also a useful and profitable skill to have. The ability to create serene water features, functional outdoor space, fish ponds or bird feeders is a guaranteed way to boost the property value of your house, whilst at the same time making the best use of the space that you have.


Lock Picking

Picking locks is no longer just the realm of cat burglars and locksmiths. Most modern locks are ‘Yale’ locks; essentially a series of spring loaded pins, which must be placed in the correct sequence in order to open the lock. Lockpickers specialise in finding the correct combination in order to open the lock. Not only does this make a good recreational activity, but can also prove very useful when you’ve locked yourself out of the house. For more information on learning how to pick a lock, read useful information online, and get the best lock pick tool.

Weapon Collecting

Appreciating the beauty of weaponry is something that appeals to many men. There is often so much more to weaponry than meets the eye, it could be the particular curve of a blade which allows it to be drawn quickly, or the barb of javelin which helps it to fly further; each weapon is crafted for a particular purpose, and each one tells a story. Beautiful, deadly or robust weapons are stunning to behold, and building an impressive collection is a great hobby to have.

Model Making

Creating models of miniature planes or ships has long been a pastime of industrious men. Making models requires a steady hand, a degree of mechanical ability, and a lot of patience, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of having created a scale model building with your own two hands.

Pooktre Art

Pooktre art is the process of growing trees in to ornate and unusual shapes. This takes a long time to complete, but can be utterly stunning when complete. The subtle manipulation of the growth of a tree takes a great deal of patience, but can leave you with a beautiful and picturesque garden. Pooktre art is very popular in offices, offering something unique for employees and clients to look at.

Creating Mobile Apps

Creating apps for mobile phones is big business, and can be a nice little earner for those who have the innovation and IT skills required to make useful or fun apps. Even if you’ve never attempted to create an app before, resources such as Appportunity can provide you with all the information you need to start making and selling apps.


Homebrewing is a fun way to brew delicious and flavoursome beers, ciders, wines and many other drinks for a fraction of the cost of buying them in store. Homebrewing can give you a handsome supply of the devil’s nectar for literally pennies. Don’t worry if your first few batches taste like a dog’s feet, homebrewing takes time, patience and refinement, but it’s well worth it for that first well-crafted drink of your own creation.

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Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting may sound like the territory of the boring, but that is completely untrue. Stamps are used across the world to represent important parts of history, and some stamps can be truly fascinating to look at. Not only that, but old and rare stamps tend to become very valuable to other collectors, meaning you could make a little bit of money from spares you have.

Stamp Collection


Collecting antiques is a fascinating activity, providing you with a unique window into history. Old materials, furniture, decorative items or memorabilia, antiques tell a story of the time and place they were made -and often- the people that made them.


Time capsules

Making a time capsule is a fun and interesting hobby. It not only allows you to immortalize the moment you’re living in right now, but also means a part of your personality will be preserved and remembered by whomsoever digs up the capsule in the future. There’s actually a lot more skill to making a time capsule than people realize; how will your capsule survive against the elements? How will people know to dig it up? How will you stop it from being discovered too early? Making a time capsule requires a knowledge of robust and resistant materials, waterproofing, ground acidity, and finding good places to hide your capsules. Many people bury time capsules with the intention of digging them up themselves in the future, where others may leave clues as to where the ‘treasure’ is buried, and release them to the public in the future. Either way, deciding what to put in your time capsule is a very fun and rewarding process, and -who knows- it may even be of some historical significance someday.

Category: History Buffs

Coin Collecting

Coins are the most robust, timeless and expressive form of currency. Unlike electronic currency or notes, coins can last for centuries or even millennia! Old coins have been used to show trade patterns between different civilisations, as well as showing portraits of imperial leaders of whom no other image exists. Whether it’s ancient, rare, special edition or misprinted coins which you decide to collect, coin collection is an enjoyable and profitable hobby (the most valuable coin in the world is valued at $7.5million!).

Coin Collection

Metal Detecting

Some of the most significant historical finds have been found not by big crews of historians and archaeologists, but by men with metal detectors looking for something interesting. Metal detecting is a great way of truly exploring the history of an area, and who knows, you may even stumble across some gold doubloons or lost pirate treasure. For more information on learning to use a metal detector properly, go to Metal Detecting Master.

Historical re-enactments

For those with a love of the military or history, historical re-enactments provide a uniquely authentic way of seeing, feeling and truly understanding the significance of war on the battlefield. Historical re-enactments are also popular among those who have a flair for the theatrical. Re-enactments are a great way to make friends, and meet new people with similar interests, and a fun way to fill up your free time.

Category: Success/Making Money

Investing in Forex and the Stock Market

Investing is in the foreign exchange and the stock market is no longer the territory of Wall Street investors. With many stock brokers trading online, anyone can start investing with just a little startup capital. Who knows, if you’re good at it, you may even be able to do it full time. For more information on investing in Forex, I’d recommend Anna Coulling’s book “Forex for Beginners” which is available on amazon at Forex Beginners Anna Coulling.


Micro Business

With advancements in communication technology, it has never been easier to run a micro-business online. Many people across the world run small businesses in their spare time to help supplement their income, get some real-world business experience, and provide essential or niche products and services. Micro-businesses require very little capital to start up, and you can keep your overhead and upkeep costs low by keeping things simple until you have the opportunity to expand. Sites such as Wood Profits can be very useful for starting a micro-business, and if you find that your product or service becomes popular, you may even be able to quit your day job and run your business full time.

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Volunteering for charities, care homes, fire brigades and other worthy causes is a great way to spend your time in a way that gives something back to the community. Not only is it a great source of altruistic pleasure, but it can also help you to become more skilled and qualified, making you more employable. Volunteering is a great way to spend your free time, allowing you to make great friends, have some fun experiences, and most importantly, help others.

Volunteer work

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